Lesson 16 – The 7th Human Kingdom (Our Kingdom)

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Jesuit Priest

The Human Kingdom
And Its Placement OnThe Arc Of Creation

There are 7 major kingdoms in our 3 dimensional physically manifested evolution upon Earth. There also is one more kingdom outside of the 3 dimensional plane where individual consciousness is still alive and well. That one I call the kingdom of the Ascended Master. 

Within kingdom 4, there are three numbers (4,5 and 6). From a consciousness perspective, kingdom 4 (even though it has 3 definable numerical positions) is still considered one kingdom.

A kingdom is a realm where a particular activity is dominant. In Kingdom 4, the dominant trait is the “Turn”. This is a singular bifurcation point in time where the entire evolution of consciousness transcends from the height of the use of the logical rational mind to a new consciousness that is led by the voice of intuition (the actual voice of The Purposiveness acting through each individual). The “Turn” is a period filled with pain and suffering that is designed to tear apart the activities that don’t work and replace them with a much better way to support life.

It is possible that we do not make it through “The Turn” and that life on Earth is completely destroyed. It is more likely that we will vastly decrease the current population and end up with a more sustainable number of people. This tearing apart will substantially affect us in a way we have yet to realize.

Its important for you to realize that kingdom 4 is unique and sits at the center of the Arc of Creation. It defines the lowest position of the descent and the beginning of the ascent. It is the only kingdom that has 3 separate components and it is here that we go through a Turn or change in direction.

To fully understand the movement of the Arc of Creation we need to account for all 7 kingdoms in the physical world and one additional kingdom that exists outside of the physical realm. Consciousness actually travels through 8 separate and distinctive kingdoms in the Arc that move through 9 definable substages, This defines 72 separate levels of consciousness that account for the entire human experience.

This can be seen when we arrange the stages and numbers in a grid pattern:

To properly understand and label the various stages where consciousness focuses its powers and acquires a particular essence, 9 numbers (1 through 9) emerge and can label the key principles that emerge within the Arc.

7+1 refers to the number of substages and 9 refers to the number of steps within all of these 7 substages.

I’m diagraming the primary 8 kingdoms (below) as well as the kingdom that has the most importance for us, the human kingdom below. There are 7 primary kingdoms (plus 1) and each kingdom has its own 9 steps that are distinctly unique. I’m illustrating the human kingdom below since its the one that we need to work with.

The other 7 kingdoms aren’t important since we have little control over their evolution within the physical plane. We do, however, have control over our kingdom and that is what we need to understand well.

The Arc of Creation involves a descent of Spirit into matter. Then through the introduction of freewill in the 4th substage (that occurs at the numerical position of the 5, the position of freewill), Spirit becomes “alive” and is able to exert its own freewill. As a result it ascends from the depths of the physical world back into the realm of pure Spirit carrying with it the entire history of its journey. This ascent on the right side of the Arc (within the primary kingdoms) starts with Spirit dwelling inside organic molecules rather than within non-organic molecules as it experienced on the left side of the descent. This process is illustrated by the numbers 4, 5 and 6. It then moves into the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and finally, the human kingdom. Once fully developed at the last substage of the human kingdom, it resides in the last stage outside of the 3 dimensional physically manifested universe. This is where we develop one more time as Ascended Masters without a body.

Spirit travels through the 8 primary kingdoms and their individual 9 stages of evolution. It travels through each substage (each primary kingdom has its own identical 9 step evolution) and goes through 9 numerical steps during this substage journey.

I’ll be sharing the key concepts that are contained within Spirit’s movement through the entire Human Kingdom and all 9 of its substages in the next lesson.

Future course members will describe these 72 levels of consciousness better than what I’ve done but what I’m describing now will allow you to understand the movement of consciousness as it travels through the Arc of Creation.

Understanding this discussion is extremely important since it allows a glimpse of the 72 key steps involved in our evolution. Once you see how consciousness moves and evolves through each kingdom, you’ll be able to use this pattern to understand and “intuitively see” the future for human consciousness. The past is known and the future hasn’t yet occurred. Even though the future is definable (using the knowledge contained within this course) only a small percentage of our population will be able to understand this knowledge and accept the fact that what I’m sharing is true. Those people will be prepared to make the future journey in a positive manner. Those who cannot do this will suffer considerably.

To build this amplifier you will need tools plus components.