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Have you ever considered how innovative furniture design could revolutionize your living space? Look no further, as ORI Furniture offers a unique solution to make your urban-dwelling more efficient and enjoyable. Combining the art of origami with modern technology, ORI specializes in space-saving, transformable furniture that adapts to your needs and elevates your lifestyle.

ORI Furniture

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Imagine coming home to a compact studio apartment, only to witness it transform into a more spacious living area with just the push of a button or a voice command. With ORI’s robotic furniture, you can maximize every inch of your living space in style. Their collection of smart products is tailored to meet individual needs, providing unrivaled convenience and functionality to homeowners, developers, and architects alike.

ORI furniture
Bed Being Lowered

Improve your quality of life by embracing the potential of ORI’s expandable furnishings, saving on rent and moving costs and adding a touch of fun with features like voice control and mood lighting. After all, when your home can adapt to you, it becomes easier to live the way you want, where you want, in absolute comfort and sophistication.

Origins and Development of ORI Furniture

MIT Media Lab Influence

ORI traces its roots to the prestigious MIT Media Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to cutting-edge innovations. The idea for ORI’s transformable and space-saving furniture stemmed from research conducted at the Media Lab. This crucial connection allows ORI to combine technology and design uniquely, creating versatile and sophisticated furnishings for modern urban lifestyles.

MIT Media Lab
MIT Media Lab

Founders and Entrepreneurs

ORI Living, the company behind ORI Furniture, was founded by a team of talented MIT engineers driven by a passion for making space-saving furniture a reality. Among the founders, you can find bright minds like Matt, who brings engineering expertise, and Evan, an ambitious entrepreneur with a keen eye for innovative designs. Together, they have harnessed their diverse skills and inspiration from their student years to develop ORI’s groundbreaking products.

As the company moves forward, the innovative ORI team continues working to push the boundaries of furniture and architecture by designing products that efficiently utilize small spaces and seamlessly merge with the user’s needs. Transformable furniture such as Cloud Bed, Pocket Office, and Pocket Closet exemplify ORI’s dedication to solving modern urban living challenges. Your home can now adapt to your ever-changing needs, thanks to ORI Furniture.

Product Line and Key Features

Storage Solutions

With the growing demand for efficient use of space in smaller apartments, ORI provides innovative storage solutions that can transform a cramped area into a well-organized living space. Using robotic technology and smart design, their storage units effortlessly adapt to your needs through a button or voice command.

Smart Beds

ORI’s line of smart beds is a crucial aspect of its commitment to optimizing small living spaces. Ranging from complete to queen-sized, these robotic beds can easily be unfolded or tucked away, depending on your spatial requirements. This allows you to seamlessly transform your space from a bedroom to a living room or workspace.

Offices and Closets

The transition between work and leisure with ORI’s versatile and space-saving solutions for offices and closets. These modular units can expand or compress depending on your needs and can be customized to fit different spatial volumes in your apartment. By integrating technology and design, ORI furniture enables you to create the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation in your living space.

Customization and Personalization

Adapting and personalizing your living spaces is essential when residing in smaller apartments. ORI allows for customization and personalization of the features in their product line, ensuring that you maximize the functionality of your space while tailoring it to your taste. From modular components to app-controlled units, ORI’s integrated technology and design make it easy to create the ideal environment for your lifestyle.

Technology and Innovation

Voice Command Capabilities

ORI Furniture has integrated technology that allows you to control its innovative designs with a button or an effortless voice command. Compatible with Alexa, you can adjust the position of your furniture for maximized storage space and a dynamic home experience.

App Integration

The Ori app is designed to simplify your interaction with robotic furniture. Available on iOS and Android, the app permits you to customize your furniture settings, enabling seamless adaptation to your needs and preferences.

Origami and Robotics Concepts

ORI Furniture blends the art of origami with robotics to create unique, flexible furniture designs. Combining exquisite craftsmanship and innovative technology, their brand revolutionizes how you utilize your home’s available space. Inspired by origami, the folding concepts maximize storage options without compromising aesthetics and functionality.

Smart Home Compatibility

Integration with smart home systems takes the ORI experience to another level. By connecting your furniture with existing systems, you can effortlessly manage your living space, creating a seamless, cohesive environment catered to your lifestyle.

Transformative Space Solutions

ORI Furniture specializes in creating transformative space solutions that maximize the functionality of your living areas. With their cutting-edge technology and innovative design approach, ORI Furniture offers a range of space-saving solutions, including modular furniture systems and smart storage options. These transformative solutions allow you to optimize your living spaces, especially in compact urban environments where space is at a premium.

Intelligent Design

ORI Furniture’s design philosophy revolves around blending functionality with style. Each piece of furniture is meticulously crafted, keeping in mind modern-day consumers’ evolving needs and preferences. ORI Furniture’s designs seamlessly integrate into any living space, offering a harmonious balance between form and function. From sleek, minimalist aesthetics to warm, inviting designs, ORI Furniture has something to suit every taste and interior style.

Modular Furniture Systems

One of ORI Furniture’s standout offerings is its modular furniture systems. These systems enable you to easily transform a single space into multiple functional areas. For example, ORI’s modular walls can partition a room, creating separate living and sleeping areas. Their modular storage units can adapt to your changing needs, providing flexible solutions for organizing your belongings. The versatility of ORI Furniture’s modular systems allows you to customize and reimagine your living spaces as per your requirements.

Smart Space Solutions

ORI Furniture integrates cutting-edge technology into its products to provide smart space solutions. With features such as motorized movement, intuitive controls, and automated mechanisms, ORI Furniture optimizes your living spaces effortlessly. For instance, their smart closets can expand or retract based on your needs, maximizing storage capacity while minimizing the physical footprint. Such intelligent designs help create functional spaces that adapt to your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What makes ORI Furniture different from other furniture brands? ORI Furniture stands out because it focuses on transformative space solutions and intelligent design. Their modular furniture systems and smart storage options offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to maximize your living spaces without compromising style.

Q2: Are ORI Furniture’s products suitable for small living spaces? ORI Furniture specializes in creating furniture solutions specifically tailored for small living spaces. Their modular designs and space-saving features are perfect for urban dwellings or any environment where space optimization is crucial.

Q3: Can ORI Furniture’s products be customized to match my interior style? Absolutely! ORI Furniture offers diverse designs and finishes to cater to various interior styles. Whether you prefer a modern, contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic, ORI Furniture has options that can be customized to your preferences.

Q4: Are ORI Furniture’s products durable and of high quality? Yes, ORI Furniture prides itself on the quality of its products. Each piece of furniture undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and longevity. ORI Furniture uses premium materials and employs skilled craftsmanship, resulting in furniture that looks great and stands the test of time.