Lesson 3 – How I Received This Knowledge & Why

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Where This Knowledge Comes From

Back in the early 1970s, I was able to gain a glimpse of an alternative way to approach life and an understanding that the path I was on would never lead to my fulfillment. I was still developing my career as a financial planner but had some serious reservations even then about what I was doing and where I was headed.

Somehow I was interested in an alternative life and intuitive promptings but still had to overcome my own conditioning. It wasn’t until I became a a well heeled financial planner and on my way to becoming well known and financially rich that this change became a serious and real force and it eventually changed my life completely.

Things happened and events occurred such that I was able to “get off the train” long enough to go through a full-time research process that allowed me to answer my two original questions that began to fester deep within me:

1. Who Am I?

2. What Did I Come Here to do With My Life?

As I began working on finding the answers to these questions, I discovered that a third question needed to be answered first to be able to answer the other two. This was the most difficult single question anyone could ever work on and one that consumed most of my discovery period:

3. How and Why Does The Universe Work?

That question took me 7 full time years to answer and an additional 25 plus years of gestation to allow those three questions and their answers to stew and mature into what I’m sharing now. The world was not ready back then. It is now, however. Finally!

My full time research and development journey occurred between Thanksgiving of 1989 and Thanksgiving of 1996, when I left the daily world and my successful financial planning practice and literally “locked myself up” to work on finding answers to the above questions. During that 7 year journey I eventually uncovered a 3 dimensional model of the universe (a map of consciousness through time). I was able to use it to know where mankind has come from, where it is today, and to where it must head in the future to be in alignment with the Purposiveness that has created our evolutionary process.

I received real and solid answers to the questions I asked and I will share them with you in the chapters of this course. For now, however, allow me to provide a little more insight into who I am and why you might want to read and work with my material.

I was a successful financial planner when life experiences presented themselves and the reasons to dig deeper to find my purpose in life became a burning force. I was a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), admitted to the Registry of Financial Planners, and a NASD principal who had founded, formed, and operated several NASD broker dealerships. I was a successful pioneer in a financial industry that was just beginning to take off and I was one of its early leaders.

I was young, in my late 30’s, and my most successful clients (who had paychecks well in excess of a million dollars per year) would ask me why they weren’t satisfied with their lives even though they had way more money and professional success than they would ever personally need. They were at the very pinnacle of life that we’re all told to try to accomplish and yet had a huge hole sitting in their gut that caused them to wonder about how much they had really accomplished and why simultaneously they never became fulfilled.

I was fortunate to be able to have these conversations with them and to be a able to try on their considerable life experience as though it was mine. Their questioning actually caused me to start evaluating my own life. Would I end up like them? Was life all about economic success yet rarely if ever truly fulfilling? Where was nurture? Where was incredibly beautiful architecture, art, music, colors, texture, spatial relationships and all of the other things that make life special and incredibly rich? Why was everyone on the fast track to make money? Why were so many people interested in owning the largest homes possible yet built in such an illusionary sterile fashion? Why was everyone pursuing size, ego importance, and image building and abandoning quality, nurture, and beauty?

Our culture was successful in building structure. Yet the things being built made no long-term durable sense. Everything seemed to be created just for the moment and heck with endowing future generations let alone ourselves for a substantial number of years. Our homes are made out of “toothpick style” wooden studs, cheap sheets of 1/2” thick drywall, covered by the worst environmentally damaging materials that are caustic to human life.These nasty chemical fumes leach out of new building materials for many years after our unnecessarily large homes have been built. Almost immediately these “state of the art” homes begin coming apart in a serious manner even only after10 years of use. By 20 years of age, their foundations leak and we start having all kinds of problems and unnecessary expenses along with the lack of proper nurture. It doesn’t take long to show how short lived and short sighted our approach to racking and stacking people has become but it has.

There is little substance and longevity imbued in our many creations and not just our homes. Craftsmanship is a thing of the past, and instead of doing things well and with great care, everyone is trying to discover new ways to get paid the most amount of money per hour while taking any kind of allowable short-cuts to get there. Pride in work is gone. Sharing creative efforts with the masses has given way to substantial self-centeredness and profit seeking.

At the other end of the spectrum, those who can’t compete well in this kind of environment are led to believe that they’re owed a minimum lifestyle and our government has become huge and takes on monstrous amounts of debt to fuel an artificial society that truly isn’t worth much. The focus primarily is on creating an unlimited insatiable group of consumers who can keep our annual economic growth rate above 3 to 4%. Whatever it takes to do that, we did and still do. However, rarely if ever does anyone examine the chain of causation that leads to the production of every good and service. “It’s all about the money honey so don’t bother me about anything else.” That pretty much sums up the state of our current consciousness.

The United States is well beyond 20 trillion dollars in national debt as I write these words and it is still printing trillions of dollars of additional new money with no financial backing. With that kind of debt, the US will soon become insolvent and incapable of fueling the massive and aggressive free enterprise system that it needs to stay alive. Soon, the free enterprise system will end up collapsing and spitting out people that don’t have a clue as to what life is really about and what they should be doing to positively change it. They will become economic nomads without a pot to pee in and possess few skills to survive the difficult times that are coming.

Yes! Things must collapse to make way for the new. And yes, unfortunately, there will be tremendous material and social destruction, but the collapse really will be that of our old consciousness. The collapse is unavoidable and actually part of the process of life. In its place will be born a new way to see the world and ultimately a new race of people and new ways of leading life. Before we realize that goal, however, we will be entering a transitional period of time that will extend beyond the 21st century and into the next. The people that will rebuild society are not here yet and have not yet been born. They are at least another 100 years in the future. The most anyone can do currently is to plant seeds for these future generations and that is what I’m promoting in this course and my future work.

I could go on with this scenario and depress the heck out of you but that would be pointless. All that you need to do now is to view the daily news and you will gain continuous negative glimpses into the change that is coming. Get out of the way of this massive change and try to make something of your life.

The Turn

My goal for sharing this work, is to help you gain access to a body of knowledge that will be necessary to help carry you through this transitional period of time. I call this period The Turn and our collective goal should be to continue to expand the knowledge that I’m sharing so that our future generations one day will be able to inherit a new Earth and create a new tomorrow using this increased body of knowledge as their foundation. This is not a time to save consciousness as it is. Rather, it’s a period of massive unraveling and coming apart and a  very slow but eventual renewal.

The unique work I’m sharing with you is incredibly important yet few people will see it that way. Currently, everyone will be trying to find ways to save our old consciousness and figure out how to continue to be able to do things as we’ve been doing them for a very long time. Unfortunately, fewer will be successful in that process than at any other time in history since they will be on the wrong side of evolution and will be placing themselves in the pathway of the negative forces that are fueling the massive change. The people trying to support our old consciousness will gradually be destroyed.

Rather than continue to support this group thought as you’ve been taught, it is time for a few conscious and forward thinking/intuiting people to learn how to re-develop and re-create reality and to plant seeds for change – change that is being asked for by the Agency that created us and started the entire process of the evolution of our consciousness.


The process that I am sharing with you is one that I call “Seeing the Footprints of God”. It is a true cosmology that allows any one to view the step by step movement of the Force that propels all of creation throughout time – the movement of The Purposiveness Itself.


The steps involved in this cosmology are what I call The Arc of Creation. When examined as a framework of steps within a movement of time, it shows itself as a 3 dimensional model that illustrates the Purposiveness’s most authentic and archetypal movements within time. This 3 dimensional diagram will be shared with you in the 3rd Mother’s Temple Course.


Rather than call this force God, I more accurately call it The Purposiveness. This is a word that better describes Its underlying push for creation and evolution and the seeking of an ultimate goal. It’s difficult to personalize something that is so vast and unknowable as the concept of God as an ancient white bearded human. The Purposiveness is a more descriptive way of relating to this unknowable Force.


I’m about to share an incredible journey that describes creation from the first moments before and then after the Big Bang throughout it’s expansion into today and beyond. This entire process is aimed at allowing consciousness to emerge and to develop on its own without intervention but contained within a process that is unavoidable and that has an ultimate goal. I’m going to share with you how and why this process exists and how your own life parallels this same movement but on a smaller scale.

Once you understand the big picture of the evolution and movement of consciousness as directed by The Purposiveness, you will begin to be able to understand the evolution and reason for the development of the human race. You will be able to trace its history back into the past millions of years and also determine where and why we’re at today as well as knowing where we ideally should head in the future.

With that knowledge in hand and ultimately with the full three dimensional model in your possession, you will be able to project the ideal future that we as human’s ideally should experience. That is why I have named this website: ideal future vision. It is y(our) Ideal Future Vision that ideally we need to define and then head toward That.

Will we manifest this future? What is unknown is how efficiently and how well we’ll make it through our evolutionary challenges and how much time it will take compared to what could be possible if we were truly aware of it in mass.

There is also a good chance that the human race could destroy itself before we accomplish our reason for being here (both collectively and individually). That’s why it’s important to gain access to this unique knowledge base at this time and to begin to help identify our most ideal future vision so we can try to manifest it as soon as is possible before other forces destroy it’s possibility.

The Purposiveness has all the time in the universe to accomplish this goal. It might seem like a very long time to us but in reality, this time frame is but a blink in the eye of it’s Creator. If we fail, I’m sure it will try again and again until the ultimate goal is obtained.


Once we know what our ideal future should be, we can begin to define how it should unfold. That’s one of the key goals for this Course. Without possessing the knowledge of the existence of our ideal future and then creating a vision for its unfolding, we simply will not be able to manifest it.

It’s very much like a ship without a rudder and a destination. Without a destination and the tools to head in that direction, there is no way that we will ever be able to get there. I do hope and pray that enough people take what I’m sharing here and that they expand it properly so it stays alive and grows well into the future. That is what we are supposed to do at this stage of our individual and collective development. I challenge you to join me as an Architect for Future Generations.


More About That Later On!