Lesson 4 – Massive World Change Is Unfolding & You Want To Stay Clear Of Its Negativity

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“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

Mahatma Ghandi
Great Should

Massive Change

We stand witness at the beginning of the 21st century to a multitude of emerging global problems, anyone of which could end life as we know it, but taken together will, without a doubt, increase the intensity, the speed, and the depth of change over the next few years and extend into the coming decades. What we need to do to survive will require a major shift in consciousness.

As a group we probably don’t possess the ability to shift, but individually, we do have the capacity, one at a time, to awaken and to do the things that are required to align our own lives with the natural forces of evolution instead of the destructive profit seeking forces of our global economies.

Most people naturally want to avoid facing the emergence of these problems. However, these problems are real and you must know about them to understand why we cannot allow these problems to completely collapse society. They will try and is why we must face them and do so now. Let’s review some of the issues that are currently threatening our global society:


Over time, anything large will need to give way to efficient simplicity as people no longer earn the substantial incomes or purchase the extravagant goods and services we enjoyed that gave rise to the profitability which formed the foundation of an economy that was built over the last 200 year period of time. As large government erodes due to a decreasing tax base, and as social services disappear, we in the United States will be challenged to create a whole new approach to life. What we are used to and where we have come from will no longer be and from here forward will forever change.

Everything we have been taught about survival and everything we have been led to believe about life will be severely challenged as we are required to come up with new strategies for positive and life enhancing survival in the future. No government or large organized body will be capable or empowered to help us. By the time they begin reacting, it will already be too late to make the major structural changes that are necessary. We will need to manifest our own future from a level of consciousness that is guided by the Purposiveness that drives Creation and no longer by our limited individual ego as we have been conditioned to use all of our lives.


Those who will not surrender and let go of our old ways will decline and eventually perish as the Old Earth (the self-centered, profit seeking, consumerist approach to life) dies away – not from conscious choice, but rather through the reactions to the forces that have created the problems that we ourselves have brought into existence.


Do you realize that the serious life threatening transitional period we’re now facing has taken less than two hundred years to unfold and 10,000 to 12,000 years to gestate to get to this point in time? During that period we’ve moved from a global population that could achieve a natural balance and sustain itself without destroying our environment to one which has way too many people all competing for the same limited resources where demand is just beginning to outstrip supply?

At the dawn of the first millennium A.D., the world’s population was around 3 million people. 1,000 years later, the population had risen by as little as 10 million and well into the second millennium, it grew less than .1 percent each year.

In the year 1,800, our global population had climbed to the landmark level of one billion people with almost 65% of them living in Asia, 21% in a prospering Europe, and less than 1% in North America.

In 1960, the Earth’s population reached three billion. Over the following 30 years, it doubled! In 1974, it became four billion. In 1987, it reached five billion, and around October 12, 1999, the six-billionth baby arrived. 

This huge expansion was spurred on by the efficiency of large business and it’s profit seeking through the aggressive promotion of mindless consumption without the examination of the chain of causation that led up to each created good or service. Everything became determinable through man made laws that encouraged and protected this powerful yet ultimately destructive approach to life.

Our educational systems taught people to become very specialized and fierce competitors within a legal system that supports an economic form of warfare between and amongst our people and those outside of our own group. Our mass media has brainwashed us into supporting the advertised lifestyles that boost this economic system and keeps it alive while enjoying ever increasing profits for the very few who control the free enterprise system.

Between now and 2050, two to three additional billion people will join the almost 8 billion that already live on this planet – a staggering ten to eleven billion people in total. What is most disturbing about this growth is that nearly all of it will take place in developing countries, where the demand for food and water already outstrips supplies. This appetite for future resources will become incredible as well as the related power that will surface that will be necessary to obtain them (economic, political, and otherwise), whatever it takes.

Have you spent any time thinking about the effect this bludgeoning population will have upon our future survival as a species let alone your own personal life? Most people have been much too busy becoming “productive” consuming members of an aggressive economically oriented society and are now trapped in the daily grind of earning enough money to pay their mortgage, debts, and the acquisition of a continual flow of material goods.


The creation of affluent and decadent lifestyles has become commonplace in Western society and is considered by most almost a God given right.

The majority have become unconscious supporters of this destructive materialistic approach to life that has given rise to our emerging problems while our business and political leaders continue to promote the ongoing quest for ever increasing profits through continually increasing consumption so they can increase their riches.

This increase in consumption and corresponding effort to increase profits has conveniently come about as a byproduct of the geometrically increasing size of our world population and our effectiveness in promoting consumerism. This has all been made possible by the discovery and use of what we originally considered was an abundant and unlimited supply of fossil fuel, particularly oil. The moral consequences have been removed through our increasingly complex legal system and the spread of a financial system that almost guarantees we will stay in our places – the free enterprise system with democracy as a force making it legal even though it’s no longer moral.


Currently, the United States contains about 5% of the world’s population but is consuming 40% of the world’s natural resources. Will it be able to sustain it’s current affluent lifestyles when 10 to 11 billion people all want to do the same and will do everything in their power to achieve that?

Imagine when China and India (the two largest centers of current and future global population) begin to catch up to the US in consumption and all of their citizens attempt to create lifestyles like ours. This future consumption will be massive, as the demand for precious resources will quickly exceed supply. When this occurs, prices in all sectors of our activity will go up and competition for limited resources will begin to erode the affluent lifestyles we in the developed nations currently enjoy.

Who is going to give in and not try to achieve the standard of living that has long been enjoyed in the United States and other prosperous Western countries? I don’t believe the up and coming developing countries and their populations will hold back or give up positioning themselves for their own time at the “feeding trough” of conspicuous consumption.

As a result, many resource wars will be fought both politically as well as physically to vie for the increasingly difficult to obtain and depleting resources that are needed to fuel these newly acquired luxurious lifestyles. As this occurs, the separation between those who have and those who don’t will become ever wider. During this awkward transition, atrocities will be committed against others and will become commonplace as our individual and global consciousness becomes challenged to deal with survival in a more productive rather than destructive manner as is being currently experienced.


And then there are problems that we can’t plan for that our faulty consciousness has unleashed. A tremendous and damaging global pandemic has spread around the entire world. All that I can share at this time is that this recent development will create havoc in many different ways and will help to destroy our previously seemingly impervious financial systems.

This pandemic isn’t the actual cause since our financial system was already falling apart. It’s more of a bursting of our massive fake bubble that has begun. In reality, the United States is financially bankrupt and it’s finally beginning to show. It will only be a matter of time before this reality plays out in all areas of life and becomes a very destructive force.

Do we now risk a time when blowar is also a possibility?

In October 2000, a RAD document emphasized the importance which the neocon cabal placed on bioweapons (and other next generation war tech) stating:

Combat will likely take place in new dimensions: In space, cyber-space and perhaps the world of microbes… advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool”.


And then there is the potential for nuclear war. Unfortunately, in the past, when any of our needs were out of balance, tearing apart blocking infrastructure was one of the key methods that we used to force balance to come back into being. Destruction and violence through war has occurred time and time again whenever the spiritual part of our being on both an individual and collective level has rejected the Oneness that forms the foundation of our Creation.

As far as our planetary consciousness is concerned, escape and unconsciousness has become our approach to life so we can avoid having to address problems that should be solved using peaceful means. We have ignored this for so long that it now surfaces as another force threatening the very existence of life itself. When an imbalance of power has been created in any substantial way, the result becomes a breakdown in the forward movement of evolution.

In order to bring our evolutionary process back into balance, destruction has been the primary key tool that we used and our method for promoting it is war. War is waged against others that do not share a similar approach to life or who threaten our continued economic growth whether it is moral or not. Morality has become a thing of the past and self centered consumerism is our governing force at the moment.

Large-scale war is the outcome of an imbalance in our evolutionary rhythm and occurs when our consciousness has gone to sleep and disunity and separation have become prevalent in our relationships. To restore the vital aspect of our wholeness, a violent measure is but one method for providing a solution. In reality, it doesn’t work and should not be used, but it probably will be due to the rigid way we hold on to our old consciousness.

The study of world history will cause anyone to become alarmed as we look at our own time. Today, through our access to the use of many nuclear weapons that lie in the hands of many different countries, we collectively hold a power of destruction that is larger than any time before in our known history. There is also an extreme separateness that has developed that pits civilizations against each other. This is a destructive force even more powerful than the pandemic that is spreading wildly currently around the globe. This force is large enough to actually wipe out the human race without the possibility of some making it through to affect future change.

If we use this old process of destruction one more time, we may easily end our own civilization since the war powers we now hold are immense and unthinkable. We should adopt instead a new consciousness of non-violence since the power behind our old ways are completely unacceptable. Yet, we have so many other problems to deal with that this underlying threat of nuclear war lingers more unnoticed now than every before.


And then there is the potential of climate change. This is real and is descending upon us. Rather than worry you any more I’ll end by telling you that I see the remainder of the world’s population residing around the Great Lakes Basin area. The reason for this shift will be ultimately, the lack of fresh water anywhere else in the world. Water is needed for life and the less than 1 billion people that will be left will live within this area by the end of this century.


We indeed are moving into a major transitional period of pain and suffering, a period that l will call from here forward, “The Turn.” During this painful transitional time, many forces will emerge that collectively cause our global population to stop growing and to shrink to find a way to come back into sustainable balance. However, we will not be able to do that easily while allowing everyone to lead a normal and long life. This transition will be massive and quick compared to what we would want if we had a choice and it will be ruthless. It will decrease our world population and force us to eventually abandon our old ways.

As you learn more about The Turn, you’ll see that the problems that we face today weren’t created by our mistakes but rather, we are on track as evolution has originally planned. The decisions we make to deal with these problems, however, are up to us and there is an equal chance that we make it through properly and an equal chance that we perish as a result of making poor decisions instead. I totally expect the world population to shrink considerably by the end of this century. I just hope that the remaining population is able to continue forward and do what it needs to do to survive.

We have arrived at a bifurcation point (a singular point in time) in the entire history of our human evolution where we individually must make a deep, complete, and total shift in our consciousness. There is no other choice.


You must first uncover and then utilize a whole new method to “see” life as it truly is.

To do this powerfully and accurately, you also need to have access to an authentic body of knowledge that can help you to create a “roadmap” that can properly guide you while you traverse this new direction and try to positively affect the destiny of the human race. Right now, our global society is headed down a path that leads to complete and total destruction.

The only way out is for each and every one of us to go through our own re-orientation of consciousness and to individually make change. Collectively, we need to fall apart and unravel.

Through a much-needed major shift of consciousness, we could eliminate much of the pain and suffering that will follow. This won’t be possible, however, because of our inherent human nature that prompts each individual to avoid change and to persistently hang onto old ways whether they are appropriate or not.

Radical and all encompassing change is required if we are to move into the future and create positive and fulfilling lives. Surrender to this change and acceptance of the accuracy and positive outcome of its direction is a key act involving the recognition of an inner power, a new seat of guidance that will form the basis for our ultimate salvation.


It is up to you to develop and use your intuition as your primary method to make this change while you place your logic and reason in the “backseat”. You aren’t supposed to divorce yourself from the use of your logic and reason. Rather, it is needed instead to evaluate promptings that come through your previously undeveloped intuitive mind. It is not supposed to be used anymore to totally guide your life.

The transformation that is needed to make it through “The Turn” defines a key moment in our evolutionary process and has been waiting for for this moment to surface for a very long time. Everything is as it should be and we are where evolution wants us – we now just need to learn how to make it through this pre-destined awakening, an “ah-ha” moment, and make it through the transitional period of time that it will take. If we can, life will then be able to move into the 2nd half of our remaining evolutionary journey that really won’t fully begin toward the beginning of the next century. The remainder of this century will be used to make it through The Turn. That’s why I have shared that our task is to plant seeds for future generations and not to save our old consciousness.


Letting go of our current separateness and seeing the oneness of our collective nature will be required so we can discover peaceful, productive, and creative solutions. Until we make a heart felt surrender that is required to allow our old ways to vanish and even better ones to replace them, however, we will be under a huge amount of stress created by our ignorance of the truth and lack of understanding of the Process.

Our accustomed self-centered approach to life and the greed that drives it is so very powerful. People will not easily give up what they currently have. It will need to be torn out of their arms and of course, many will need to perish. Before we can consider such a self-less surrender, we will need to create new ways to see the world around us. We need to use a new foundation of knowledge that is able to guide us and help us to understand the purpose and reason for life itself – both life as a global community as well as that of individual points of consciousness.


As we move into the transitional period of The Turn, one of many of our serious problems will begin to occur when a natural pandemic ultimately threatens our global food supply. Half of the world’s people now live in countries where fresh water tables are falling and adequate water is needed to grow adequate food. This includes the big three-grain producers – China, India, and the United States – which account for nearly one half of the world grain harvest. Once food becomes a scarcity problem, lack of enough fresh water will eventually take over as our #1 world problem since people also need access to fresh water.

Many years ago, the International Rice Research Institute discovered that each 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature above the optimum during the growing season leads to a 10 percent decline in grain yields – wheat, rice, and corn. Falling water tables and rising global temperatures due to climate change are two of the key reasons why the world grain harvest has declined in the recent past and will continue to do so long into the future. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has confirmed this relationship, and as our water tables continue to fall, our food production will decline geometrically while our world population increases geometrically. Famine and starvation may become commonplace as we move into the future particularly within the developing nations. Add to that loss of life due to a global pandemic and the potential for civil and global unrest and you have a formula for creating substantial pain and suffering.


Oil and natural gas are also being depleted even though peak demand is going down currently. Well before the peak in oil (where demand continually outstrips supply) we could realize tremendous instability in our global economic markets. Political instability and world pandemics could throw a curve into these projections and make problems even more acute. Instability of supply, political forces, and resource wars will all  come together to make our previously abundant, cheap, and dependable sources of assets of the past even if currently, prices might appear low or reasonable.


Even more disturbing, the pollution generated by the continued and increasing use of oil and all other fossil fuels (including coal) will be contributing to our larger long-term problem, climate change. This will come down hard on us and potentially end life as we know it. This threat might just push us into an extreme survival mode where the Earth’s population becomes very small and close to extinction. Given enough time, this scenario will become more true as it plays out. The Earth probably can support 1 billion people or less. 10 to 11 billion? Not possible.


The World Bank shared many years ago that it expects the the 21st Century to be filled with wars fought over oil and ending with wars over fresh water. I guess it didn’t say much at the time about all of the other problems that will arise and that oil really isn’t the most concerning.

However, it appears that we are perfectly poised for these predictions to unfold plus many more that weren’t considered. While all of our resources will become precious and at a premium and many completely depleted, the one single resource that is not renewable, cannot be readily produced, and which is most critical for all life, is fresh water. By the end of this century or sooner, that will be our #1 problem.

Currently there is not enough fresh water to meet the needs of our future population on an earth whose surface is 70% covered by water out of which only 2.5% is fresh water. In the future, as our global population increases, our water supply pollution continues, and our global temperatures increase, fresh water will become even more critically in undersupply. Mess that projection up by disease, war, and other future problems and we have a formula for a major catastrophe.


In light of what I’ve just shared with you, and in consideration of your current level of individual consciousness and how you currently view your relationship with the world around you – if you were capable of manifesting anything that your heart desires, what exactly should that be to provide fulfillment and to allow you to not only survive the period of The Turn but prosper during this emerging transitional time?

If you had access to the proverbial Aladdin’s lamp, what would you wish for? A new home, a new car, more material goods, or travel, a better job or maybe any job?

Before you make this wish, consider that your desire will create through the law of cause and effect or what may be better called a reaction (for every action there is a corresponding equal and opposite reaction somewhere during the movement of time). It’s difficult to realize that one person can actually make a difference. But when enough people have access to a common body of knowledge and it propels them all in the same direction, critical mass occurs and they “all get it”. That is why you’re needed now and why you must make change in your life. It’s not just for you. It’s for all of us – since we’re all inter-connected.

Everything is ultimately resolved (all energy) since all of creation is but a form of crystallized consciousness that is created by the force of action acting within the movement of time. You and all others in the world will receive for better or for worse the reactions of what it is that you wish for and place into motion through action – a resolution of the equivalent of your desires both apparent and subtle.

This is the source of the legacy that you will leave for others if your desires are powerful enough, good enough, and capable of living beyond your own physical life. Choose your desires carefully.

Are you truly capable of choosing the correct desires when every one of your actions affects a very complex and inter-related world that is filled with people who are having difficulty just surviving from day to day? I suspect you cannot, but when you finish this course, you will have a new path open to you where your desires will be able to naturally, organically, and correctly emerge. That is if you are willing.


What’s most interesting about our emerging problems and the period of The Turn is that we humans have created all of these problems through the operation of our own past consciousness. Our problems were not created “out there” by other forces. Instead, our own greed, self interest, and addiction to sensual gratification has warped our outer world in such a way that it will no longer support us.

The evolutionary process that guides life has not only allowed us to do this, but the manifestation of our current less than ideal reality is an inevitable result of the Process itself. There has been an underlying path that we’ve been following (even though it results in destruction) and we are where we are supposed to be. None of what has transpired is by chance. Rather, it’s part of a process. The only choice we have had and currently hold is how we direct our free will. That can change a particular way of doing things or a time frame but it doesn’t change the overall goal.

We currently live within a time period when the increase of the height and use of the rational logical mind has taken over the control of the direction of our daily lives and the formation of our reality. It is a time when the power of mind governed by personal ego is able to manifest powerfully on the physical plane but without the inclusion of the correct consciousness of our connection with higher principles.


As a result, the things we do and the objects we create are focused on the satisfaction of our lower senses to the exclusion of our higher spiritual needs of ourselves and the people around us. It is a time of great ignorance (but high intelligence) and a period when we individually and collectively have forgotten who we really are – containers of consciousness who are able to perceive the Oneness behind life and hold and use for positive co-creation the spark of the Spirit that lies behind all of Creation – but totally and completely asleep. We have forgotten our roots but our roots are still there lying dormant beneath the surface of daily life awaiting our grand surrender and movement through the transitional time of the Turn.

A major struggle will be required to lessen the grip that the ego and the attractiveness that sex, money, sensual gratification and our other lower desires have upon individual members of our society. The already deeply ingrained beliefs, habits, and expectations of our people to maintain this approach to life is so very strong that it will probably take at least 100 years for our current adult population to die off and afford the survivors the opportunity to make necessary and wide-sweeping changes. The events that transpire during this time will accelerate this process but it will still take along time.

In the meantime, we absolutely must bring this new consciousness into being on the physical plane. Currently, the most we can do is pro-typing, testing, and planting seeds for future generations. We cannot save our old consciousness nor are we supposed to. Within the coming decades, what we do today to move forward could easily make or break the success that our children and their children’s children will have in being able to create a New Earth consciousness and harmony and balance for life upon Earth when enough individuals are ready to embrace this new approach to life.


Our evolutionary requirement today is to go through a critical “awakening” that will allow us to provide the design and direction for future infrastructure and new approaches to life, to “plant seeds for future generations.” We will not be able to create the full and complete solutions for this new reality at this time however. Instead, we will be only be able to focus on defining its initial vision and through limited trial and error we will be able to start prototyping concepts and ideas that will ultimately help us to realize the vision.

During this initial prototyping process, a center will emerge (it isn’t here yet) that will represent humanity well into the coming centuries and live beyond any one person’s lifetime carrying the message and the work forward. It is the creation of a small organization of people to prototype and do quiet research and development to add to the database of knowledge that I’m sharing here that is important. This is why I’ve created this website and am now sharing my insights with you.

I call these new people “Architects of a Future Creation”.

Our challenge now is to individually and collectively shift and change our consciousness quickly enough to lessen the impact of the forming disasters that are already in motion.

There is no way to change our collective consciousness or affect change within any large structure (government or business) fast enough to reduce the impact of our coming negative and devastating changes.

Change must occur at the individual level, one person at a time, and then move outward over time, first to touch family, friends, then each person’s local community and eventually into the world beyond. Because of this relatively slow grass roots approach that is needed to accomplish positive change (using limited resources) our outer world will go through a difficult and painful transitional period – The Turn. As a result, positive change will not occur quickly enough to allow everyone to remain comfortable.