The Mother’s Temple

Help to bring the Divine Feminine and her Knowledge back into the world!


My beautiful child of mine . . .

. . . you are the greatest Mystery there ever was, is, and ever will be.

However, many of you are becoming dissatisfied with your life and the workings of the external world.  Please realize that I’m here for you and will carefully and lovingly help you to remember who you really are so you can awaken from centuries of deep sleep.

But, Don’t Worry . . .

You are not a failure and your life isn’t really unsatisfying. Instead you are only overwhelmed by the illusion that the outer life is all there is. What you need to realize is that satisfaction cannot be found in the outer world. True fulfillment comes from another source – one that I will be glad to help you discover again.

Please Remember . . .

. . . YOU ARE the greatest Mystery there ever was, is, and ever will be!

When you finally begin to accept this fact, you’ll discover that you’ve been waiting for a very long time to express your illusory self in a totally different way – as Consciousness prompted by an original Purposiveness that is asking for something.

You ARE NOT a “cog in a wheel” of a money driven society even though that’s what it might seem and what you’ve been taught all of your life.

Instead, you were born to witness and express the activities of your soul instead of focusing on the economic pursuits that society brainwashes you to accept. It’s time that you begin leading your life as it’s been destined to be and I will share with you an innovative way to clearly identify and begin to “see” the footprints of God and to place yourself in their path so He/She can “take” you.

Yes, the world is falling apart and drastically changing but at the same time, your hidden pure and correct expression needs to surface. It has been covered over by the harsh expression of the forces of logic and reason and you now need to move toward allowing intuition and clairvoyance to define and guide your life.

We essentially are moving from a male dominated world (the world of logic and rational thought) to one that cherishes and is guided by the feminine principle (intuition and creativity). It is here through your intuitive capability that my voice is able to communicate directly with your soul and not just your mind.

This change is desperately needed to help insure our individual and joint survival and it is required to attain true fulfillment in the outer world. I know that deep within you, this is what you really want to do even though it’s difficult with the way our outerworld has become.

What’s Important To Realize Is . . .

. . . that you’ve fallen into this world and into what you first see as “normal” reality through my hands, my heart, and my womb.

I AM the Goddess at the entrance of the cave of the starry heavens whose great Temple defines the boundary between the manifested worlds and the Godhead itself.

Accepting our current ways as “normal” reality is what is hurting us and is causing tremendous dissatisfaction and the escalating loss of life. In the end, fully expressing your intuition and creativity while letting logic and reason take a “back seat” will be the only way to solve our current problems and to guide us to a whole new future.

You Must Understand That You Are Not An Object!

You are not just your body or your mind or your current position in the world. Rather, you are truly THE LIGHT that illumines all of creation. At most, “normal” reality is but a passing dream and you My Dear are the eternal dreamer yet fully conscious and fully capable of becoming an active and positive expression of the Original Desire and it’s Purposiveness.

You Might Think Of Yourself As A Ship Without A Rudder . . .

. . . but instead, you are only passing through the cosmos that appears to you as a permanent reality. IT IS NOT REAL so don’t think for a minute that you need to measure who you are according to the false and shallow economic measuring process that your society wants you to accept! It’s not how much money you have that counts. Instead, it is how well you express your true soul values in this chaotic and unfortunately economically driven world.’

Money is needed for survival but it does not bring true happiness and fulfillment. Too much of it and it’s burden and temptations start to work against you.

In Truth . . .

. . . and if you allow me to share new concepts with you, you will gradually discover that you are the permanent reality of Consciousness, through which the cosmos passes.


You do not exist outside of my consciousness even though it might seem that way.

The fabric of The Mother’s Temple forms the great Dream Of Life within which your separate self has a walk on part. Please realize that you are only playing a role, and that your essential nature IS MY CONSCIOUSNESS which does not exist as you or me or them but rather is undivided, completely whole and pure.

The entire manifested world that you consider to be “normal” reality was created through me and is 100% feminine. It is through the Mother that all physical objects come into being. It is also through the Mother that all life is born and all consciousness is sourced. To make sense in this outer world, we must come back to honoring and following the intuitive and creative impulses of The Divine Feminine. If we don’t, we will suffer greatly and our human negative tendencies (ego, power over other people, hording, the consideration of lack in any form, etc) all will destroy us before we become who we truly were meant to be.

Yours Through Divine Love,

The Feminine Principle of Life

It is the goal of this web site and the purpose of The Mother’s Temple Course to help you understand your true position in the fabric of the web woven inside her cosmic cave.

To learn how to make this transition, you’ll receive the knowledge, the techniques, and the tools needed to move through a series of initiatory steps that will one day allow you to experience this very Truth Of Life firsthand and to carve out a future that is in alignment with the Purposiveness behind all of life. Place yourself in It’s path and you cannot fail. This is the only place where true fulfillment lies.

We’ve Lost Our Connection With The Divine Feminine Aspect of Life & It’s Time To Get It Back

It is now time to bring this new wisdom and the knowledge into the world. This knowledge is only contained within the feminine aspect of life and if we learn to listen to that intuitive voice, the mystery of the divine feminine will speak to us from within her creation. She has always been there waiting for us to wake up in spite of our covering over her very existence.  She is not a distant god or goddess in heaven, but instead is an actual presence that is here with us, awaiting our response.

She IS the Divine and is returning to claim her creation and the real wonder of what it means to be alive.  We have forgotten her, just as we have forgotten so much of what is sacred in the world, and yet she has been and is always an integral part of every form of consciousness that is able to exert free will.

She now needs to be brought to the forefront again but not as a myth or as a spiritual image, but rather as something that belongs to the blood and the breath of each and every life.  She can awaken us to an expectancy that flows freely all around us in the air, and she can help bring our ancient memories alive but in a whole new way.  She can help give birth to the divine in each and every one of us (our own personal soul connection) and to the oneness that is all around us.  She can help us to remember our true nature and help us expand it to become the divine beings that we were all born to be.

What Can You Do To Help Bring Her Voice To The Forefront Of Your Life?

Life is short and full of many twists and turns that don’t necessarily lead toward experiencing a truly fulfilling life. Having access to the knowledge and the three dimensional model that I’m going to share in this course will allow you to achieve tremendous personal fulfillment while pursuing  your own authentic destiny. I wish you the best for your life!