Lesson 17 – A Description Of Each Of The Substages Of The Human Kingdom

“The main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human”

Aaron Carter

The Human Kingdom In Detail

The following discussion will help you to see the operating principles that each stage goes through within the human kingdom. The human kingdom is the one that we must understand well to be able to use its inherent knowledge to project our ideal future vision both for our self as well as for humanity. We have come to this Earth as the only containers of consciousness that are able to do this. It is our purpose and reason for being here. It also is the key moment during our entire evolutionary journey where we need to fully understand these concepts to make the necessary positive change that is needed. The following is a discussion of the substages that are contained within the human kingdom and some of the key items that describe each substage. I’ve done this so you can understand where we came from, where we are now, and where we ideally need to go in the future to satisfy the process described by The Arc Of Creation.

Substage 1 of The Human Kingdom

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

3 degrees of freedom / 0 degrees of constraint


Using symmetry this substage’s operating principle is similar to that of the kingdom of Light (no mass, no time, no space, no constraints on being-ness). The kingdom of light is the least restrictive kingdom that allows man to just BE while his body is evolving and to do this in the shadow of The Light while bathing in Its essence.

Description of Consciousness In The First Substage:

The individual in substage 1 is initially alone with no concept of group or self. He is in awe of the breathtaking beauty of the natural world and does not understand his physical relationship to the material plane. The kingdom of animals that preceded him are further advanced and they threaten man’s existence.

Man has no comprehension of being different from the Light of The Purposiveness and has no understanding of how the kingdom of Light actually works. Here at the beginning of substage 1, man is a clueless survivor. 

This was a substage where man was able to utilize his reptilian brain developed in the animal kingdom and to learn and add to its potential by developing his limbic brain. The cerebral brain was not yet developed during this substage. Man was experimenting instead with trying to come up with a final bodily form that is needed to house his future triune brain structure and the evolution of the cerebral brain hasn’t yet occurred. At the end of this substage, the form that he needs emerged and became the container used to further evolve man’s consciousness. It took at least 12 definable attempts at developing the correct body and eventually he evolved the Home Sapiens form to work with.

This period of body evolution began around 6 to 7 million years ago when Sahelanthropus Tchaedensis (the first early human that ascended from the animal kingdom of the Ape) appeared. Homo Sapiens emerged about 200,000 years ago and became capable of housing the triune brain that the human eventually developed.

Scientists have discovered and categorized 12 distinct and separate human evolutionary forms that evolved during this period of time. I’m including a photo of what these12 forms looked like below:

Homo Sapiens became the final form and that is what we now find existing today. The other 11 forms have died off and disappeared since they were not the forms that allowed consciousness to further develop.

We stand alone during this substage still initially connected to our creator and are totally unaware of the workings of our physical world. We are in awe of our surroundings and initially do not understand the concept of life and death. Everything just IS and life is a mystery. In fact, in Sub-Stage 1, we don’t yet question what is going on. We just accept it. We are completely vulnerable to being eaten by other animals and gradually survival becomes our first instinctive quest and developmental goal. Developing until we ended up with the Homo sapiens body was the goal of this substage.

Our intelligence is limited since our brain size is small compared with that of our body and its ability to hold our growing brain. Of our three brains (cerebral, limbic, and reptilian) that we find in use today, only the reptilian and limbic were functional within this early group. The cerebral had not yet been developed and hence the lack of modern brain functioning where the ability to think and project are common place today. Back then, that ability was not yet developed and is why the early human just sat there in awe until some other creature attempted to kill and eat him or her. Instinct ruled but consciousness was not yet truly aware of what was going on.

It took quite awhile for the early human to understand clearly cause and effect and to develop an adequate means to protect himself. Many millions of years of experimentation and body and brain evolution were involved and this was what substage 1 represented for the human form – the opportunity to uncover and then use an ultimate body container for future consciousness development.

The early world around us was a violent place and every life form fed upon the other forms around it to survive. The physical world literally attempted to eat its inhabitants and the early human’s only hope for survival was gradually to become smart enough (by developing basic brain functions and basic reasoning) and to live long enough to throw off progeny that could expand the human population geometrically.

The Turn is required for us to change and embark upon a wholly new direction that is guided by our voice of intuition rather than our faulty cerebral brain and its rational logical left brain mind.

The driver for the future development of our consciousness becomes The Purposiveness (acting through our right brain intuition) rather than our small left brain oriented self that was guided individually and by the collective subconscious (the group). We don’t realize this until late during substage 4 when we begin to see the errors of our ways. Our self will take a backseat position eventually since its development is not supposed to be lost but rather used for what it actually represents (a guiding principle rather than the actual driver).

When the human kingdom began several million years ago, man’s body and brain were not yet developed to hold the form of consciousness that we possess today. Language had not yet emerged. Symbolism and art had not yet been formed as a means to express the underlying truth and beauty and to carry the evolution and history of prior generations forward. Man was barely one foot out of the animal kingdom and the ape was much further along in its development within the hierarchy of the animal kingdom than man was in his.

What made man different from the ape and hence a member of a new kingdom instead of an extension of a prior one?

Since the first kingdom of the Arc of Creation has zero degrees of constraint and is (on the left side of the Arc) pure light which is a carrier of consciousness, we can deduce that for man, being conscious and aware of the presence of the Divine indwelling of Spirit in the first kingdom is what sets him apart from the Ape. The Ape could not do this.

Man’s initial limited cognition, however, could be described as a connectedness and a wholeness that instilled both a feeling of pure awe and possibly a view of the world as one of immense beauty yet at the same time not being understood. The result was a being-ness that made man more a child of God rather than a savy and experienced and capable predator as already existed in many of the species of the animal kingdom.

Man’s path was to gradually become self-aware and then slowly and ultimately to become God or Creator aware. The ape was only aware of the instinctual aspect of the ape kingdom (which was the focus of the animal kingdom’s development of a group soul for each species) and self and God awareness was not an evolutionary part of the ape’s development. What the ape experienced ended up as a memory in the group soul of the ape. Man on the other hand was meant to evolve his own individual soul and step beyond the group soul development of the animal kingdom.

The ape’s individual life merged into and became part of the group soul of the ape species upon the individual ape’s death. In man’s case, however, man’s life spanned both a group consciousness as well as an individual one. The individual conception of man’s uniqueness carried with it the future development and ultimate introduction of his conscious soul connection.

Until that time occurred much later in his individual consciousness development, man’s death caused the soul value to come back into life and create lifetime after lifetime to be able to go through man’s individual soul development. As he did this, the group soul evolved slowly as well. The group and the individual could be far apart in consciousness (with the individual far outpacing the group) but the individual was always limited during each lifetime in how it could express while in the presence of the group. The group modified the individual and not the other way around.

The individual was able to carry the group forward through visionary concepts but it was difficult to get the group to make advanced leaps.

The group evolved step by step through the various stages of the Arc of Creation and the particular time that an individual was born into allowed him or her a stage of activity upon which a more advanced life could be expressed.

Substage 2 of The Human Kingdom 

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

2 degrees of freedom / 1 degrees of constraint


Moves by Charge

Using symmetry this substage operating principle is similar to the kingdom of Subparticles (mass but no time, no space, and 1 constraint on being-ness).

Description of Consciousness In The Second Substage:

Man joins the group in the beginning, becomes the group in the middle, and corrects himself in the end. Eventually, he realizes that he cannot remain connected to the group since the group is holding him back from dealing with the expanding individualism that is welling within him and asking for more and more power over the outer environment and others.

During substage 2, man moves away from oneness and toward duality and he joins the group. It is here where he finds the benefits of protection that the group offers and that makes his life capable of further advancement.

Through much experimentation and by challenging our Oneness from substage 1, we find that small groups provided protection that we could not acquire by remaining alone. As we learned to protect ourselves by forming small bands, other benefits of joining together became evident and we gradually allowed the group to guide us and take care of our daily needs as we began to leave our Sub-Stage 1 instinctual self to evolve through Sub-Stage 2 and true group interaction. We leave the One to become the many.

In substage 1, we were hunters and operated individually or worked together only in very small groups typically consisting of our own family (our husband or wife and children). In substage 2, we began to multiply our population and our larger group size (that now included others from other families) allowed us to band together not only for protection but also to enjoy the groups functioning. The biggest discovery during this time was that of learning how to produce food and to grow it in mass large enough to feed our growing population. Because we were better protected from being eaten within substage 1 we were able to live longer and thus increase our population.

In Sub-Stage 1 we were unaware of our individual self. In Sub-Stage 2, we learn to surrender to man made control rather than chaos without order.

It is our desire for order that allowed us to succumb to group control. We now identify with the group in substage 4 rather than as we did within substage 2 but we’re still depending upon the group for our overall development.

There IS group awareness forming in Sub-Stage 2. As we surrender our lives to the group, there are a few in the group that begin to further develop the self through understanding how to manipulate and control others in the group. The group gave them the vehicle they needed to progress further and eventually into Substage 3.

Sub-stage 2 is an exercise in both the evolution of the group as well as the evolution of the use of power by a few individuals that will lead to a breakout to the development of the Ego in Sub-Stage 3. Sub-Stage 3 gets its first taste of Ego development by the few in power who lead the Sub-Stage 2 group.

The limbic brain is developing particularly on the right side where relationships, art, music, become social growth mechanisms. On the left side, man learns to organize things so they make sense. Initially the organization is society and involved finding ways for society to flourish. Ultimately, this organization became a method to control others and to create social differences where those at the top were able to live better lives than the others. Those powerful people took away from the group material that they needed to rise above other people. Those remaining in the group had much less materially to work with.

I suspect that it was also the search for meaning in life and the formation of the concept of the “gods” orchestrating life that initially attracted stage 1 man to move into stage 2. Within stage 2, both the king and the priest became the personalities that prompted the evolution of the group. The “gods” or oracles were the voice that came through the priest and the king was the power to ground those motivations within the social reality.

Substage 2 needed to go through its development and experientation before the emergence of man as a self-conscious and self-determined individual within substage 3.

Once again, man worked toward fulfilling survival needs but in sub-stage 2, instead of remaining alone or in small bands or tribes, he became a willing member of a group which formed its own ideology, concepts of, and approach to life.

Man no longer saw himself alone with God with the need to protect himself from the aggressive predators that continuously tried to eat him. Instead, he identified himself with the group and surrendered his life and fate to the group.

In sub-stage 1, man could be killed or eaten by a tiger and acceptance never became an issue – it just was. In sub-stage 2, man was more capable of defending himself through the actions of the group yet the mystery of life still remained a mystery.

Because the group provided greater security, time freed up and became available to search for what was controlling reality. As a result, the group began its foray into looking for a higher power(s) or being(s) to appease and to be convinced to favor members of the group.

Hence man functioned as a member of a tribe or civilization in which his actions were completely prescribed by tribal customs, or by a king or leader. As a member of a group, his reality became orchestrated by the divine (i.e. the gods) and his appointed leaders.

The source of awe that man first felt and retained through his lengthy sub-stage 1 journey allowed him to survive and not take personally what happened along the way since his individual self wasn’t yet developed. As a member of the group in sub-stage 2, a new approach to viewing life and creation allowed the group to see things that happened as acts of the gods rather than just “is” (sub-stage 1) or due to the actions man himself originated (sub-stage 3). Awe was replaced by a belief in “something higher than man” and man remained without a center of his own and instead was an extension of the group.

Human sacrifice, the killing of servants when a king or leader died, and even Pizarros 180 soldiers capturing the Incas king and taking over 12 million Inca people illustrates that there was little or no self-determination at the level of the common man in the sub-stage 2 group.

In sub-stage 2, man could be killed and sacrificed to appease the gods and once again, his own life was not yet valued. The “gods” ruled the world and man’s destiny. His death was considered the same as his life – to be a part of a natural process without right or wrong, or the need for personal accomplishment that became the foundation for further evolution of consciousness in sub-stage 3.

As the group developed, being sacrificed to the gods must have been looked upon as some kind of a blessing. When kings died, ancient civilizations apparently killed all of the servants and family members and buried them together in the king’s tomb. It appears that for man in sub-stage 2, the society, the group, comes first and the individual is not recognized or allowed an identity separate or apart from the group.

Instead of the ego of one man sparring against the ego of another (as occurs in sub-stage 3) the last sub-stages of sub-stage 2 involved groups sparring with each other for supremacy. Obviously it was thought that each specific group had the blessings of the gods and was the chosen society and the others were a threat and not to be allowed to dominate or compete.

As a result of this “we are the chosen ones” group concept, societies evolved where a collectivism was experienced apart from any visible individualism. There arose a group spirit much like the instinctual pressure of a group soul that had as its source the collective society and not each individual member. The devotion that existed was in someone or something beyond and larger than man, his society, and his own personal and collective environment. Whatever the group endowed with its unalloyed devotion, all members of the group supported that endowment without challenge. Acceptance was full and complete in the higher power that empowered the group.

When collective devotion existed within the groups of sub-stage 2, their civilizations were dedicated to various gods who were thought to provide them with the knowledge and means to learn how to cultivate crops for food, cotton for clothing, music for devotion, and many other forms of advancing human expression. There was no conflict of interests between the individual self and the group self since no consciousness at the individual level yet existed or was allowed to become visible. 

Both the first sub-stage as well as the second did not truly exist as development stages where man had his own identification. Sub-stage 1 was self-less and full of awe and sub-stage 2 was focused on the group and its devotion to something bigger and higher than the individual or the group.

Both were extensions of the “child/children of God(s)” concept and existence was considered immortal existing outside of space and time without form or substance and hence incapable of the loss of separation experienced within the subsequent sub-stages of development that followed.

The individual member and the king were one and the same – servants of their god(s). Primitive second substage people lived within a continual dialogue with their gods and oracles and must have constantly carried a sense of the continual presence of the divine.

The first two substages of the Arc are indestructible and spirit (substage 1) and soul (substage 2) and do not focus on the evolution of matter and hence hold an immortal quality. Finite existence at the third and fourth substages involved the development of form (mental constructs in the kingdom of atoms) and formed substance (physical forms and actions in the kingdom of molecules).

Substage 3 of The Human Kingdom

Takes on its own. Center 

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

1 degree of freedom / 2 degrees of constraint


Using symmetry this substage operating principle is similar to the kingdom of Atoms.

Description of Consciousness In The Third Substage:

This substage is all about the taking on of power and channeling it through mans own control as an individual.

This is where we find the beginning of the development of the cerebral brain (left side). Man begins to “think for himself” and becomes the center of his own universe.

The goal in substage 3 is for man to become self-conscious and self-determined. To do this, he begins to lose a sense of the divine creating and orchestrating reality and instead sees himself as the maker or co-maker of his reality.

Man uncovers and learns the law of things by observing the results of what he does to things. Consequently, until the ego is fully formed, he cannot personally draw upon the substance of experience and build a body of knowledge which has as its roots self-identification.

In sub-stage 3, man breaks away from the group to become conscious of himself as different from other people. Man is moving away from the group yet is held back by the group since society dictates the behavior and norms for daily living.

As man acquires a new center, his own ego, he becomes self-governed and breaks away from authority and begins to make his own mistakes so that he can learn about life and his place within it. 

To do this, man begins to develop his logical and rational left brain oriented cerebral mind which now demands a reason for everything and proof that what is discovered is true. In sub-stage 3, man creates a center of his own and breaks away from the totality to become a world unto himself.

His world is small and but a fragment of the whole and is rational and self-governed. As man wanders blindly through the third sub-stage focused on the development of his ego and his own personal view from the center of his own life, he makes many mistakes and since he is now self-governed, he ultimately becomes responsible for the mistakes and is individually punished.

Cause and effect are clearly identifiable through the use of logic and reason. In sub-stage 2, misfortunes were the punishment inflicted by the gods upon the group and the individual was not held responsible.

Society probably became sub-stage 3 oriented with the emergence of the age of reason that was dominate within the Greek civilization which began in 750 BC and lasted until 146 BC when the Roman conquest gained control over Greece. The Greeks became experts in the use of abstract concepts and gave birth to today’s modern, rational, logical mind which has become our primary tool for understanding life and developing our current daily reality.

The Greeks were responsible for the development of the concept of the individual self and from these roots, we find today that the entire world is ruled by a bunch of self-centered self’s who have learned how to gain control of tremendous economic and political power to satisfy their own personal desires. In most cases, this is done by taking financial advantage of less capable members that form the largest percentage of the group. This is what Einstein mentions in one of his quotes where instead of eating each other physically, we changed and began eating each other financially instead. This is what happens through the development of Substage 3 and its extension into Substage 4.

Through abstract reasoning and logical analysis, man quickly became aware that he is responsible for his actions and his mistakes. Prior to this new way of viewing life, man considered the gods responsible for his difficulties. This whole turnaround in viewing life was a precursor and propellant for the development of science which modern man now uses to replace the superstition and dogma of ancient religions.

Today, science has become man’s “religion” and for quite some time, everything has become fully determinable through logic and reason of the laws of science. As man made it through his sub-stage 3 development, he eventually realized that he needed to create a knowledge base to obtain answers and an explanation for the origin of his errors. This accumulating and pulling together a knowledge base and being able to fully define the law that exists within everything definable became the focus of his sub-stage 4 development which is where we now resides today. We live within a time where laws are now fully defined and we see within them that this was not our goal. Rather, our goal is to move away from those errors and to do so, we need to find a whole new way to guide our future evolution. This becomes the period of time that I call The Turn. It is a time filled with tremendous turmoil and much pain and suffering since letting go of our long history of development is a difficult thing to do.

Individuals that control the group became rich and powerful and other people watch them and end up desiring to do the same. There becomes a critical time when we have too many people striving to become that rich and powerful individual and when the system needs to “snap” and show all of those people that this is now the way of our proper and future development.

Development of consciousness within substage 3 involves moving away from the group to become a powerful individual. Development of consciousness within substage 4 involves moving away from group think and allowing intuition that is sourced from The Purposiveness to guide us instead.

In substage 3 we have a goal to perfect the emergence of the Ego. This is where leaders within the group advanced and those people began to create laws and ways of doing things that enslaved the larger population and caused it to support those in more powerful positions.

Substage 4 of The Human Kingdom – The Turn

(The Turn occurs in 3 distinct parts represented by the numbers 4, 5 and 6) 

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

0 degrees of freedom / 3 degrees of constraint


The Turn (#4 – inorganic molecules)

The Turn (#5 – the ability to exercise free will)

The Turn (#6 – organic molecules)

Description of Consciousness In The Fourth Substage:

In the fourth kingdom, reality has 3 components or sub-stages which are identified by the numbers 4, 5 and 6. Three levels exist within this one unique substage. All of the other substages only have 1 number assigned to it.

Today, we exist 1/2 in the development of this kingdom at position 5 (right in the middle of this 3 numbered substage). Some of us are embarking on our movement into the next substage in position 6 while the greater population remains in position 5 of this substage. This is where The Turn resides and this is the force that controls our evolution right now as a society as I write about these forces.

Within substage 4 the focus becomes on our need to define everything. This is where we find the emergence of the period of logic and reason and the information age. At the end of substage 4, we maximized this former need and become able to categorize everything in our physical world. All things physical become really well defined and this approach to life values the true net worth of the individual and becomes a way to “grab” and “steal” life force from others.

During this time frame, the body has become fully developed to a point where the focus now is on accumulating information and learning how to protect it from use by others. As a result, those who owned the right to use this information also become more powerful financially as well as being able to govern how others use their life forces.

We became book learned and build a body of knowledge through examining what works and what doesn’t. This is where we began to assemble numerous bodies of laws – laws of the universe, laws of physics, laws of science, laws of politics, laws of human nature, etc. In fact, morality suffers the most when human laws become the norm and this is what we find going on now. We find ourselves within a very lawful but deeply immoral time.

Albert Einstein shared that we no longer eat each other physically (as we might have done back then) but rather financially today. That form of aggression toward others is present today. We’re now eating each other financially and that lower animal instinctual need continues to plague us until we reach The Turn where we are able to evaluate and correct the errors of our ways. The Turn allows us to quit using our old consciousness and instead to replace it with a new direction.

We have finally fully developed the power of the self and we have learned how to manipulate others in the group. We needed to become really good at controlling the world and to do so, we first developed our rational and logical abilities beyond what was normal within in the group. The world is a concrete place where cause and effect are examined from a physical perspective and this “grading” and “stealing” became a physical thing. To become powerful as individuals, we further embarked upon becoming intelligent and wise through the acquisition of knowledge acquired through the extreme use of logic and reason and our ability to control it extremely well.

In the fourth kingdom, reality has 3 components or sub-stages which are identified by the numbers 4, 5 and 6.

In sub-stage 4, man begins discovering, handling, and observing the effects of laws by which things are combined. These laws of science, business, society, and others have been learned by trial and error through experience in the third substage. Eventually, a need arises to correct first guesses by reference to actual facts. In the third sub-stage, we learn all about the origin of error.

As man embarks upon his path within sub-stage 3, he begins to see that what he has been doing has led to the emergence of substantial global problems that affect everyone on the face of the earth. Sub-stage 3 development and early sub-stage 4 were propelled by greed and the desire for personal riches and sensual gratification and ultimately, the power over others. It has only taken maybe 200 years to find out that greed and self-centeredness is not the right approach to sustain life long-term and the result of this misdirection is now unleashing gigantic negative problems. The law for karma becomes visible during this time – for every force there is a reaction that occurs sometime and somewhere through the movement of time to balance the initial force.

In the fourth substage, man begins discovering and experiencing the limits of this actions and gradually forms a body of knowledge which contains the laws of each area of his activity (i.e. science has identified a multitude of determinable laws that operate without exception; law also has fully governed the movement of social behavior and this too has become fully developed as far as we can go using our self as a means for its development.)

In the fourth kingdom, man’s ego guides him and as he discovers deeper and deeper levels of definable laws, his capability to use these laws to his advantage grows. Eventually, not just a few powerful people dominate society, but many intelligent people (who learn the laws of language, communication, leadership, etc.) become able to access considerable power over each other and the natural world.

During this period of development, which represents man’s descent into the depths of the molecular world, logic and reason become the powers that rule and the left cerebral brain continues to become more refined and more developed as man’s activities allow him to harness and wield more and more power.

The goal of this kingdom is to allow man to possess tremendous power through learning and controlling the laws that govern the molecular world. Because the ego of man is in control, he does this development outside of the domain of Spirit and goes against the goals of the Purposiveness that guides evolution. He becomes extremely selfish and self-centered and rarely shares anything positive with the group unless it further’s his own development.

In fact, he does not know that the Purposiveness exists and that there is a pre-destined path that we are supposed to follow. All paths in the first half of this developmental stage have been created by his ego driven by his underlying greed in search for money, power, and sense gratification. Man’s view of the world causes him to see it for his personal benefit. Society is also seen as an economic base within which he can exert creativity and his own drive to rise to the top of the economic ladder.

Power is acquired without a prior body of moral and ethical knowledge guiding it. Through the use and misuse of power, man gets to personally witness the errors of his ways as he perverts this ever-greater body of power through his faulty influence over others and his physical environment. When he ultimately sees that his greed and self-centeredness leads only to separation, stress, and violence, and imposes pain and suffering upon other people, he is forced to gradually wise up and stop doing what he has been doing. But he can’t do this by himself and the entire society that has been formed to support him needs to fall apart and cease to exist. Society cannot change since change only can be done one person at a time and there are too many people holding on to the old way of doing things. A period of karmic reaction that is filled with huge pain and suffering needs to emerge to sweep away the old consciousness as well as those who support it. Only those capable of allowing the voice of intuition to guide their lives stand a chance of surviving.

The self has learned how to draw all the power to itself and the satisfaction of it’s desires. That also creates the ultimate dilemma for the group. In the fourth kingdom, eventually man reaches the point in time which I call The Turn and it is here where he begins to learn how to temper his great negativity that emerges through the misuse of his power. He’s forced into this and doesn’t have a choice since The Turn is created by karmic action – all actions are ultimately balanced by re-actions to what was put in motion. What was put in motion was incorrect and the re-action to that force now needs to correct it.

In the beginning, man considered himself the total source of power and that he was in full control. In reality, this is where he and Nature come into conflict and eventually Nature shows its correct path to man and man is finally capable of seeing the errors of his ways. To do this, he needs to experience the most negative reactions which are built up through the accumulation of all of his past actions.

At the beginning of The Turn and where the number 5 exists, man witnesses the great negative adverse forces that he has unleashed and which threaten his survival. During the transition, he attempts to maintain his old lifestyle and economic approach to life – the consumerism that created all of the problems in the first place. His new works are nothing more than re-labellings of his old consciousness so this isn’t the answer.

His deadly use of oil is justified through his search for alternative energy that will allow him to do the same things in a more efficient manner but that isn’t the answer. Somehow, he uses the phrase “alternative” to present some kind of grand solution which in reality is only a lesser form of the cheap and abundant oil that began his adventure and ability to expand this population. The path of his adventure doesn’t change, it is the same old way of profit seeking through continued consumerism and needs to crash to go away.

Later on within the transitional period of The Turn, man does make the connection between what he has been doing and what he should be doing. It is here when he lets go of his massive ego and begins surrendering to the guidance of his inner voice. It is here, where he has become a powerful business or political leader and finally sees that re-labelling the old and trying to use profitability as his guide has failed him. He needs to see this and he needs to experience the continued destruction that he has unleashed as a result of his erroneous actions.

After this transitional period has evolved for maybe 50 to 150 years, man then reaches the number 6 position where he lets go of ego and personality and begins to surrender to the Divine promptings of his inner voice. He can’t do this collectively but rather one person at a time and this is why we cannot save the world. We can only save each individual one soul at a time and not all souls will understand this. If that individual cannot rise up to the task that is required to make this transition, he or she must perish and that is what is going to happen to those people.

Consequently, this transition is not a smooth one and is filled with the need to rip away from the group the faulty way of doing things. The majority of people are not going to change and as a result they will not make it. They are the ones that will create the great pain and suffering since we could make this transition in a very easy manner. However, due to human nature and our clinging to our hard earned possessions, we will not change.

It is at the number 6 position that man finally makes the full and true surrender that is required to survive in the future and it is here where the right brain cerebral approach to life truly begins and a wonderful time of creativity opens up.

Great works of art, music, and the learning how to create Divine Proportions and imbue works with Divine subtle energy goes through a wonderful transformational period. All of these occurrences, however, are in the physically manifested world around us and not inside our soul where true change occurs. This begins to illustrate our surrender but again, isn’t good enough until we finally make changes within our soul. Transforming the physical so it represents spiritual essence is our first step toward actual soul transition and this is what we are to do within the 6th numerical position within the 4th substage of our development.

Substage 5 of The Human Kingdom 

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

1 degrees of freedom / 2 degrees of constraint


Man now moves from the inorganic molecule equivalent position to the organic molecule equivalent position and using freewill is able to crawl out of substage 4 into substage 5. This actually is where the position of the number 7 resides. There are 9 numbers and three of them (4, 5 and 6) exist within substage 4.

Description of Consciousness In The Fifth Substage:

We have finally fully defined our physical world and have built the most intricate detailed body of laws possible. In doing so, we begin to see that logic and reason has failed us. Because we are still self centered in substage 4, the power that we have gradually acquired has allowed us to become rich personally but at the expense of our outer world and other people. We have learned to become unconscious, self-centered manipulators and good ones to boot. As we became seriously left brain smart, we began to see the errors of our ways and began to realize that there is something more beyond knowledge and power that we need to pursue. 

We didn’t have a clue as to what was missing in our lives but in spite of our riches and in spite of the personal power that we’ve accumulated, we felt unfulfilled and that there is a hole that can’t be filled with anything that our current knowledge and power provides. We become dis-satisfied with life but initially we do not know how to change it for the better.

Using our intuition (and not our lower psychic ability) is the next step of our human development. In the first stage of this development, we need to learn how to allow the small voice of intuition to rise into our conscious state and to learn how to act upon its promptings. In the beginning, the promptings are not clear and intuition is but momentary flashes and not full statements of direction. We begin to realize that harmony, golden proportions, natural cycles, archetypes, and everything that relates to bringing beauty and high levels of craftsmanship are the most important. Yet, we are far from being good at doing any of these things well. We come from the use of the rational logical mind and that takes us away from expressing properly in the tangible world and instead has been focused upon creating intangible power over others through accumulating knowledge that allowed us to be able to purchase and enjoy physical possessions and physical pleasure.

Gradually we will become experts at allowing our intuition to surface fully and will have learned to trust its guidance but that will take time. We initially use this new way of interacting with the world to create physical structure to express these new concepts that we are experiencing and to personally experience them using our physical abilities.

Through the use of symmetry and the knowledge contained within the Arc of Creation, we can see that Sub-Stage 5 begins with the influence of the strong perfected Ego and ends learning that we must abandon the Ego and attach to intuition in a pure way and not just emulate it in our physical world.

We have learned how to physically and literally create Heaven upon Earth within Substage 5 but we have not yet perfected the consciousness to walk as perfected vehicles guided solely by our soul rather than our mind. To perfect our consciousness within substage 5, we must leave the realm of the mind and become descended masters of our soul and that is when we make the transition from substage 5 to substage 6. Substage 6 is where the number 8 exists.

Substage 6 of The Human Kingdom

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

2 degrees of freedom / 1 degree of constraint #6 


The world comes apart enough so that man is prompted to find a new way to guide his life forward. This is where the Turn comes into play but only a small percentage of the total population makes it through The Turn to even experience this substage. This is the place that intuition comes into being and guides each and every life that makes it to this level.

Description of Consciousness In The Sixth Substage:

In this substage, man goes through a bifurcation point in time where he must make full and complete change to his direction in life to survive. This substage is all about eliminating logic and reason as the means to drive each life and instead attaching firmly to the voice of intuition to guide us.

The dissatisfaction that we feel personally begins to move out into the world and we see the entire world coming apart from the weight of the misuse of power and the attempt to value others as economic units. Things begin to fall apart due to our erroneous past actions. It is here where these actions become balanced with their reactions and we find that our past actions have not supported life. Because we’ve chased self centeredness and selfishness for so long it is a rude awakening to find that we’ve gone to far with that means of leading our lives. War leading to nuclear extermination, famine, lack of fresh water, biological pandemics, and a general reduction in the ability for the Earth to support our huge population starts to occur and as they do, things get really bad. Individuals end up hating other individuals so much that the actions they take make no sense and human life begins to dwindle as a result.

Some of us feel the need to go on a spiritual quest and know for sure that our past religions are not the answer. Each one of them has created more strife and has resulted in the killing of millions of people through religious self importance. We see that adopting one religion at the expense of others only separates us and creates divisive behavior. Religion is no longer the answer and our large group of people that support it spin totally out of control.

The majority of people perish during The Turn. Maybe 10% make it through The Turn and learn how to create true fulfillment. To do so, however, requires letting go of the grip and hold that the left brain logic and reason approach to life has on us and this is not easy. It also requires allowing the hidden voice within (the voice of intuition) to guide our lives and this is even more difficult since many are concerned about losing possessions instead of looking out for their higher good.

During this time, we need to learn to trust the voice of intuition fully and can only do so from our own personal experience. Without experience, it becomes a difficult task since initially we need to do this based upon sheer faith and faith has been one of the issues that has caused our downfall. Faith in the wrong things. Our goal is to leave guiding our lives from the position of our Ego and let this ego sit in the backseat while a whole new power is allowed to guide our lives and drive it. Making this transition is the most difficult thing we have to do during our entire human evolutionary journey and is the only thing we can do to survive. I’m sharing this fact ahead of when you are presented with the difficulty that will occur later on during The Turn. Make your needed change now and you’ll be prepared to place yourself in the path of the voice of intuition, the actual promptings that The Purposiveness quietly shares with those who are receptive to it.

Sub-Stage 6 is symmetrical with Sub-Stage 2 where we first learned to join the group after leaving Oneness. Sub-Stage 6 is its opposite where we learn to leave the perfected physical world and group think and begin to head back toward Oneness.

This time around, however, we have the experience to understand what us going on around us and the ability to place ourselves in the path that The Purposiveness is asking us to follow. The ultimate goal in Sub-Stage 6 is to become perfected soul vehicles and at the end of this substage we do become fully soul aware and soul directed. However, we loose a large percentage of our population during this transition. This time around those who make it through The Turn will be in awe and fully knowledgeable rather than in awe and unaware.

In substage 6 we will find that the soul is emerging and by the end of the substage, we will see that it finally has become perfected enough to move on to substage 7 where man is still in physical body but now his goal is to become a fully ensouled physical master.

Ultimately, man must become fully soul oriented and that is laid out within The Arc of Creation. When we use the Arc to understand the movement of consciousness through the 7 substages of the Human Kingdom, we find this truth that exists. In substage 6, man realizes he cannot remain connected to the group since the group is holding him back from dealing with the expanding connectedness that is welling within him and asking to hold within more and more power. This is how man becomes perfected throughout substage 6 and requires that he do it alone without the groups influence.

Substage 7 – Emergence of the soul in man to become a descended master

Degrees of Freedom & Constraint:

3 degrees of freedom / 0 degrees of constraint

In this substage, man’s soul has fully emerged and now is capable of guiding his life. During the development offered by substage 7, he learns how to mesh his soul with his body until the end of substage 7 where he is able to see The Purposiveness “face to face” and leaves his body to move on to the final substage, that of substage 8.

For each substage to exist (on the physical plane) another substage needs to be available at a higher level. For the 7th substage, that rung higher is that of the 8th Substage.  However, this substage (even though unknowable) is outside of the physical plane and represents all of pre-creation that I’ve shared when describing the moments before the Big Bang in a former lesson.

Substage 8 isn’t important to understand other than your knowing that that it does exist. Its existence is required to create the Arc of Creation and is why I’m discussing it here.

Substage 8 – Evolution of consciousness outside of the human body and within the non physical realm

This substage is unknowable and is outside the Arc of Creation process that is usable for our development and the physically manifested world.

Substage 8 unfolds within the Spiritual Plane. Since man no longer has a body when his soul exists within Substage 8, he does have control over his souls further evolution. Consciousness still evolves for one more level and that of Substage 9.

Man now resides within a level just before where The Purposiveness dwells and he remains within Substage 8 long enough to eventually see the Purposiveness “face to face”. 

When that moment occurs (at the end of substage 8), he becomes absorbed back into the force field of The Purposiveness and satisfies the goal that The Purposiveness set for evolution and the reason for the Big Bangs existence. 

In this manner, man carries with him the history of his entire evolution and it is this soul experience that becomes the reason for his existence. This is why increasing the evolutionary development of your consciousness is so important. This is what we came here to do – each and every one of us.

You only have a limited amount of time within each life to evolve. If you can do this consciously, you stand the chance to accelerate your soul growth particularly when you know that this is the most important thing you can do during your lifetime.

I know that going through all of this information is challenging but this is the only way to piece together the framework of the knowledge base you need to accumulate. Once you make it through all of the lessons in this course, go back and re-examine each one to glean more information and to help you go further. Take your time to really understand what I’m sharing.

These 8 substages make up the movement of consciousness within the human kingdom. 

To fully appreciate the human kingdom  I highly recommend that you enroll in the course that follows this one. The Mother’s Temple Course will provide you with a correct wireframe of the movement of consciousness through time and this is the path that consciousness follows within the 3DPMU. 

With your entry into the Mother’s Temple Course, “I’ll providing you with a scaffolding to climb and to be able to “see” the footsteps of “God (The Purposiveness)”  by sharing with you the wireframe of the great cavern and the womb of the Divine Mother. Everything created in the physical world is feminine and it is appropriate to consider The Purposiveness here in a feminine manner.

All of creation in the physical world is feminine. Prior to Creation being formed, the Purposiveness that gave rise to the Big Bang was without duality. To gestate creation and to embark upon the expansion of The Big Bang, all of creation ended up emerging from the womb of The Mother after it was seeded with The Father’s energy. That’s a human way to describe Oneness falling into Duality. 

Because what you see in the physically manifested world is the offspring of these two forces, I call the third Course, The Mother’s Temple. It literally is the womb from which all of Creation emerges.

Through your access to the wireframe that I will share in this future course, you will gain a glimpse of the Purposiveness that prompts the journey that you and your future society are destined to walk. It is with that knowledge that you will be able to hang the information I’ve just shared on the wireframe and be able to view where we have come from, where we are at currently, and where we ideally should go to satisfy our reason for being here.

Answering the key archetypal questions of life and viewing the footsteps of God all require many lifetimes of work and by my sharing what I’ve uncovered, I’ve helped to shorten the time needed for your development.

Yours is but one life and you might as well spend its remainder fully aware of your ultimate goal while working on advancing your consciousness. If you don’t, you won’t be supported as the vibrant seeker that you are inside yourself.

The Turn is a period of time where we will be undergoing a tremendous purging of souls that are basically “dead wood” and are no longer suited to operate on the left side of the Arc of Creation.

Yes, you might have been a valuable member of the left side but your continuation in that manner is limited and eventually must stop. In fact, that’s what the remainder of this Century is all about – the ceasing of guiding human life solely from the rational logical mind. Instead, you will be called upon to guide your own life from intuitive promptings that come directly from The Purposiveness. Will you be able to do that? If you are it is totally up to you to make the necessary change.

That is the purpose behind my creating this website and offering these three courses. I hope to help those of you who are capable of making this transition plant seeds for future generations and become Architects of Future Generations. To that end I offer my own life.

It is up to you to do the considerable amount of prototyping and the research and development needed to support our future generations. The one that I’m most concerned about is the generation that is able to guide an entire lifetime from the voice of the intuition rather than from mankind’s left brain and its rational and logical thought processes. That generation won’t emerge for another 100 to 150 years and is not here yet. Your work, however, is needed and you can begin now.