Richard Becker

How I Obtained This Knowledge

You need to know who I am to decide if you feel I have qualities you can depend upon. This page includes a little about my journey. Look at my life path and determine if I’m an excellent source to improve your progress.

A long time ago, I was one of the leading and most innovative financial planners in the United States. I was a CFP, CLU, ChFC, and a registered securities principal with the NASD. I owned my financial planning practice, and my client’s income averaged over $1,000,000. I was in an enviable financial position and still very young. The potential for increasing my future net worth was huge.

I Quit And Dropped Out!

Richard Becker

I decided to change directions 17 years into my successful financial planning career. I will share a bit about myself so you understand why my knowledge on this website is critical for your survival. I obtained this knowledge while learning Who I Was, and eventually, I  Became Who I Came Here To Be instead.

I’m now going to share how You Can Become Who You Came Here To Be without having to go through many years of investigation and the extreme surrender of my attachments that I’ve gone through. I’ve already spent the necessary time and done considerable work, and you can now benefit substantially from my experiences.

I’m summarizing the critical knowledge I’ve uncovered from my journey on this website. This cost me a fortune (quite literally) and was not an easy thing to do.  However, I did it and am now sharing what I’ve gathered.

I’d go on this journey again if presented with the same opportunities, so I don’t know if I had much to say about what I did.

My clients found me through referrals, and the wealthiest came from a prestigious Detroit law firm where I was considered part of their outside “team” of advisors.

Their clients were the “movers and shakers” in Michigan (where I lived at the time), and I met many of them (husband and wife) for the first time over dinner at the London Chop House in downtown Detroit. My law firm partners made the appointments and always paid for dinner, and I cannot imagine a more honored position. I received a phone call to be there, and I had nothing to say about when these dinners occurred. My only requirement was to show up at the designated time and drop anything else I might have already scheduled.

A Pioneer & Visionary

I was one of the few pioneers who not only defined proper financial planning but also became an early innovator. I shared my techniques by developing considerable boilerplate that I shared with other people in the financial community.

I aimed to help others become excellent financial planners as I kept improving my skills. Financial planning was becoming mainstream, and I led this movement. I constantly searched for and implemented the absolute best, no matter what I did.

Financial planning was my career at that time, so this is where I focused my energy. Doing things at the highest level was always how I approached anything, no matter what. I always tried to be the best and own the best, and even my office was located in Domino’s Farms – a unique Ann Arbor, Michigan creation and a story all unto itself.


Before going on this journey, I was the person society wanted me to be and was doing very well. However, this was far from who I was and held me back from discovering who I came here to be.

The last home I lived in (and custom built) before purchasing my condo in the Oslund Condominium Complex (and going on my scary adventure) was highly unique, architect-designed, and created by me. It was located at 249 Pineview Court, within walking distance of The Palmer House (a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) and close to the University of Michigan arboretum. This was (in my opinion) the best geographic area to live in: Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I lived and worked. I called it the “golden triangle”.

249 Pineview Court

Richard Becker

I possessed incredible talents for creating beautiful spaces to live and work. But that wasn’t my career path within this lifetime. Working with wealthy people’s money was. Subtle energy design was my most significant interest and something I needed to work with later on, possibly not during this lifetime. There wasn’t a career path for my talents, which still isn’t viable. No one wanted or even was interested in subtle energy concepts. I eventually went on this discovery journey instead and loved what I found. However, I initially did this for my benefit and only recently decided to share what I learned before leaving Earth. My goal for creating this website is to share my hard-earned knowledge with anyone interested.

I’ll bore you a bit more with a photo of my office building and an interview done in 2008 with Tom Monaghan (the owner of Domino’s Pizza and this office building at the time). Hence, you understand more about me and what this journey cost me materially. Due to my inherent talents, I could quickly have become one of the wealthiest.

Richard Becker

(I’m sharing the above photos to show that I always strove for the best available. My desire to achieve the ABSOLUTE BEST IN WHATEVER I DID is also included in the courses on this website. It is the last significant accomplishment that I’ll probably get to do. I’m now in my late 70s (at the time I’m writing this) and don’t have much time left in this life.

My About Face

My wealthiest clients would share with me that even though they had everything from a material perspective, they couldn’t fill the deep longing within them. Yes, they were happy, but no, they were not fulfilled. They found that despite their extreme financial success, they still hadn’t fulfilled their destiny and accomplished what they came here to do, and this bothered them. They also didn’t know what that undefined thing was and didn’t know how to find it.

Their Unfulfilled “Hole”

They were way above average at what they did, and maintaining their resulting lifestyle was their primary focus. The big “hole” in their lives unsettled them considerably, but there was very little they could do about it. They had become who society admired and valued (the wealthiest people who rose to the top of their professions). They were so good at their craft that their incomes were substantial and their net worths even bigger. So large that they couldn’t bring themselves to quit accumulating more. They never had enough, no matter how much they already had!

Unfortunately, many of these wealthy people died early from the stress their demanding careers and excessive lifestyles caused them. I was privileged to be in their “inner circle” and observe their lives. Their accomplishments and lack of fulfillment led me to evaluate my own life. As I looked at their lives, I changed mine to avoid the same problems I saw them go through. However, that was not an easy thing to do! It required letting go of all my attachments to become an empty vessel so that new knowledge could fill that space with what I eventually uncovered. Initially, I had no idea where it would take me or what this journey would accomplish. I just took things one day at a time and kept going.

Filling My “Hole”

I vowed that what happened to these wealthy people would never happen to me. Instead of continuing to amass a large material fortune and make that my goal (as I was taught), I quit doing that and completely removed myself from the financial world. I headed out “cold turkey” and gave up my prior lifestyle and what it had to offer. I did my best to remove the attachments I had accumulated up to that point. Very few people would do this, but I did it!

I needed to find out how to fill that empty “hole,” and that NEED became my new goal and purpose in life.

I had enough money to pay my way without working for a long time and could do so while maintaining a high lifestyle, and I took advantage of that opportunity. Eventually, however, my money ran out, and I’ve never been able to accumulate much since then. However, I wouldn’t trade what I learned after making that decision. The result was well worth it for me.

It Took 7 Full-Time Years

My search took seven full-time years to accomplish, and at the end of that time, I had solid and accurate answers to all three questions plus a unique 3-dimensional wireframe of the movement of consciousness through time. What I was looking for were the correct answers to my questions. I didn’t want to end up with a mediocre result or an unfulfilled life. I answered those questions (exceptionally well, in my opinion) and received much more by going through this process and taking that journey.

Accumulating money was no longer my goal. Our society promoted that as our ultimate goal (financial success), but it just wasn’t enough for me, and I looked for something beyond money as my ultimate satisfaction.

1000 Scott Place

1000 Scott Place

I purchased a brand new home (1000 Scott Place in the Oslund Condominium complex) to begin my journey, and I locked myself up within it to start my new journey. I no longer had to go to work and spent every moment working on my questions. I finished these moments (both waking and sleeping through dream analysis) trying to figure out Who I Am and What I Came Here To Do With My Life. They might seem like simple questions, but obtaining their answers was extremely difficult.

My Life’s Purpose

I knew there was some purpose for my life, but I couldn’t identify what that was when I started. I even had the proverbial Eastern Indian “guru” come into my life, and he guided me to consume text and shared concepts that he had access to. He taught me many things that helped considerably, but his promoted life path wasn’t my interest.

Instead, I wanted to experience everything I could. I couldn’t accept one way of approaching life even though I greatly valued his particular direction. I needed to find out what was happening within reality firsthand without accepting anyone else’s belief system.

I spent long days reading every book I could find (on numerous subjects) and spent every hour of each day writing, drawing, and intuiting the information I was gathering into a body of knowledge. I drove myself crazy during my financial career. My tenacity was too great to stop until I received solid, honest, first-class answers. 

I was looking for common denominators within many different works and subject areas to gather them into my understanding and find out what was real and at the heart of each particular subject. This search alone was something that I sensed was unique to my approach, and I just kept at it. Eventually, by the end of this process, I had over four feet of filled yellow pads.

Just that accomplishment alone demonstrates that I was serious about this search and had to endure a lot. I wasn’t about to quit with only a mediocre answer. I wanted the best available, and that is what I eventually uncovered. I finally received the accurate answers (and an exceptional diagram of the movement of consciousness through time), and I’m now willing to share this knowledge with you.

As I studied almost everything (ancient texts, new age thinking, religious concepts, mathematics, scientific investigation, quantum physics, etc.), I eventually discovered that I first needed to answer an even more difficult question to be able to answer my first two:

How Does The Universe Work And Why?

That question’s answer was an exceedingly tricky accomplishment, but it became an underlying requirement whose answers would allow me to answer the other two key questions correctly. Creating an accurate and concise understanding of the Universe became my largest time-consuming project.

I eventually developed a solid answer to that question (How The Universe Worked and Why) and was finally able to answer the other two key questions. This is why the answer to that enormous question is the first one I’m sharing with you in the 1st of my three courses. It is the focus of my Course #1 – How Does The Universe Work & Why? You cannot figure out What You Came Here To Do without knowing the answer. Having a reasonable answer is what you need, not one that is exceptionally detailed and necessarily highly correct. Your life’s purpose is tied directly to the answers to this crucial question, which is why I start here.



2. WHO AM I?


I’m now sharing the answers to these three questions from the Arc Of Creation Course, which you can find on this website.

If you are interested in my work, you can enroll in this course. Answering all three of these essential life questions is what I consider the bare minimum necessary to fully utilize the knowledge I’m sharing. You will complete these three questions and form adequate answers throughout the course.

Plus, if this course isn’t for you, you can receive a full refund of your enrollment fee. Just contact me within 30 days of enrolling and ask for a refund. I will be glad to refund your payment, no questions asked. And you can keep what you’ve already examined without further charge. None. Nada!