Lesson 19 – How Does The Universe Work & Why?

Summary Of What I’ve Shared Within This Course:

1. Massive World Change will change life as we know it. We are now fully immersed within the period of time that I call The Turn. This is a singular bifurcation point that occurs once during the evolution of human consciousness. It is human consciousness that has created the problems that are unfolding today and these problems will change the complexion of our currently manifested reality. This is all occurring not as a mistake we’ve made but rather is part of a definable process that was meant to unfold exactly as it has. Once the needed purging has been done, we will move toward a new way of “seeing” and being in the world guided by each person’s intuition rather than our sterile rational logical brain. Instead of our ego manifesting an incorrect reality, it will be our intuition that will guide us correctly. Intuition comes from the promptings of The Purposiveness that created this reality and not from our much lower individual mental beings. It is the way to properly guide evolution (using intuition). However, many people will not be able to make this transition and The Turn will be a period of great pain and suffering as these people are purged from the Earth.

2. Our Ideal Future Vision – Amongst the infinite paths that we could choose to take in the future, there is just one that is ideal and most authentic. If we could identify this ideal future path and create a vision for it’s materialization, we would be able to manifest that future. It is already known that once enough people “get it”, change becomes available for all others. A small percentage of the whole needs to reach this level of critical mass and when they do, The Turn will carry people through it to the other side of the needed change.

In this course, I will share with you a mapping of the evolution of consciousness through time and using our understanding of the process involved, we will be able to identify our Ideal Future Vision amongst all of the possible choices. To do this we need to fully understand the stages and substages of The Arc of Creation, the Scale of Consciousness (0-1,000), our Mental and Emotional strength, our own Thinking Style, and how to make this substantial change. Change will occur once we’re applied the The Manifestation Process that I’ll share within one of the lessons. With this understanding, we will be able to see and embark upon our own correct evolutionary journey that also co-ordinates with our societies Ideal Future Vision.

The first part of this Course (along with the information gained from the 1st free course all contribute to your being able to accept what I’m sharing as truth. This is the knowledge needed to learn How Does The Universe Work & Why.

The knowledge to accumulate your own understanding of Who You Are and What You Came Here To Do With Your Life has been disclosed beginning with understanding and changing your belief system to a more advanced knowledge that is used to place yourself on the Scale of Consciousness and a multitude of other measurements that are needed to see who you truly are. I’ve shared substantial knowledge and have provided numerous. questionnaires along the way.

3. The Purposiveness Behind All of Creation – The universe is a playground for the evolution of consciousness and it is The Purposiveness that created this reality that is seeking the accomplishment of a specific goal. If the universe was random and evolution just occurred without reason, there would be no purpose for life and this concept would be highly unattractive to us as sensitive and caring people. Knowing that there is a reason for life makes our participation in it so much more enjoyable and natural. Quantum physicists have found and are now admitting that life is Purposiveness. Science has rejected that idea for a long time and finally, we can rest upon knowing (through reason and logic and not just blind faith) that the Purposiveness is real and that it actually exists. As we come into alignment with it, our lives can become propelled beyond what we alone can accomplish through our own individual efforts.

4. The Zero Plane Accretion Disk (ZPAD) – Everything in the universe is interconnected.

Our entire universe is carbon based and was originally created through sound vibration and then a great explosion of heat and light. As things settled down over billions of years and a very narrow environment came into existence that allowed for the creation of carbon based life upon Earth. As the original universe cooled and changed, everything became fully interconnected through a primal level of existence that I call the zero plane accretion disk (or ZPAD). It is here where life begins with the birth of each monad and where our soul or monad goes to between lifetimes.

We do not just have one life and then its all over – with the results of that life gone forever. Rather, we have within us a seed, a core, or what you could call a monad that experiences a continuous evolution through many lifetimes to develop and satisfy what the Purposiveness is looking for as it’s final and ultimate goal or reason for creating the evolutionary process in the first place. We are its vehicles for expression and without us, there would be no observer to make choices from the quantum field of pure potentiality and then to pursue them until they manifest in the physical world. Without our continual trying (negative or positive), there would be no controlled (governed by our free will) side for evolution to ascend out of the depths of the material world and back into the spiritual realm carrying with it the memories and trials (the karma) of the entire trip.

5. The 4 Kingdoms of Creation, The 8 Stage Manifestation Process, and The 9 Numbers. All of life consists of interpenetrating levels of existence. There are 4 levels. There is a descent side and an ascent side. This evolution is arc shaped and as the ascent side reaches the bottom of the arc, it makes a turn and then moves back up the ascend side.

The descent and ascent sides have operating principles that are the same. However, the containers used are different but common principles that exist on both sides and this can be found using symmetry. Using symmetry (comparing one side to the other) we are able to identify the common operating principles and project them to the other side if those principles are yet unknown.

Each of the 4 levels are interconnected Spirit to Human, Particles to Animal, Atoms to Plants and Inorganic Molecules to Organic Molecules. As each one these follows the preceding level, a level of freedom is given up or another way of stating this is that one degree of constraint is imposed. As each level moves from one to the next one (Light to Particles to Atoms to Inorganic Molecules for example), they carry with them the history from the prior levels that precede it. Each level level creates a cumulative experience that is carried forward to the next level. These levels do not exist independent of each other but rather make up a pattern or complete mapping that describes the full movement of consciousness through time. I call this the 3 dimensional wireframe of The Mother’s Temple and will share that image with you in the next course, The Mother’s Temple. For now, its important that you know what these four levels of existence are and how they work:

    • Spiritual – the realm of desire for the accomplishment of a goal
    • Emotional – the realm of infinite possible choices for delivery of that goal – a realm where an infinite number of choices that could be selected are in motion awaiting for the appearance of a conscious observer to make a selection of one of them and then follow it into manifestation in the physical world.
    • Mental – the etheric blueprint of mental impression of the actual manifestation
    • Physical – the appearance of the desired goal in the physical world.

You have experienced all 4 of these levels in your life and if you consider how you have manifested things, you will recognize their unique qualities and the steps involved in manifesting anything that your heart desires. However, very few people understand how to do this and don’t have access to the information that I’m sharing with you now. I’ll share this Manifestation Process with you later in another lesson. It will be there that you’ll be able to use this process to create your own ideal future. However, you need some additional information first and that is what I’m going to share next.

5. All of Creation can be identified with creation levels defined by the numbers 1-9 and their successive powers using the number zero. To fully define the evolution of consciousness, 72 Levels of Existence are involved. As we place these 72 levels in a grid formation, we find that the number 5 lies at the center  but is “outside” of the other numbers. The 5 holds a unique and specific power in the evolutionary process and is the “motor” that propels all journeys. It is the power that literally allows you to twist and turn your movement to find the proper direction.

6. The Arc of Creation

    • The Arc – the Descent, the Gateway at the Crossroads, the Ascent
    • Symmetry in the Arc
    • N,W,E,W and Up and Down – describe movement through one 90 degree segment then project 4 90 degree segments on each side of the torus. Moving from the top to the bottom of the torus involves making a unique and singular major turn. As consciousness moves through all 8 segments of the torus, it then repeats itself through periods of time that could be called ages. There are a specific number of ages in one full evolution.
    • The Tree of Life – the 10 Sephiroth and other ancient knowledge that touched upon some of these principles.

7. Understanding the Human Kingdom

8. The Scale of Consciousness 0 to 1,000 & Your Position On It

9. Your Emotional Strength Value & How To Improve It

10. Your Thinking Style

11. Putting You Together Utilizing Everything I’ve Shared To Date

12. Using The Manifestation Process to Create

13. The Mother’s Temple – seeing the actual footsteps of God & the role of the observer

    • 9 stages and 9 substages through the expansion of 8 levels of evolution. This expansion takes on a toroidal shape and each toroid of each individual point of consciousness exists on top of the world sheet. All kingdoms reside in the toroidal form of the Mother’s Temple and this is where you’ll actually receive a wireframe, an image, of the movement of consciousness through time. Consciousness lies at the 45 degree position within each 90 degree arc in The Tree of Life position.
    • The wireframe of the universal evolution of consciousness
    • This form is similar to John’s temple in the Revelations – the Star of David, the 12 pearl gates, the semi-precious stones. How much did the ancients really know about this process? I don’t know but find that they “danced” around this form many times.
    • The Gayatri Mantra used as a prayer for the evocation in The Mother’s Temple and hence the disclosure of the actual Mother’s Temple is really a fully spiritual process. Your adopting these techniques actually work but you don’t have to use my techniques if you don’t want to. I’ve shared them since this is my the way I found that allows for the efficient use of the underlying Process. Could you use something else? Maybe if you had the time and a really tenacious nature.

14. Summary

    • The Purposiveness
    • The ZPAD
    • The GRID and it’s 72 Levels of Consciousness
    • The Arc of Creation
    • The Tree of Life & Other Ancient Knowledge
    • Quantum Physics & Mathematics Show These Same Correlations
    • The Scale of Human Consciousness
    • Your Mental Coefficient
    • Your Emotional Coefficient
    • Your Thinking Style
    • The Manifestation Process
    • Our Ideal Future Vision – Seeing yesterday, today & finding tomorrow through use of the wireframe of the Mother’s Temple.
    • Who Am I? I am not my body, nor my mind, but instead am an individualized point of consciousness (an evolving monad) that is intimately involved within a lengthy process of evolution that has been created by an Original Desire that is seeking the accomplishment of an Ultimate Goal. This Original Desire has been formed by The Purposiveness that created this entire process.
    • What Am I Here to Do With My Life? The simplest answer is to come into alignment with and to support the Purposiveness to accomplish its Ultimate Goal.
    • How Does the Universe Work & Why?

15. Defining our Ideal Future Path – the 4th (left brain), 5th (turn), 6th (right brain) and 7th stages of the Arc of Creation while standing at The Gateway of the Crossroads.

16. Becoming Architects Of The Future Generations

Moving from the descent side to the ascent side of the Arc of Creation – how to make a transition from left brain to right brain.

    • Visualization exercise using the wireframe of the Mother’s Temple
    • Physical yoga techniques to achieve balance within and amongst all of your centers.
    • The Manifestation (Prayer) Process – understanding it well so it can be used properly.
    • Working on the emergence and full trust of your internal voice and the surrender of your ego – all work is worship via Bhagavad Gita concept.
    • The coming period of the emergence of great creativity and intuition – Becoming Architects of the New Creation
    • The future period of the emergence of the soul & actual creation of Heaven Upon Earth
    • The future period of the individual soul merging with Spirit – becoming one while carrying with it the memory of the trip

17. What we can do now to participate as Architects of the New Creation

    • The preliminary race of people that need to come together prior to the emergence of the future race that will eventually emerge.
    • Planting seeds for future generations – our work for the remainder of this century.
    • It all begins at home – expand & shift consciousness first then work on the physical 1000 year home concept while building a data base of what works and what doesn’t.
      • Acceptance and Support the Ideal Future Vision that needs to be embraced.
      • Visualization exercise using the wireframe of the Mother’s Temple
      • Yoga techniques to integrate the physical body with all of our energetic centers to become balanced and able to express our latent creativity.
      • The Manifestation (Prayer) process
      • Sharing of the initial floor plan for Home for Life concept & building a 1000 year home. Abandoning the sterile stick built method of building that is designed for profitability and not human nurture.
      • Creation of an ongoing International Architectural Design Contest for working on elements of the 1000 year home. One of the key areas that I would like to explore initially is the design of our roof structures. A properly designed roof with eaves is critical to protect the structure of the home that lies beneath the roof line. Insulation, ventilation, ease of re-roofing and many other areas need to be explored to find a roof structure that is the absolute best we can create. Right now, our roofs are a necessity. However, there is a lot to learn about how to build them correctly. The movement of the sun, the wind, and many other forces along with the makeup of the materials that we use and their cost and long-term longevity is all a concern.
      • Where you should live in the future – survival on the planet Earth
    • Ultimately, building 1000 year homes connected in community
    • Populating our best geographic location for future society – The Great Lakes Basin Society
      • Existing great lakes ports to connect the entire basin
      • Sailing ships to conserve energy
      • Wind turbines, nuclear energy, or whatever energy source makes sense and is safe and sustainable long-term
      • Regional centers created by function & proper location
      • Light rail to move goods on land
      • Intensely local communities
      • Water sourcing and recycling – ultimately our #1 goal
      • Food production – ultimately our #2 goal

18. Help us to create the initial structure and resources required to

    • Establish the first center for dissemination of the knowledge & techniques for transformation.
    • Create workshops for the development of the teacher of teachers
    • Develop beautiful environment, beautiful music, great food, and ongoing sharing of the developing Knowledge at the parent center
    • Creation of local centers to develop new teachers
    • Creation of local movements to find participants for local teachers
    • Stepping into the Society of the Great Lakes – Creating a Plan on Paper (Our Broadacre City Project) and then actually doing it.