Lesson 8 – How Everything Becomes Interconnected & The Zero Plane Accretion Disk (the ZPAD)

“Within the event horizon, space itself is falling into the black hole at a notional speed greater than the speed of light.”

Quantum Physics

The Zero Plane Accretion Disk(The ZPAD)

Prior to the birth of the One Singularity at the very first moment of the creation of our three dimensional physically manifested universe (the 3DPMU), there existed the mind of God (The Purposiveness) which can be symbolized by a circle, itself an emblem of eternity. This hypothetical circle enclosed a dimensionless area of incomprehensible potential life – a great field of richness. Before the birth of our universe, this circular boundary was so abstract and full of meaningless infinity that it was indeed the essence of the eternal state of Being of the Absolute.

The Absolute permeated all of pre-creation with It’s Beingness before it enlivened post-creation as Light within space and time. Abstract to the degree of inconceivability, the Absolute Beingness is the unconditional state of all things yet to be created. All substances, essences, and intelligence are manifested out of the inscrutability of the Absolute Beingness even though the Absolute is without substance, essence, or intelligence.

Centralization was the first step towards limitation and the birth of otherness. Prior to centralization, the Absolute Beingness generated not just the circumference of a circle but more of what could be considered a sphere of influence, outside of which nothing existed, not even a vacuum. Within this global form, creation, preservation, and dissolution would take place once the activity of creation was put into motion. Every element and principle that will ever be used in the eternities of the Cosmic birth, growth, and decay is held within the transparent substance of the fertile ground of this intangible spherical realm.

During the process of creation, the diffused life essence of the Absolute Beingness retired from the circumference of the outer circle of the sphere and infused the area within the circle with the blueprint of creation that is our reality today. This became the Zero Plane Accretion Disk upon which every container of consciousness is born and interconnected. After creating the Zero Plane Accretion Disk (ZPAD), the First Manifesting One, the primitive limitation of the all pervading Zero, further manifested as the first condition of existence – the central point – the primitive objectified radiance of the eternal subjectified life. Surrounding this radiance was complete darkness caused by the deprivation of all life which was drawn to the center to create the first point – the universal germ.

Surrounding this first point was the vacuum of the Absolute Beingness, that was created by the movement of Spirit from the circumference to the central point. Leaving behind in its wake was an abyss that consisted of pure scalar wave forms that contained the holographic  blueprint of creation’s destiny and it’s history as it eventually was to move through the birth of time. The Zero Plane Accretion Disk (ZPAD) reeked of the potential for our future creation much like a great field of rich earth out of which grows a myriad of life forms, each different yet each with its roots in the same dark loam which is unlike all of the forms nurtured by it. All of life has its source in this One dimensionless pre-existence; all with their connection to the One Spirit, connected through their own soul, and embellished with their own body fashioned from this essence yet doomed to return to this very dark ground, the only Immortal from whence it came. This dark ground was referred to in many myths and stories of Creation as the water, the sea, or the causal ocean from which all of the created worlds and hierarchies were made. This realm is the very home of the Purposiveness of Life and the abode of the latent powers from which all of life draws upon.

Prior to the beginning of creation, the Supreme Beingness alone permeated the sphere and the area of the circle. As this Divine Essence concentrated itself, this Limitless and Boundless aspect of God showed Itself as the Supreme One and took on the first degree of limitation or constraint. Instead of possessing complete freedom as it did before, it began a Process where Spirit descended into matter with the goal of ascending back out of it one step or kingdom at a time. When it eventually expressed itself as Limitless Light, it added another degree of constraint and arrived at the very first moment of creation where seven kingdoms of creation began to emerge starting with light, then subatomic particles, then atoms, and finally molecules, all the building blocks of the 3DPMU (three dimensional physically manifested universe) followed by plants, animals, and then ultimately the human race.

Image0.jpgThe ZPAD (Zero Plane Accretion Disk) is the world sheet, the very fabric of 10 dimensional string theory, upon which all of creation is interconnected and also forms the Divine Sea of the Absolute which could be considered to be very much like the substance of the mind of God rather than His body.


The ZPAD is infinitely thin and for all practical reasons dimensionless, yet it provides the background upon which the circumference could enclose an area and become the very fabric upon which each and every aspect of consciousness is attached, contained, and inter-connected to every other point of consciousness, past, present, and future. This disk contains infinite intelligence and holds the entire manifestation of consciousness. It is much like the hard disk of a computer which is able to store memories, thoughts, and visions, yet the ZPAD doesn’t just store memories. It is the substance that provides the ability to manifest through the active intention of conscious and unconscious observers. It is what connects all of life at the very deepest level and holds all of our life experiences that have occurred from the beginning of time – all of them, completely and forever.


Quantum scientists and explorers of conscious have been accumulating evidence that the universe is a vast cobweb of energy exchanges, with a basic substructure containing all possible versions of all possible forms of matter. They have concluded that nature is not a blind and random force and is not mechanistic in its formation of life but rather is a Process that is open-ended, intelligent and purposeful, making use of a cohesive learning feedback process of information that is being fed back and forth between organisms and their environment. Nature holds a unifying mechanism which has been purposely encoded and capable of being transmitted everywhere all at once. It indeed does unfold as a definable Process and I will share this later as the Arc of Creation.

The scientists now postulate that there truly is an ocean of microscopic vibrations in space that occurs between things and have called this ocean the Zero Point Field. If the Field (which is the same Zero Plane Accretion Disk, the ZPAD, that came into being when the Absolute inscribed the circumference of the circle within the realm of nothingness) was considered in the creation of a cosmology of the universe, they realized that the very underpinning of this resulting universe was a heavy sea of energy – one vast quantum field. They also concluded that if this were true, then everything would be connected to everything else like some invisible web, and thus on the most fundamental level, living beings at the most basic level are packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging information with this inexhaustible sea of energy and ultimately with each other.

After considerable research and testing, they found that living things did indeed emit an extremely weak radiation of some kind and that this radiation was the most important part of and probably the source of all biological processes. Information about all aspects of life is relayed through an information exchange on the quantum level through these radiations. The ancient Rishi’s described these same emanation areas as chakras.

When I begin diagramming and explaining the Arc of Creation, I would like you to reflect upon this connectedness that lies behind the existence of all things – animate or inanimate. Even our mind operates according to a quantum process where quantum information pulses simultaneously through our brains and into our bodies while remaining connected with this Field, the ZPAD. Human perception, the very “seeingness” of our ability to be conscious occurs because of interactions between the subatomic particles and photons within our brains and the Zero Plane Accretion Disk – the background sea of quantum energy. We do literally resonate with the entire world around us.

At the most fundamental level, scientists have provided us with evidence that we are all fully and completely interconnected and that there is a “life force” flowing freely throughout the universe. This force has in the past been called consciousness or Spirit and is the very same force that I’ve named the Purposiveness which is seeking the resolution of It’s Ultimate Goal. Through their work, the scientists are proving out the most important realization that we’ve every found tangible evidence for – there is purpose and unity in our world and we do have a unique and important role to play in it since what we envision and place within our mind’s eye and empower is critical to the shaping and creation of our world. Human beings are not separate from each other as our old science has tried to prove. Rather, we have the power and have been born with the destiny to come together as a society and to literally create the finest reality we can and actually manifest heaven upon earth.


The existence of the Zero Plane Accretion Disk implies that all matter in the universe is interconnected by waves, which are spread out through time and space and carry on out into infinity, tying one part of the universe to every other part. The stable state that we witness in matter during normal reality depends for its very existence upon this dynamic interchange of subatomic particles with the sustaining ZPAD field.

Research has shown that electrons lose and gain energy constantly from the ZPAD in a dynamic equilibrium, balanced at exactly the right orbit. Electrons get their energy to keep going without slowing down because they are refueling by tapping into these fluctuations of empty space. In other words, the ZPAD provides stability and enough illusion through the process of time that we witness the stability of all matter instead of a quickly degenerating meltdown of each form right after it is created. Physics calculations show that the ZPAD waves drive the motion of subatomic particles and that all the motion of all the particles of the universe in turn generate the ZPAD, a sort of self-generating feedback loop throughout the universe.

This suggests a form of self-regenerating grand ground state of the universe which constantly refreshes itself and remains a constant unless disturbed in some way. As a result, all matter of the universe is literally connected to the furthest reaches of the universe through the ZPAD was of the grandest dimensions. One of the most important aspect of these waves is that they are encoders and carriers of information.

If all subatomic matter in the world is interacting constantly with this ambient ground-state energy field, the subatomic waves of the ZPAD are constantly imprinting a record of the shape of everything. Because it is able to hold the imprints of all wavelengths and all frequencies, the ZPAD is seen as a kind of a shadow of the universe as it moves through time, holding a mirror image and the record of everything that ever was. In this sense, the vacuum that first formed when the circumference retreated to the center of the circle to form the essence of the First Singularity, the First Manifesting One, is the beginning and the end of everything in our universe.

The corporeal stuff we call matter and to which all scientists of the past attributed to an innate permanent mass is now seen to be but an illusion. Mass is a bookkeeping device, a temporary placeholder for a more general quantum vacuum reaction effect. The relationship of mass to energy is more a statement about the energy of quarks and electrons in what we call matter and is caused by interaction with the ZPAD fluctuations.

Thus, matter is no longer a fundamental property of physics. Everything that you hold in your hand, no matter how dense, how heavy, how large, on its most fundamental level is nothing more than a collection of electric charges interacting with a background sea of electromagnetic and other energetic fields. Mass is not equivalent to energy. Mass is energy or in other words, fundamentally there is no mass, only charge.

So now we find what was originally thought to be empty space is actually a cauldron of seething energies of the Zero Plane Accretion Disk, the ZPAD. Both inertia and gravitation are electromagnetic phenomena resulting from interaction with this field. Matter thus is an essential element in an underlying ambient, random sea of energy and it should be possible to use this as a medium through which coherent patterns could be created particularly since the ZPAD imprints everything that has ever happened through a wave interference encoding process.


As I will discuss in the Arc of Creation, evolution includes a Process where Spirit (or Purposiveness) descends into matter and then makes a turn of consciousness and ascends back out of matter to the realm of Spirit carrying with it the memories of all the experiences of evolution. It is the ZPAD that holds the blueprint for creation and is the repository of its memories and experiences. It also is the ZPAD that is the very womb of creation upon which birth is granted to every individual point of consciousness.

On the descent side of the Process of the descent, evolution is random and unconscious or subconscious depending on the development of consciousness within each container. On the ascent side of this process, the highest level of container awareness (the human being) finally acquires the ability to be conscious and use this newly found ability to “see” and to control the remainder of the movement of Spirit on the ascent side. With this incredible ability, it is the human being’s destiny to take control of the Process and to co-create along with Spirit to fulfill what it is that the Purposiveness is seeking.

On the descent side of the Arc of Creation where Spirit descends into matter, evolution is random and is orchestrated by the forces of nature. What appears to put a halt to this randomness, however, is the emergence of an observer, the containers of consciousness that come into being at the depth of Spirit’s plunge into matter.

A fundamental law of quantum physics states that an event in the subatomic world exists in all possible states until the act of observing or measuring it freezes it or causes it to become a single state. This process is known as the collapse of the wave function where a wave function provides the existence of all possibilities. According to the mathematics of this process, the quantum world is a perfect hermetic realm of pure potential which is only made real when interrupted by an intruder – an observer.

This observe effect suggest that reality only emerges from a primordial quantum soup, the ZPAD, with the emergence and involvement of living consciousness beginning with the birth of the first container, the living cell. If consciousness within all living things creates order and reduces randomness, the capacity of the human being to consciously create becomes enormous. How far beyond our bodies does our influence actually extend? Probably as far as our thought forms allow us, and when we get far enough down into the quantum world, there may be no distinction between the mental and physical realms.

I sense that the ZPAD and the ability of matter to organize itself coherently are really one and the same. And I also postulate that reality is created by each and every one of us through the application of our attention. At the most basic level of mind and matter, each one of us creates the world around us. By a simple act of desire and wishing, we are able to instill order in the universe and create.

Research has shown that using intention does indeed achieve certain outcomes, and when gentle wishing is used rather than intense willing or striving, the results are much more powerful and wide reaching. It is almost like humans operate on two levels of existence – on the forceful striving of our daily world and second, the relaxed, passive, receptive realm that is directly connected to the ZPAD field.

When we are mentally and emotionally balanced, our natural state of being becomes a creative relationship – a dance where a constant state of one influences the other – one foot firmly planed in the material world and one foot resting upon the grace of the spiritual realm. From this position, we are able to carry on an incessant dialogue with the ZPAD, giving as well as receiving.

Some of humanity’s greatest achievements came into being when some individual was capable of suddenly gaining access to our shared access to accumulated information and knowledge contained within the ZPAD. Our intelligence, creativity, genius, and imagination are not locked up inside or our brain cells. On the contrary, they exist instead as interactions with the ZPAD field.

Where does the individual end and when (considering our relationship with the ZPAD) do our desires and thought forms become part of a communal process and require for their manifestation a group effort, a breakthrough that cannot occur just on the individual level? When we examine this question closely, we will find that when we bring energy to our conscious awareness through the act of perception or seeing, we create separate objects that exist in space through an observable and measurable continuum. Through the combination of space and time (in the molecular kingdom) we create our physical separateness.

The physicist David Bohm suggested that everything in the world is enfolded in this implicate state of the ZPAD until made explicit – a configuration he imagined consisting of zero-point fluctuations. Time historically has been considered to be primary, independent of and universally applicable to the foundation of the manifestation process. We now find that it is secondary and like space, it is to be derived from a higher-dimensional ground, as a particular order.

Thus if consciousness is operating at the quantum frequency level, it would naturally reside outside of space and time. This insight causes us to pause as we realize that at some level, we do have the ability to access information from the past and from the future. If humans are indeed able to influence quantum events as we are now finding, then they should also be able to affect events or movements other than just those existing in the present moment.

Time displaced human intention somehow is able to access the ZPAD and acts on the probabilities of a definable occurrence to bring about an outcome. When this occurs, it works best upon see moments when a completely new chain of events is about to come into manifestation but not yet born.

Here we stand at the beginning of the 21st Century at a powerful bifurcation point in the time of the evolution of the human race – exactly such a see moment! When attention focuses the individual mind on a particular goal, a type of group quantum supperadiance emerges which other individuals can then begin to embrace. The more individuals that support the same vision, the more geometrically powerful the effect of the individual and group attention becomes.

At some appropriate level of group involvement and investment of intention, a morphic resonance becomes strong enough to reach out into the ZPAD and everyone, not just the original group of intenders, “gets it” and the goal becomes supported or at least given grace to continue to grow by the entire group.

All communication in the universe exists as a pulsating frequency of electromagnetic frequencies that exist within the 3DPMU and as non-electromagnetic packets of quantum energy that exist within the ZPAD and this provides the ground upon and within which everything can communicate with everything else.

Living consciousness is not isolated within each container of consciousness. Rather, it increases order in the rest of the world because it is intimately interconnected. We are much more than we realize and if we could understand this potential from a scientific viewpoint, we might be able to learn how to systematically tap into it. We do have the power to heal our relationships and our lives including that of our planet Earth. In fact, our entire future is literally within our own hands to do with as we wish within each fleeting moment.

What is lacking today is a true vision of our most ideal future path. I intend on sharing such a vision with you later on in this course. Before we can embrace such a vision, however, we must first understand the process that evolution follows and track it through all of our recorded history to be able to fully understand where It and we have been.

Through this investigating process, we will find patterns, symbols, symmetries, and common denominators that will allow us to paint a picture of our awaiting ideal future. Through our newly found language which allows us to describe this process, we will then have gained the ability to collectively take our initial group vision, refine it, water it, nurture it, love it, and fully intend it into being.

This is the task of The Turn where we make our individual grand surrender and transfer our desire center from that of the ego to the heart. This is the singular bifurcation moment in the evolution of the entire human race where we are asked to start depending upon the very voice of God that speaks to us from the fertile ground of the Zero Point Accretions Disk (the ZPAD). It is through this surrender and connection to the field of the ZPAD that world peace and a future Gnostic Society and Golden Age become true possibilities.


To allow you to begin to pull together the grace which introduces the Purposiveness and the magic which introduces the Zero Plane Accretion Disk, I would like to share a brief story to allow you to bring the mental gymnastics we just went through back down and into your heart.

In the beginning, God possessed total freedom to create anything that he desired.  One day, in the timelessness of his world, he developed a desire to see himself from a viewpoint outside of his body.  He desired to look back upon himself through another observer’s eyes.  He desired to create a new and separate center of consciousness outside of his own center that would allow himself to become fulfilled.

This desire was no ordinary desire, but one that gradually became a burning desire.  Every day, he kept imagining that he could see himself in such a magnificent way that his desire grew into an obsession.  Finally, the obsession turned into an intention to fulfill the desire and he was ready to take action to fulfill his desire.

In the beginning God said, “Let there be light. . .”  He gave voice to his intention and initiated direct action required to set the process of the evolution of consciousness in motion.  He had no concern as to exactly how his desire would appear, and consequently only provided the background (the ZPAD), the Process, and his Purposiveness that would allow it to take birth in the most ideal way.

With all of his power he could have manifested his desire immediately, but his manifestation would not have carried with it the memories and experience gained through the trial and error of unlimited uncertainties inherent in the evolution of individual points of consciousness.  He wanted to create individual points of conciousness truly separate and distinct from himself – ones that could know him, see him in his total magnificence, yet individualized, having had to learn “how to see” all on their own.

Consequently, God put into motion a Process (the Arc of Creation) whereby the consciousness of each individualized observer could be evolved through many many lifetimes of development.  In this way, God would be able to build a series of memories of his descent into matter and his subsequent ascent out of matter through the evolution and development of the consciousness of these external forms.  It is through this Process whereby his own consciousness is elevated through the experience gained and the lessons learned by individual points of consciousness gradually gaining enough evolution to be able to see him, face to face.

The anticipation of what he looked like when an individual point of consciousness is first able to peer into his face was the most anticipating and enjoyable part of the creation of his original desire through the Process of evolution and our movement through the Arc of Creation. He is still waiting for our arrival at this final evolutionary level and is patiently allowing us to scale the heights necessary to get there.  First the formation of an individual soul; the anticipation of it waking up to the possibility that God exists; the witnessing of that soul working diligently step by step to express God’s creativity in a multitude of ways until finally they would meet face to face.