Lesson 12 – How The Evolution Of The Universe Parallels The Arc of Creation

“I have a naive trust in the universe – that at some level it all makes sense, and we can get glimpses of that sense if we try.”

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Evolution Of The Universe

I will begin by sharing a very basic understanding of the universe that you should know by considering the systems and creations that exist outside of just the Earth plane of existence.

Science has advanced to such an extent that our astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, and valuable geniuses (both past and present) have uncovered a considerable amount of knowledge about evolution. They have determined that the evolutionary process is real and that creation goes back a considerable distance in time.

There has been a step by step process involved in the unfolding of this process and I will gradually place my focus on the development of human consciousness (using that process) since that is most important part of the process for us to know. Understanding the movement of human consciousness through time is the key to learning who we are and what we came here to do. With that knowledge, we can then place ourselves in the path of evolution, the path defined by The Purposiveness, and become co-creators with that force.

We need to fully understand where we come from and our position within the larger scope of things and is why I’m beginning here. This unfolding is an actual definable process and the useable portion of it that I would like you to know is what I call The Arc of Creation. The Arc of Creation involves the descent of spirit into matter, a turn of direction, and then an ascent back out of matter and back to spirit. The entire journey creates history and experience and it is the perfection of that experience that will ultimately satisfy and complete the goal for this process to exist in the first place.

This entire process has been created by something for some reason, and I’ve found that the best way to address this something is to call it The Purposiveness. Our ancient religions have used the term God but that is very limiting since along with being unknowable, it’s also erroneous to consider that The Purposiveness just exists as an ancient bearded old man. It’s much bigger than that.

Our scientists are now concluding that there is a purpose behind creation and this is where The Purposiveness really exists. Because there’s a purpose for creation and that creation is an evolutionary process, like all processes, there must be some ultimate goal. I will cover my own conclusion about what that ultimate goal actually is as we get into the movement and description of the various kingdoms within the evolution of human consciousness. But that will occur later on in another lesson.

It’s difficult to understand something like this as an individual human being particularly when we’ve been brainwashed and conditioned to live life in a certain way. But . . . this is exactly what we’re a part of – an evolutionary journey where we individually must progress and improve our consciousness.

This entire journey is about the evolution of consciousness and we are the ultimate containers (at least here on Earth) for its movement. From an Earth perspective, we are at the top of the totem pole. From a universal perspective, however, there probably are other forms of life somewhere else in this or other universes. Who knows whether our process is the same there or not.

From our perspective, however, that really doesn’t matter much since we have a purpose in front of us that pertains to our being HERE ON EARTH and this is where we need to operate. We do need to have a simple understanding of this larger scope to see where and why we reside and to also realize that we are probably not alone in this process. However, in the end, we should just focus on the progress of our own evolution and perfect it. In my opinion, that’s why we’re here.

To understand who we really are requires a basic understanding of the universe and why it has evolved as it has. I’m going to begin by discussing systems outside of the Earth and then move forward to where we really need to focus – on the human evolution of consciousness and where we can apply our own will power to perfect it.

The first thing you need to know is that light and human consciousness are two sides of the same thing. Light exists in the kingdom of photons and human consciousness exists within the human kingdom. Through symmetry, you’ll see that these two initially dissimilar forms of existence are really one and the same (2 sides of the same symmetrical coin) and represent the highest level of existence here within the 3 dimensional physical world that we know as Earth.

If we understand some of the workings of the kingdom of light, through symmetry and intuitive analysis we can conclude that these same workings are contained within our own consciousness. It makes sense to study light but to do so just from the vantage point of Earth is very limiting. We need to also consider the movement of light in the universe as viewed from Earth as well as from space.

There are numerous spectrums of light that are being used to observe the universe. Different types of telescopes have been designed for each unique spectrum of light and collectively by combining all these views and their research, a better picture of our universe appears. This is one of the ways that we have learned about how the universe has been created and why. It’s not the only way, however.

Quantum physics and mathematics have similar quests and also contribute to this overall picture. Over time, we have found that we live in a very small world within a very large place. We might see life from our vantage point but it isn’t the only one that exists. So its important to understand a little bit of the larger picture while we examine our own place within the Earth plane.

We no longer can accept the short comings that religion has placed upon us and continue to accept things without facts being true and demonstrable. That’s why many in our younger generations have moved away from accepting what religions have tried to teach us using blind faith as their foundation.

These young people are somewhat lost since there hasn’t been a good replacement understanding of life that provides the peace and goodwill that religious beliefs and blind faith have delivered to older generations of people. Our youngsters have their eyes open and want to believe that something is really true before accepting it. They also want to see things for themselves and use logic and reason to prove that they are correct.

Mans fables and myths have been a way to discuss these gigantic and almost unimaginable topics with relatively uneducated people during fairly dark times in our human history. As human consciousness has progressed and our individual and group consciousness has grown, we’ve become much more sophisticated in our research as well as our individual and collective mental capabilities.

No longer should anyone accept stories that are based upon faith alone and have been created by “men”. No longer should anyone create belief systems without there being some semblance of facts involved that prove out that the assumptions being made are true. We now live in a time that is called The Information Age and our people are well educated even though not necessarily truly knowledgeable.

Because society currently uses economic output to value human life our appreciation and understanding of the intuitive and creative worth that generates true value of people has escaped us. When we are able to express the same creative impulses that The Purposiveness has seeded within us and they are valued by society will we begin to grow as we were meant to.

Right now, however, we need to go through a cleansing and weeding process to shift and change the ways we deal with the world around us. This will eventually cause us to become better co-creators and intuitive beings as we need to become. If you are able to make this kind of change within your own life, you will make this period of time that I call The Turn much more bearable and potentially productive. If you don’t, you still face the consequences of The Turn since it is going to open up and unravel as it was meant to. Go with this new movement and thrive or go against it and perish. Those basically are your choices.

Over time, everything will work out and human consciousness will get back on track. But for now, we’ve arrived at the moment of The Turn and what we’ve built so far only addresses the initial descent of spirit into matter. It does not have the capability of guiding us back out of matter and back up to spirit with any kind of true knowledge that has been gained from our evolutionary experience. That now needs to come from our intuitive capability that has been sorely avoided.

In fact, we are clueless as to what to do next and is the reason I’m sharing these concepts with you. Gradually, you’ll see that this new knowledge is critical to help provide you with an understanding of life, where it comes from, where it is at now, and ideally where it should head in the future.

We will turn to science for facts and interpret those facts logically as we’re capable of doing currently. However, these facts need to be combined with the realm of intuitive knowings to prove them out. These knowings are provided by The Purposiveness and not our limited human minds. As we learn to surrender to the promptings and intuitive guidance of The Purposiveness, we’ll begin to understand our place in this evolutionary process and hopefully head in our ideal future direction.

For now, we are not yet capable of defining our ideal future vision nor are we able to create a good group consensus for doing that. We won’t be able to do this well as a society until the period of time of The Turn has been traversed and we go through a considerable amount of pain and suffering to learn how to move out of matter and back into spirit. That’s why I’m recommending that you consider planting seeds for future generations rather than attempting to save our old consciousness.

We don’t just exist on Earth alone but rather are part of a much bigger picture – a picture so large that it almost boggles the mind. However, it is real and consequently we should honor that.

Where have we come from? The answer is amazing.

Earth is part of our planetary system.

This system exists within our solar system.

Our solar system exists within our galaxy.

And that galaxy exists within our universe.

Are there other universes? Are there other planets with life similar to ours or at least consciousness that is alive and growing within some kind of container forms? These are questions beyond the scope and reason for this website.

Have I considered these questions myself? Of course, I have. But then I realized that these areas of life are so vast and so unknowable right now that they really don’t matter much and I’ve let go of them. Here’s a discussion of what I sense is important to know:


I would like to share a series of levels that begins to define the process that I call the Arc of Creation. This process makes itself visible at the different levels of reality defined by our universe, our solar system, and particularly at a planetary level here on Earth where we live and “see” things from our perspective. When the 3 dimensional form of reality finally came into existence and we became observers, we could look back and see the following patterns:

I. THE BIRTH OF OUR UNIVERSE THROUGH THE DESCENT OF SPIRIT INTO MATTER (within 4 archetypal descending levels with the universe as the center)

1 – SPIRIT-> Light

2 – Particles

 3 – Atoms

4 – Molecules <-MATTER

Universe System Level 1

(Total freedom with only the existence of wavelength and frequency)

Life comes into existence and the center is able to create karma through the universal law of cause and effect through the unfolding of time. The circle contains the essence of the Spirit of the Supreme One and at the moment of The Big Bang, the circle which is now our universe began expanding outward extending its influence within the original primordial void of the ZPAD. The event horizon which forms the boundary at the edge of the expansion travels at the speed of light into the far reaches of space and within this vast expanse, physical creation is occurring on a constant basis. The universe is alive with life.

II. THE BIRTH OF OUR GALAXY SYSTEM THROUGH THE DESCENT OF SPIRIT INTO MATTER (within 4 archetypal descending levels with the galaxy system as the center)

1 – SPIRIT-> Light

2 – Particles

 3 – Atoms

4 – Molecules <-MATTER

Galaxy System Level 2

(Total freedom with only the existence of wavelength and frequency)

III. THE BIRTH OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM THROUGH THE DESCENT OF SPIRIT INTO MATTER (within 4 archetypal descending levels with the solar system as the center)

1 – SPIRIT-> Light

2 – Particles

 3 – Atoms

4 – Molecules <-MATTER

Solar System Level 3

(Total freedom with only the existence of wavelength and frequency)

The Sun becomes alive with life and through the law of cause and effect it pushes its essence out into the reaches of its outer boundary to bestow life upon all inhabitants that are ultimately born within its circle of influence

IV. THE BIRTH OF LIFE UPON THE PLANET EARTH THROUGH THE DESCENT OF SPIRIT INTO MATTER (within 4 archetypal descending levels with the Earth as the center)

1 – SPIRIT-> Light

2 – Particles

 3 – Atoms

4 – Molecules <-MATTER

Planetary System Level 4

(Total freedom with only the existence of wavelength and frequency)

The same Oneness of the Primordial Zero Plane Accretion Disk once again speaks “the Word” at an even lower level to keep giving birth within the expanding circle of the solar system. AUM once again creates another realm another level as part of the process involved in attaining the final goal that the Purposiveness is seeking. The planet Earth arises within the primordial blueprint of creation and basks in the light of the Sun.

We find that within the ZPAD ( the universe, the galaxy system, the solar system, and the planetary system) that there are 4 levels of the archetypal 4 step process that provides shape for this evolutionary process. In three dimensional physical reality (the 3DPMU), there are only three major dimensions of life that are observable and which have direct affect upon the law of cause and effect plus a fourth dimension of time.

The other invisible six dimensions (that are part and parcel of 10 dimension string theory) that preceded creation are tightly rolled up in such a small point (the original primordial point) and there are no further descending levels (3 visible + time + 6 invisible = 10 basic dimensions of life). The six dimensions that are contained in the primordial point provide the connecting fabric between and amongst all containers of consciousness so they all remain inter-connected at all levels (ZPAD, universal, galaxy, solar system, and planetary).

This is where the world sheet of higher mathematics string theory gives us a tiny glimpse at how all of life is held together as a “whole”. Our real concern, however, is at the level of daily life upon Earth and for now, we can ignore the goings on within the universe, our galaxy, and our solar system and begin to examine what is going on while we are walking the face of the Earth – something much more practical and directly applicable to daily life. This is the area where we have influence and can affect creation upon Earth.


In the four levels that I’ve described above, you will find that all of creation from that of the ZPAD, the universe, the galaxy, our solar system, and ultimately Earth involves a four stage descending process. As we contemplate the significance of this descent we find that it is Spirit that descends into matter, one step at a time and as it does, it loses freedom as each stage takes on a particular quality and forms a very specific realm of activity.

Within this descending process, an original unbounded infinite existence is stepped down, one stage at a time through the imposition of a degree of constraint or what could also be considered a loss of freedom. It is this loss of freedom that allows light to become subatomic particles then atoms and ultimately molecules in the final realm at the bottom of the descent.

Whenever a container of consciousness is born (the universe, the galaxy, the Sun, the Earth, or even you and I) the origin is always the Zero Plane Accretion Disk (the ZPAD). From our perspective, the first container that holds relevance for us is the universe. There may be other universes, but if so, they are all derived from the ZPAD, the primal fabric to which all creation is attached. Within each universal creation we find 4 levels of creation.

From the ZPAD emerges life itself and it takes on a myriad of forms, or in our particular place within creation upon Earth. When we examine life from the perspective of inhabitants of Earth (our actual Mother) we find that the same 4 stage process applies within our own lives and we can correlate this with the ancient’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes.

The problem with our ancient myths and prior attempts to describe how this Process works is that we’ve had to project thru philosophical thought concepts which couldn’t be proved through the hardened facts and logic of the scientific process. Even though our myths may have correctly described evolution in its most basic sense, they always required a leap of faith to believe that they were true and held relevance.

You will soon be presented with a beginning cosmology viewed from the perspective of Earth and which provides both scientific insight and proof as well as correlation with ancients myths and philosophy. The result of this foundation building work is the emergence of a formal system in which consciousness can be placed and described in such a way that we can rationally understand where we have been, where we are now, and to where we should be ideally headed in the future.

The ultimate test of a valid cosmology is can it be used to guide our lives in the future in such a way that we derive ultimate satisfaction, total fulfillment, and maximum joy. If we do, we are on a track that is headed toward helping the Purposiveness accomplish It’s end goal.

Because of the way a language emerges when using this process as the foundation of a true cosmology, I have embraced it fully and have used it to build my own expansion upon its firm underpinnings. My goal is to share with the world an ultimate true cosmology and a corresponding language through which we can all wake up and begin to understand the true purpose of life, our role within it, and then set out on the ideal path toward the creation of our future life. It is critical that we all have access to a uniform methodology to share and to communicate and properly understand how to pursue our ideal individual and collective destinies.

As with most cosmologies that I’ve studied, ancient myths, philosophy, and metaphysical thought is needed to understand life at the most basic levels. Another major realization that I came across early in this work was the need for the incorporation of the element of time. Structure is a system of relationships that exist all at once, in simultaneity. Life, however, is a continuous unfolding of structure which never remains static – it is involved in a constant process of change. Consequently this process become one that allows both time and structure to co-exist and thus comes the emergence of an involved process – the act of consciousness moving through definable stages that unfold through the power of time.

Another important breakthrough in the early stages of this theory was the realization that what distinguishes time from space is its asymmetry and its one-wayness. It is the changing quality of time based upon symmetry that allows us to observe that life unfolds in definable stages and that it is not just a linear random series of occurrences that could manifest in an infinite variety of ways if provided with an infinite variety of beginning points.

Evolution becomes constrained enough until one stage passes and another emerges while the new stage carries within it the qualities of the prior stage. It never loses them. It is through symmetry that we can define the end of one stage and the beginning of the next one. Through this insightful viewing, we find that process (the movement of consciousness within space through time) has definite stages each of which have definable qualities.

At the dividing line between stages there exists a built-in predisposition to resist the change needed to move into the next stage. Through determination, tenacity, and a burning desire to proceed forward no matter what, we can use this same process within our own lives to co-create in harmony with the underlying Purposiveness of life. If we emulate this same underlying quality (that we see all around us in nature) we will find that we possess the inherent ability to become powerful co-creators in harmony with the archetypal Force.

All that we need to do is to perfectly align our desires with what IT is seeking and IT will direct and carry us – through grace and ease and not through the tremendous effort that the ego must exert through brute force. Because of our ability to access this tremendous power that we find within the Purposiveness (the power literally that turns huge rock into sand) we are able to push relentlessly toward the attainment of It’s goal and at the same time, can personally tap into this very power if we allow ourselves to become channels for It’s expression. Our only requirement is that we understand what this goal actually is all about, and once we have this both defined in our mind and heart, it is not difficult to figure out how to align our lives to allow this power to manifest Itself through us.

Some people believe that through the Law of Attraction, we can accomplish anything that we set our mind to do. However, I challenge this incomplete approach and ask that it be re-stated to read – through the Law of Attraction combined with the coming into alignment with the ultimate Goal of the Purposiveness behind life, we can accomplish anything that It asks us to do that is in alignment not just within our own lives lived from the level of our ego but also from within our heart. Doing this is what leads to true fulfillment.

Spirit descends into matter utilizing a 4 stage process. The underlying Purposiveness pushes Spirit into the 3DPMU to accomplish this task through the creation of conscious containers. And, we also now realize that there are many different levels of a myriad of conscious containers that are involved in this process. The end goal is not the creation of the physical world or it’s physical containers. Rather, the physical world and the containers exist as the playground for the evolution of consciousness and represents the bottom stage of a descending “Fall” where Spirit descends into matter.

Once the physical descent has been fully attained and Spirit is fully encrusted within the depths of matter, a Turn occurs where Spirit then begins to climb and ascend back toward the Spiritual realm taking with it the experience and memories of the play and the adventure. As the ascent begins, we find four more definable stages involved and a full and corresponding symmetry with the descent side of the arc.

This allows us to use the observable qualities on the descent side to project the future qualities within the ascent. Because the bottom of the descent, the molecular world, is both the end point of the descent and the beginning point of the ascent, this 4th stage is shared by both and we find that the evolution of consciousness occurs in 7 definable stages, each one possessing specific and definable qualities. However, the 4th stage also contains 3 definable levels (inorganic molecules, the turn, and organic molecules).

The Evolutionary Process – The Arc of Creation

The number seven exists within most creation myths from many different cultures. In science and the discipline of topology, it is well know that the torus (a doughnut shape) has a unique topology, such that a map drawn on its surface requires seven colors in order for all bordering “countries” to be distinguished by differences in color. Because colors are distinctions, the torus can be considered to be analogous to process. Its seven colors could correspond to the seven stages which might be expected in any process.

What is even more interesting is that the torus has a shape which is that of a vortex which widely occurs in nature. And especially interesting is the fact that the movement of a vortex is the only manner by which self-sustained motion can exist in any given medium.

The message contained within the topology of the torus is a possible sanction for concluding that process indeed contains seven stages. Through much exploration, these seven stages or kingdoms (which is a more accurate label) could be correlated with the kingdoms found in the natural world. Gradually, we can assign the seven kingdoms as we find in the Arc of Creation diagram above (light, particles, atoms, molecules, plants, animals, and humans).

A key observation made for each kingdom is that each evolved through its own 7 stage (or sub-stage) process similar to the parent process. Thus we find that evolution at the planetary level contains 7 stages or kingdoms and that each stage contains its own 7 sub-stages of further development. As a result, 49 stages of creation become definable and they can be represented by a grid that has 7 rows and 7 columns.

The building blocks contained in this theory are important to our being able to create a new universal language, and the understanding derived provides a starting point for forming a true cosmology. When you receive the keys contained in the “Mother’s Temple Course”, you will then be able to unlock and access the secrets that are contained within the cosmology that are being unveiled.

I ask that you work hard to build your understanding of this cosmology that I will share with you. Without this necessary foundation, you will not be able to arrive at the desired “ah ha” moment that is so critical when you are finally led to understand the archetypal secrets. With it, you can depend upon the fact that the mystery will show itself in its own due time. All that you need to do is to learn the underlying language.

The pinnacle of the final stage of this cosmology is the evolution of the kingdom of man. Once you have invested the time and done the work to build a step by step understanding of this kingdom you will be able to use this new knowledge to fully understand our role as humans in the process of life. When we finally get to this place in our discussion (a few lessons away), you will discover that humankind is only halfway through its own 7 sub-stage evolutionary process.

Compared to the evolution in the animal kingdom, we are only at the equivalent level of the clam. Like the clam, we find ourselves buried in the sand of ignorance with only a dim consciousness of the worlds beyond. There is so much more to come in our individual and collective lives and once we gain adequate knowledge of this, our pre-destined ideal future will become breathtaking and pregnant with tremendous possibilities. The world change we are now going through is part of the necessary preparation for eventual emergence of our future Golden Age.

I would like to leave with you at the end of this lesson with a confirmation that action is the precursor of matter and matter is but a crystallization that of its own holds nothing more than a decaying crystallization that over time gradually turns matter back into the “dust” of its original building blocks – molecules, atoms, particles and light. Nothing physical is permanent. In fact nothing in life is permanent except for one thing – the evolution and development of our own soul.

Through understanding the process contained in the evolution of the Arc of Creation, we find that everything begins and ends with the emergence of Light. The final goal is for us to become fully self-realized in such a way that one day the full knowledge of life becomes fully realized and allows us to finally “see” this Light. When we arrive at that special place in time, we will literally meet “God” face to face.