Lesson 18 – Putting It All Together

“If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

Creating Your Answer

I’ve provided the bare minimum information regarding the universe and why you are here. Take this information and work on it until it becomes your own. My definition of How The Universe Works & Why will be much broader than yours since I’ve invested many years of my time figuring it out. However, what I share in this course section is adequate to provide the basic knowledge that you need to see the Universe As It Is and to conclude similarly as I have:

The Universe follows a definable Process that is propelled by the search for the resolution of a goal by the Power that created it.

It’s goal is to evolve consciousness using this Process to create an evolutionary level that can “see” The Purposiveness “face to face” and bring with it the history of the evolution created by each and every lifetime that makes this long journey.

I call this Power, The Purposiveness and have defined its goal using the definable Process that it created and follows (without exception). Some of you might call The Purposive, God, but that is a very diminished description that was created by the mind of man. The Purposiveness is much larger than that and calling it this is a much more appropriate term to use.  I call the Process that was set in motion by The Purposiveness, The Arc Of Creation. It is through our understanding of this Process that allows us to see where we’ve come from, where we are at now, and where we ideally should go in the future.

We now sit within the singular bifurcation point at the position of The Turn that occurs at the midway of this journey through The Process. The Turn is a time when we are required to change how to direct our lives. Its a time when we are to move from governing our lives through the use of our rational logical human mind (man made evolution and the bottom of the descent) to evolution guided by the actual voice of The Purposiveness – the voice of intuition (that we first find at the beginning of the ascent).

When we use intuition to guide our lives, our evolution will unfold according to the Process initially set out by The Purposiveness. When we learn to guide our lives using intuition, our evolution then becomes guided by The Purposiveness rather than by the inferior voice of mankind. Using the mind of man to set our direction will only lead us to our destruction. The voice of The Purposive will lead us toward satisfying our goal for being here in the first place. Now is the time to make that transition and is a place where individually, we must make that transition. It will not be done for us.

This is the direction our next step should take if we want to become positively positioned within the ideal future path  prescribed by The Purposiveness. Those who do not make this transition to the use of intuition will perish. That’s what the Process is now telling us. Its time to move from using logic and reason to guide our lives and to use intuition instead. As we do, we will evolve further in the correct direction.

You learned that the physically manifested universe first began with a huge explosion. As this explosion traveled into the space around it, everything began to cool and It took a huge amount of time to do this but in the timeframe of the universe, it was just a “blank of the eye’.

The leading edge of the universe is still expanding outward from its origin. While this expansion occurs, the three dimensional manifestation that permits life on Earth is fully interconnected with that expanding horizon. Our lives actually reach far into space to the edge of the expanding horizon on a very subtle basis.

This “tying together” of everything is done on the infinitely thin world sheet or what I call the ZPAD (the zero plane accretion disk). All points of consciousness that appear separate are not. Instead, they are interconnected with each other and every thing else created from the beginning to the edge of the expansion is one and the same yet appears to be different from our perspective.

Its the observer that allows for the illusion of the creation to occur and it is the guidance provided by the observer that propels consciousness through time within a Process that seeks the resolution of a goal. This goal was originally set by The Purposiveness that created the Big Bang and everything thereafter. It is the final accomplishment of that goal that is our purpose for being here on Earth. We are the final containers that have evolved and are able to do this. It is our use of the Process through the imposition of our freewill that allows us to eventually “get it” and move toward what the goal is asking of us. We eventually have the power to satisfy that goal.

Creation acts according to determinable laws and nothing is allowed to go against these laws. Through our actions, we create ripples in time that need to be resolved. For every action there is a reaction somewhere and sometime in the future. All energy is fully resolved and it is with time that this knowledge is allowed to unfold in a way that can be utilized by all awakened human beings rather than just to call it karma and be done with it.

It is through karma (full resolution of every action with an opposite and equal reaction) that we are able to unleash our actions that create our individual and collective lives over time.

Evolution doesn’t occur in a straight line. Instead it is arc shaped and we find that the Purposivness acting in the physical world is what allows evolution to occur within the Process itself and nothing is allowed to interfere or change the workings of this Process. It is up to the human containers that hold and use consciousness to fulfill the Purposiveness’s ultimate goal. If they do, fine. If they don’t, the Purposiveness will keep trying using the underlying rules of the Process that we find determining our own lives.

The best way to see the these “footprints” and to find evidence of the existence of the Purposiveness is to observe what the various containers within all of the kingdoms can actually do within their scope of activity through the movement of time. 

We begin first with the creation and action of photons of light. Those give way to subatomic molecules and the reduction of one level of freedom. Subatomic particles give way to the kingdom of atoms and another level of freedom is lost. Ultimately, atoms give way to the three stage level – that of the numbers 4, 5 and 6. At level 4 we find inorganic molecules. At level 5, we find the emergence of freewill. At level 6 we now find organic molecules that are able to control themselves (using freewill) and see the first stages of life emerge and evolve.

It is at level 6 that the lowly amoebae is born and it ultimately grows into the next kingdom, that of plants.

Kingdom 6, that of plants exhibit cellular growth but are immobile. The next Kingdom, that of animals (in kingdom 7) exhibit mobility and it is here that group subsconsious is first formed. It is here that instinct held within each species creates many group souls as the Purposiveness tries on many different forms until the final form is evolved and forms the next kingdom – that of the human.

Within kingdom 8, the human kingdom, we find the emergence of the individual human soul and the final evolution of the human kingdom. The human now has access to all of the operating principles that the prior kingdoms created and adds one more ingredient to the mix – that of the development of the individual soul. It is through the individual development of the individual soul that distinguishes the human and allows him to be vastly different to that of the animal. The human has but one access to its group soul (one version as opposed to many found in the animal kingdom) and the human group soul also evolves while the focus is now on the evolution of each individual soul.

It is the development of the group soul that the animal accomplished for us. We, on the other hand, have access to the benefit of group consciousness and now add to it the further development of the individual soul. We hold all of the key accomplishments of the prior kingdoms and are finally able to fulfill the goal that The Purposiveness set out through the introduction of the Process and our own inheritance of the development set out by the Arc. By developing and maxing out the evolution of our individual soul, we will be able to fulfill the goal set out by The Purposiveness. Our task is to move beyond that of the group soul and to leave the group. Our accomplishment involves developing our individual soul to a level where it is able to satisfy the goal set out by the Purposiveness.

Each of the 8 kingdoms has a beginning and an end and a key operating principle. Each goes through its own 7 substages of development (or 9 numerical positions if you want to describe all of the major components). The human kingdom is the final kingdom that the Purposiveness has created and the one that will eventually fulfill its ultimate goal. The human kingdom is currently close to 1/2 of is way to full development. It has another 1/2 of its evolution to travel through before it is able to fulfill the ultimate goal of the Purposiveness.

Symmetry can be used to see the characteristics of a kingdom on one side of the arc by comparing it to a corresponding kingdom on the other side of the arc. We can use the opposing kingdom to describe its operation using principles that might already to known within the other opposing kingdom. If we don’t know either, it is the symmetry that allows us to find the actual principles that are most important.

The 1st kingdom is that of light, and by using symmetry, it can be found that light is similar in essence to the evolution of human consciousness and it is the evolution of human consciousness that is the focus of the goal of the human kingdom.

We can observe the make up of the human kingdom and its various substages of development to see where we’ve come from if we examine human history and “hang it” our evolution on what I call The Scale Of Consciousness. This then becomes a method to describe the evolution of human consciousness and to find key places within it where operating principles emerge that are similar to the 7 substages that are operative in all kingdoms.

The ZPAD shows that everything is interconnected. The Process itself extends to the deep expansion of the Universe as well as to the consciousness held within each and every one of us.

The existence of The Purposiveness provides evidence that we aren’t here by the occurrence of a random act but rather we find that evolution is a real Process and can be defined and is what promotes our evolution.

The Arc Of Creation shows the 7 kingdoms that are created throughout this evolutionary journey. It also shows the 7 substages that make up each and every kingdom. When examined in detail, we find 72 levels of consciousness each with their own identifiable operating principles.

Its when we examine our own and final 7th kingdom, that of the human being, that we can benefit from understanding this Process. Read lesson 2.3 carefully since I’m attempting to describe the operating principles that you need to know within that lesson.

When we begin to understand How The Universe Works and Why It Works As It Does things become much easier to define. The important thing to uncover is our role within this overall Process. We are here to ultimately to fulfill that goal that was established by The Purposiveness. That is our task and what continues to allow our consciousness to continue its journey toward being able to do that.

We can find our current place within the substages of the human kingdom if we first correctly place ourselves on the scale of consciousness. We can then increase our consciousness power by improving our emotional strength that accompanies our particular place on the scale. Today, we can increase our position on that scale by another 100 points – IF THE WORK IS DONE AS I RECOMMEND WITHIN THIS WEBSITE. And, we can increase our emotional strength to a level that our position on the scale of consciousness needs.

Typically, a person only increases his or her consciousness by maybe 1 or 3 points in a lifetime. A 100 point increase is a considerable increase and will result in a vastly different life within the one that you have right now. Also, 99% of humanity has an emotional strength level that is much lower than the position of the Scale Of Consciousness needs. We need to increase both and get them into alignment.

Would you like to change your life in the best way? If so, you will need to do the work that I’m describing and you will then be able to transcend your current position on The Scale Of Consciousness and simultaneously improve your emotional strength position.

When you spend the time to examine human history, you will find that the human brain has developed over time and the cerebral portion of it has grown considerably. 2,000 years ago, man was very simple and his cerebral brain was much less developed. His left brain function was much less developed and his right brain function was pretty much non-existent.

However, over time, man has used and expanded his rational and logical mind and has maxed out the capability of the left brain. That’s where we are now and we call this time The Information Age. Its a time when the ability to possess information elevates its owner over others and everything becomes defined. Its a time where competition eats each other financially (just like Albert Einstein has quoted) rather than physically through killing each other in war. However, we still do not appreciate life for what it actually holds. This increase is due to our improved conscious abilities and not our divorcing ourselves of the need to exert power over others.

We have finally arrived at a time that I call The Turn when we will need to go through a serious and severe cleansing. We need to replace our left brain approach to life with a much more authentic and gentle right brain approach. This transition is now occurring and will “wipe out” our old consciousness that no longer values life. Socially, we get along but we are beginning to value each other less and less and that will only accelerate our demise.

This is the time when a great society begins to crumble and is replaced by a new direction to guide life. This is a point in time when democracy and the free enterprise system is abandoned and a new way to guide life emerges. This transitional bifurcation point in time is called The Turn.

Our new way will be guided by the voice of The Purposeivness and what appears initially to be our own “voice of intuition”. That’s how we begin – by making this initial transition. Ultimately, we end up as descended masters fully aware of who we are, what we came here to do with our lives, and in total contact with the “voice of The Purposiveness”. For now, however, let’s move away from using our left brain to direct our lives and learn how to allow intuition to guide us. The next step is simple but making it is very challenging.

This is the key discovery that you need to make. Understanding the Universe is a backdrop to allowing you to locate where you are at in this evolutionary process. Once you can see that clearly, you will be able to make the needed changes.

It is important to understand how the Arc of Creation works at the universal level as well as the kingdom level and then your own human level. What I’m sharing is now confirmed by our quantum physicists, mathematicians, and other scientists. This is a definable Process that has been alive a long time ago within the minds of ancient riches and finally today is being confirmed by science. Whether you use ancient concepts to describe it or the scrutiny of modern science, its one and the same.

When you see YOU clearly, you will be able to make the changes in your life direction that will help you to Become Who You Came Here To Be. I’m asking that you do this to allow yourself the ability to become properly nurtured and truly fulfilled.