Lesson 9 – The Existence Of The Purposiveness That Drives All of Creation

“God put a secret art into the forces of Nature so as to enable it to fashion itself out of chaos into a perfect world system”

Immanuel Kant

The Purposiveness

Through the knowledge base that I’m sharing with you, you will be able to see clearly where you’ve come from, where you are at in your development, and to where you ideally should head in the future. I’ll eventually help you create a map of the movement of consciousness through time. That will enable you to clearly see evolution as a true Process and not just a random occurrence.

(This course section is so absolutely important and critical to your understanding that you really need to slow everything down and read and re-read this page many times!)

In reality, we have no idea what the Source actually is. Because we are human, it was easiest for us to make a connection by brainwashing our human emotions and faulty belief systems to believe what man wanted to be able to control us. That’s why people very long ago created a concept of God as a human with a long white beard and a flowing white robe. A God that was wrathful and one that promised heaven upon death so people would do good and not bad. However, God is not that. That’s a very poor image to use to discuss such an important force in our lives let alone lead to our ability to understand it.

I have renamed this ancient concept of God, The Purposiveness, and will help you see it as a Process that is much greater than what was laid out for us by religion and that it is truly unknowable except for a particular method of “seeing” that I’ll share later one. We are able to “see” the step by step movement through time of The Purposiveness and as a result know it as a Process that is seeking some kind of ultimate goal. We can also realize (once we understand the Process) that we are the containers within which is endowed the power to manifest that ultimate goal sometime in our evolutionary future.

Unfortunately, modern life has covered over our psychic and clairvoyant abilities that are needed to know and feel and manifest this reality. To use these abilities, we need to go against what society believes is possible and to open our intuitive center. To guide us into the future, we need to learn to strengthen and actually use these previously dismissed connections that are critical to our survival.

The Purposiveness Behind All of Creation

The universe is a playground for the evolution of consciousness and is seeking the accomplishment of a specific goal. If instead the universe was random and evolution just occurred without reason, there would be no purpose for life and this concept would be highly unattractive to us as sensitive and caring people. Knowing that there is a reason for life makes our participation in it so much more enjoyable and natural.

Quantum physicists have found and are now admitting that life is Purposiveness. Science has rejected that idea for a long time and finally, we can rest upon knowing through reason and logic (and not just faith) that The Purposiveness is real and that it actually exists. As we come into alignment with it, our lives will become propelled beyond what we alone can accomplish through our own individual efforts.

The Purposiveness That Guides All Off Life

At the heart of each one of us, whatever our imperfections, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm, a complex of wave forms and resonances, which is absolutely individual and unique, and yet which connects us to everything in the universe. The Process that we can use to get in touch with this pulse, this very Purposiveness that guides all of life, can transform our personal experience and in some unexplainable way alter the world around us. It is possible through intentionality to influence this universe in extraordinary ways. To be able to even consider doing that, however, you need to fully understand what is going on. So before we define and discuss the Process, we need to first begin considering, identifying, and realizing that there is an underlying Purposiveness that guides all of life.

All Of Evolution Is But The Play Of Consciousness Satisfying The Desire Of A Purposiveness That Is Seeking Something

The movement of evolution in its most physical aspects is determined by a subtle underlying essence that gives it purpose. This purpose upholds the movement and is the support of the outer play of which evolution is the mechanics. In order to understand this outer play, we must first realize that the ultimate goal of creation is to be an ever more direct manifestation of the upholding and underlying Purposiveness.

The Purposiveness in our manifested world is expressed as a subtle and unique Energy which manifests as activity within the movement of Time. Energy in a state of movement in its purest form would manifest as matter. Energy in a state of rest would manifest as Purposiveness or what we could also call Spirit. These two opposite poles represent two aspects of what really is One Unique Energy.

To unravel the mystery of creation and to acquire a mapping of the movement of consciousness through its evolutionary Process, we must first study and get to know this underlying Purposiveness, for it is Spirit that determines the forms to be taken in the more dense realms of existence and the Process of evolution organizes and weaves the available substances according to what it is that it is seeking.

All of evolution is but the play of the consciousness of this Purposiveness which utilizes a Process that has been established by determinable physical laws that were created for evolution to take place in such a way that it can ultimately achieve what It is seeking.

To fully understand the Process, numbers, symbols, and diagrams will be needed to help outline a step-by-step journey that gradually will allow you to “see” life much differently than you probably do right now. In the end, however, the real understanding and the true “seeing” will only come when you open your intuitive center and it is through this realm that you will ultimately be able to perceive the underlying truths which surpass the linear information accessible only by your logical rational mind. But before we begin that journey, allow me to explore The Purposiveness in more detail and better define it so when we begin, you will more readily be able to create a solid connection and heart-felt relationship with it.

Coming Into Alignment

If there is a Purposiveness that is seeking something through the evolutionary Process of life and if this Process is definable as steps or stages as the Purposiveness unfolds within time, it would be to our individual and collective benefit to align ourselves with it’s ultimate goal and to play our creative role in its realization.

To do this, we must first realize that we are not the center of our own universe and that we are here on Earth as guests and custodians of a larger evolutionary requirement than just the simple satisfaction of the lower desires of our own lives.

What is generally missing that allows us to be able to do this is a true confirmation and knowing that the Purposiveness actually exists. It is difficult for us to resolve this because the only way to approach this subject in the past was to pose the existence of a God that no one has personally ever seen. It almost requires an exception or a blind spot in our usual logical and rational approach to life to be able to shift and to believe and to somehow know that a Person or a Source exists somewhere out there who/that controls all of creation.

Many of us have become involved in organized religion which has formed a narrow interpretation of some original concept, but none of our religions have ever proved or validated their assumptions. We have always wanted more than this and the path to true knowledge exists not out there in someone else’s mind or belief system but rather right here within the depths of our very self. We can come up with a valid conception of life and we can form a valid relationship with The Purposiveness that lies behind it and directs it. This is truly possible. But the only way we will ever receive true fulfillment life is to actually accomplish this very task.

When we do, and as more of us accomplish the same, a consciousness of planetary unity can begin to emerge. This is the correct and most ideal direction for mankind’s future and the very reason for the emergence of a new Gnostic Society.

Establishing The Existence Of The Purposiveness

In the early days of science, it was thought that the universe was made up of only physical particles interacting according to fixed laws. Today, through the discoveries of quantum physics and related disciplines, we now realize that action is the precursor of matter and that matter is but a crystallization that of its own holds nothing more than a decaying existence over time. In reality, nothing in our physical world is permanent – it just appears to be since a physical body lives long enough within time to allow our mind to consider it real instead of the decaying form that it truly is headed toward dissolution. Time allows us to create the illusion of permanence but given enough time, nothing lasts, and it all collapses back into it’s original building blocks.

To take action requires a firm conception of what you would like to accomplish unless the action is involuntary or instinctual in which case it then comes from the realm of our subconscious. In reality, the conception we come up with is but one singled out vision of a multitude of possible choices, and there is a realm of almost unlimited potentiality that holds visions of all possibilities that exist all at once in simultaneous. Science has found that without an observer, this realm of pure potentiality would not become activated and not be able to extend itself into the physically manifested world. The human race is extremely important to the cause of evolution since as far as we know, we are the only conscious life forms on Earth that are able to chose and empower and take action to co-create and form our own conscious reality.

Prior to the emergence of the realm of pure potentiality is another kingdom or realm of existence that is of extreme mystery to the human mind. Within this almost indescribable kingdom we find a form of existence that has no mass. It has no charge, and it has no time. It does, however, have a velocity of 186,000 miles per second in a vacuum, but this velocity is not motion as we find it in our typical space/time reality. It only has one speed and cannot be at rest. Even space is a meaningless concept for this mysterious existence since its passage through space is accomplished without the loss of energy – none. Scientists have tried to classify its presence as a particle but it cannot be considered as such since it is not an object. This mystery is light and in spite of its strange unfathomable form of existence it can only be seen once. Once it is seen, it is annihilated and thus we find that light is not seen; it is “seeing” itself.

Hence, we find that an observer is required to create reality. Without some form of “seeing” even on the most minimal level, creation cannot fully evolve and come into its desired form of physical existence.

Prior to the emergence of conscious man, nature has had to take the lead in this “seeing” process and as a result evolution has been a random experience. But with the emergence of the conscious ability of man to actually “see” and his ability to desire, choose, and then apply mountains of free will, he literally has become a co-creator in conjunction with the evolutionary process of nature and today the effects of both are visible within the continued progression of the world.

In the early days at the beginning of the emergence of consciousness just after the moment of the big bang, the process of separation began where unity started falling out of Oneness and into the realm of the many. It’s taken a very long amount of time to go through the settling process to actually create matter. Then another lengthy time to create the determinable three dimensional world on Earth where carbon based life forms are able to live and breath within a relatively stable and narrow corridor of ideal environmental conditions.

All throughout this Process, we find that it has been light that has progressed through the addition of three degrees of constraint and has changed its nature to be able to allow The Purposivenss of Spirit to descend out of the pure realm of Spirit and into the very depths of our three dimensional world. Yet, all is light, all is consciousness, contained, crystallized, and working toward the point in time when it will be able to become fully aware of itself and rise back to its original position. Light is the very substance that give rise to our evidence of The Purposiveness of God, the Spirit of our Source and I will continue take a little more time to share additional qualities of this realm with you as a preliminary to our future work together.

And Then God Said, “Let There Be Light”, And Then There Was Plenty Of It! So What Is This Substance Called Light?

With light, its transport of energy from one point to another leaves no residue. Light is pure action, unattached to any object. However, light does have two definable and observable properties, frequency and wavelength.

If we summarized the key properties of light we would find that:

  1. 1. Light is radiated in whole units which do not dissipate their energy on the way to their targets (quanta of action).
  2. 2. All energy exchange at the atomic and molecular level is in terms of quanta of action (light).
  3. 3. Action, like matter, comes in discrete whole units and cannot be divided.
  4. 4. Light always follows the path that takes the shortest time (principle of least action).

As we consider the qualities of light, we can begin to conclude that light has a purposive behavior. Planck, in 1900, discovered that light is transmitted in whole units and Einstein, in 1905, proposed that the amount of energy (E) contained in one unit of light (the photon) is proportional to its frequency (F). Thus E=hF (where h = Plank’s constant).

As we continue to ponder light, we begin to realize that it’s purpose occurs in whole units, or another way to say this is that purpose is in the whole and not in the parts and the whole must then be greater than the sum of the parts. The whole cannot function when divided – the parts are derived from the whole, and not the whole from the parts. The whole exists before the parts and still exists even when we attempt to place the parts in isolation of each other and consider them as their own reality. They are not, and are instead intrinsically tied to the whole even though seemingly “off on their own.” In showing that the parts arise from the whole, we provide solid confirmation for life as “first cause” – “Let there be light!”

Light = quanta of action = wholes = first cause

In summary, light is seeing and when seeing occurs, the unit of light (the photon) is annihilated. This unit constitutes a point in the chain of causation and therefore can be considered first cause. Light is the unitary purposive principle which engenders the universe, and it holds the nature of first cause.

The Reason For Life On Earth

Photons, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and time are all “building blocks” that allow the creation of our 3DPMU (three dimensional physically manifested universe). The Purposiveness that lies behind our physical world must have some goal, a first cause, in mind for our being here.

As we examine life closely, we begin to realize that there is a process involved in this  unfolding. There is a step-by-step order that evolution follows and this definable Process is able to tell the story of our evolution from the first moment of creation up until today and far into the future beyond.

Without the emergence of this Process and it’s motivating quality, our lives would be fully and completely meaningless and without purpose. If this was so, we might as well fold up shop and leave now because there never would be any true satisfaction while being here and when trying to accomplish anything meaningful.

I struggled with this concept for several years while I came to the conclusion that for my life to become meaningful and fulfilling, I absolutely needed to believe and know that there was a Purposiveness that guided all of life and that had an ultimate goal that it was seeking. Even more important was that within my own life I carried my own unique purpose that was meant to help facilitate the original goal of The Purposiveness.

Over seven years of full time exploration, The Purposiveness spoke through me as I fully surrendered to it and this gave me the opportunity to build a personal relationship with its internal voice of guidance. When you one day view the cosmology of the Mother’s Temple, you will better understand what I’ve just shared and will realize that there is no other geometric form that holds more archetypal knowledge and which better maps our very own personal and collective evolution through time.

More About Light

Light is described in our physical world as an electromagnetic spectrum whose frequency allows our human perception to see color. When examining this spectrum closely, we find that it describes a principal force of nature which energizes our material world. Through our own brain functions, we are able to sense the immanence or indwelling nature of light and through deep appreciation, we have ended up over time calling this pure essence the Spirit of God. In its multitude of ways in which it provides the basic means for life, we are able to witness it and describe the nature of this inner presence.

Since the emergence of human consciousness, humankind has revered the power and beauty of the natural world that surrounds it and has worshipped the sun, the moon, and the stars. We have often used fire in sacrificial rites to represent a particular aspect of this natural phenomenon we call light. The electromagnetic radiation of light has held a revered place within the spiritual and religious lives of all people throughout all of human history. Light has been a central figure that has been shared by those who have gone through either profound spiritual experience or have had a near death experience. The silent glow of a single candle has been the central focus of spiritual contemplation and the establishment of spiritual space for ages.

Science has examined light in great detail and its relationship with our physical world and is beginning to conclude that the power and the subtlety of the electromagnetic force has had such an impact upon life and our experience of it that it can be considered a true physical representation for God’s indwelling Purposiveness and a representation of the very Source of life.

Quantum physics now tells us that at the moment of the birth of the universe, there was one single unified force. As the universe expanded, the force dissociated itself step-by-step into the four forces of physics – the nuclear, electromagnetic, weak, and gravitational forces.

The electromagnetic force is the one most prominent in our world today and it plays an obvious role in the evolution of life. We are enveloped by a sea of electromagnetic activity of which we are an integral part of its life enhancing qualities. The whole of nature around us is quietly yet constantly kept alive by myriads of low level quantum electrodynamic events.

Without ever hearing of the discovery of photons and the electromagnetic spectrum, human beings from the earliest of times have regarded light as the underlying essence of an unseen vibrance that they sensed and knew was evidence of God’s direct descent into the living world around us. Throughout religious history, light has been correlated with spirituality and has been used as a symbol of holiness as well as a metaphor for representing a spiritual presence, an indwelling.

In the first book of Genesis which describes the birth of the universe: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, “let there be light,” and there was light. (Genesis 1:1-3)

What a profound statement and display of reverence for the indwelling Spirit of light. We may never find a clearly defined bridge between the material world and the spiritual but it does appear that for humankind there is no physical mechanism closer than the electromagnetic spectrum of light that constitutes the portion of the bridge on the material side that reaches into the mysterious gap between the two realms and into the spiritual. There is no other means that we currently know of that provides such a perfect bridge for the entrance of consciousness into our world and for The Purposiveness behind creation to use this pathway to accomplish its original goal.

The electromagnetic interaction of light and its omnipresence constitutes a substantial and accurate means of sensing the movement of God in our world. It is the indispensable physical medium that underlies our ability to sense that immanence and to truly “see.” The electromagnetic force, which can reach right up through our brains, can relate and touch the very frontier of our consciousness. Without it, we would not only not have the capacity to contemplate the idea of its immanence, and much less experience it, but we would also not be able to realize ourselves as the conscious culmination of the biological evolution that has taken place upon Earth.

This entire Process of evolution, from the assembly of molecules that form the bacteria cell, then the plant kingdom, the animal, and finally human beings, has occurred through the agency of the electromagnetic interaction of light. As we now head toward becoming a global organism with an attendant awareness of the possibility of a global consciousness, we find the explosion of communication and information technology a crucial part of making all of this possible. Yet, underneath it all, the essential physical mechanism that drives all of this potential unification is light and the background Purposiveness itself.

Light thus provides a logical point of reference for theologians in their efforts to reconcile and harmonize the idea of God as Creator, God as Lord of Nature and Humankind, and God as immanent and transcendent. Yet, God is not light. God is not electromagnetism and electromagnetism is not God’s immanence. Rather, electromagnetism is the primal physical mechanism provided by God for us to have access to that immanence. It is the very vehicle for The Purposiveness to exert its desire upon the evolutionary Process and to cause us to evolve.