Lesson 1 – Introduction

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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.”

Steve Jobs

You have just completed an introductory mini course that precedes this one since completion of that course is required before you can enter this one. That mini course was designed to help motivate you to begin working with this paid course so you can learn how to answer all 3 of life’s key archetypal questions and Become Who You Came Here To Be.

I’m making the mini-course available to everyone including those who haven’t enrolled yet. It’s provides a sample lesson format and provides a view into how I’m sharing this knowledge and is a good starting place for this course.

With the information contained within the Paid Main Course you will gain access to the knowledge that you need to answer all 3 key questions. People who go through this course will need to choose one of two possible results when they are done: 

1. Either continue to operate as you were conditioned to do


2. Make a serious commitment to become WHO YOU REALLY CAME HERE TO BE using the knowledge and information that I’m sharing within this course.

The people that can make this necessary change in their lives will be the ones who are supported well in the future. The Daily Visuzalization Exercise will be accessable by clicking on Your Account link at the top of each page in the navigation menu. You will need to use this exercise without fail each and every day for about one year. This is a serious commitment and one that I don’t take lightly. Its important that you do this so you can progress as I would like you to. Without attaining solid balance in your life, you will not be able to become who you came here to be. This exercise is extremely important.

Those who can’t make this change will be part of the group that experiences maximum pain and suffering. “The Turn” that we’re all going through right now is unavoidable and it will accelerate with time. We need to purge a huge number of people from the face of the Earth and this is really the only way that this can be done. Right now we have 7 going on 9 billion people and the Earth can safely support less than 1 billion. People live too long and put to much of a “drag” on our resources so an unfolding is necessary to purchase any excess.

Become one who is in the positive change group and who learns how to Become Who You Came Here To Be. This is the group of people that I’m hoping to serve through sharing the knowledge contained in this website.


The majority of people on Earth have no real idea as to what they want in life. They float about aimlessly letting external circumstances run their lives as their material desires peak their interests. Acquiring money and material possessions becomes all consuming. But, what is human life all about anyway? Is the result of leading a successful life meant only for those who rise to the economic top of the heap? No. Not all all. In fact, those who take that path are the ones that suffer the most particularly when they lose their hard earned possession or for sure when they die.

I believe that we exist in a material world with a system of time and space that gives us the opportunity to learn how to control our own willpower. When we get it under control and push it to it’s limits we will then discover how much we can accomplish in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Its not about how much we can accumulate for ourselves but rather who we actually become and our value to society while we are on that path.

To me, a successful life is marked by the ability to coordinate physical accomplishments with divine or cosmic principles.  Essentially to become a responsible co-creator with the Force (I call The Purposiveness) that put this whole system together in the first place.  What purpose is there in life if everything is lost upon death?  Yes, our physical accomplishments can live beyond the span of our lifetime, but we cannot take them with us. So what is it that truly has value beyond our current lifetime?

The only thing that you can take with you upon death is the experience that you gain while living your life in the physical world. That’s it!

You must realize that the pent up re-actions that you’ve created from the various actions you’ve made during your lifetime need to be resolved – sometime and somewhere in the future. All energy gets resolved in this world and we cannot escape that law of physics. If we could, our 3 dimensional world would collapse and we wouldn’t exist. Since we do, this relationship is a whole lot more important than most people think.

It is your life experience (hopefully more positive than negative) that you are to emphasis, maximize, and optimize. You can’t do much about the past. The more you focus correctly on creating positive future experiences the more you are supported by The Purposiveness and the greater will be your ultimate soul growth and true fulfillment while alive.

If you go off without direction instead, you will allow the material world and it’s lower level sensory temptations to guide your life.  However, life is not meant to be fulfilled using only your five senses.  It is meant to be fulfilled through your accomplishments and co-creativity – your excellent accomplishments in work, in relationships, and other more tangible and intangible areas.  It is here where you are truly able to focus your energy in a positive manner and receive optimum fulfillment.

When you make good choices before initiating the actions required to fulfill any of your accomplishments, your soul applauds your efforts. When you don’t, you get whiplashed by the re-actions to your poor actions. For every action made there is an opposite and equal reaction somewhere and sometime in the future – guaranteed!

By spending time to review the various concepts contained within this Arc of Creation Course, you will gain new insights as to what makes you tick – what makes you satisfied and happy and what doesn’t.  You must be faithful to your self and adjust your life so that you can focus on accomplishing positive desires while maximizing good experiences in the areas where your strengths lie. These are the guideposts that you should use to find out what it is that you really came here to do and this is the path you should follow.

Your one serious limitation in all of this is that your own life is very short and one day, you will die. There is only so much time to go around so be careful with your time! Use it wisely before it’s gone.

Are you here to become strictly a spiritual being isolated from material physical desires and experiences presented to you in the course of daily living? I don’t think so. Instead, you should approach life from a position of balance – carefully balancing both the spiritual world and the physical world. Earth is a place to experience the physical so obviously there is some advantage for being here in a physical body. Where you ultimately go upon death is unknown to us mortal beings but I suspect that it is where the spiritual plane exists and where we continue evolving and eventually have to resolve whatever we’ve experienced to head in a positive new direction.

I spent many years exploring the spiritual world and as I did, I quickly was removed from normal daily life and its sensory values and I found that I no longer fit in with what is going on here on earth. I also discovered that I no longer needed to have a physical body (life was so much more than that). I began to realize that my true home was not here on earth and just this lifetime. It was somewhere else, somewhere in an undefinable place, but one that I could feel on a subtle level. With that realization, what was I then to do with the remainder of my time left on the earth when I no longer felt a part of what was going on? I’m still here and the dilemma became a real problem.

I eventually discovered that my life on this earth has a dual purpose – to help me learn about things that I need to further experience for the sake of developing my own consciousness and to help others who need to awaken to this possibility. I gradually accumulated a body of knowledge that I felt obligated to share yet with no rush since when I came up with it, it was not valued at all and was not very attractive to sensory driven people. I wasn’t even sure that I would end up sharing this knowledge with anyone since the big moments of change for the human race always came when people were experiencing tremendous pain and suffering – not when they were “fat and happy.” Recent times and events are now showing me that it’s finally appropriate and necessary to share what I have and that is now what I’m doing. The time is now!

My primary responsibility is to myself to further my own growth.  And, secondarily I need to be concerned about the growth of others since the opportunity to do so finally presents itself. This concern and focus however doesn’t encompass all human beings. Rather, it is meant to touch just for those capable of awakening to who they really are.  The beauty of this process is that when I am working with and helping other people do that, I am at the same time gaining my greatest soul growth. Sometimes these experiences are positive and sometimes they are negative. It really doesn’t matter. Given enough time and by working with enough people they all help and contribute to the furtherance of mankind and my own individual soul progression.

Another conclusion that I’ve realized over time, is that to lead a spiritual life in a material physical world, you do need adequate financial independence to accomplish your goals and to isolate yourself from others who may have limited knowledge and who will hinder your progress. The majority of people in this world are ignorant as to life’s processes and are not in a position to help you in any valuable way. As I’ll share later in the Scale of Consciousness Chapter, only about 2% of humanity is capable of being aware of these insights, and not all of these 2% have fully awakened to themselves and their inborn abilities.

So What Does This Mean For You?

Protect yourself as best you can so that you can open up and follow your path with minimal external pressure and unnecessary control that has little to do with expressing Cosmic or Divine laws and their principles. Remove yourself from the old consciousness that surrounds you and quietly try to make change within your life without the guidance or influence from other people. They will only try to keep you “in the fold”. Gradually, as your own life quietly and positively changes, you’ll then be able to share how to do this with others. Just don’t try to do that when you first start out. Keep your new direction quiet and to yourself.

Man’s laws are only that – man’s laws. They have not been developed through correct sensing, feeling and knowing. They are only there as checks and balances to keep people “fat, dumb, and happy” while special interest groups further their own material gain at the expense of others. That system needs to cease and will gradually self-destruct on its own. So leave it alone – it’s going to collapse on its own. Go a completely different direction – one that is positive and correct for your own development. Worry about others later on when you finally accomplish making lasting and positive change within your own life.

This unfortunate influence that our current society has on us is well defined through the words of Albert Einstein who said, “We see before us a huge community of producers the members of which are unceasingly striving to deprive each other of the fruits of their collective labor – not by force, but on the whole in faithful compliance with legally established rules.”

Your opportunity for change exists only when you realize that society as you know it isn’t real. It promotes an illusion that you have been conditioned to buy into almost without fail. You really need to look at this and conclude that it is time for you to carve out your own correct and ideal life path so that you can be honest to your own destiny. It’s time to leave the group “think” behind and to move in a whole new direction.

To do this, you need to remove yourself from the illusionary world that has brainwashed you to accept what is promoted. Instead re-enter it on your terms and for your benefit. Also please realize that with the knowledge that you will gain through participation in this course you will now have the responsibility to lead your life according to God’s rules (the rules and process set out by The Purposiveness), not man’s rules. Misuse of this knowledge will not take you far. Using it properly is an even harder task than you have had to bear before and one that will be a serious challenge. If you can do it, this is what you’re really here to experience and I fully support any efforts that you make.

To be in the world but not of the world – that is your challenge!

As I’ve already shared, it’s a lot easier to accomplish your goals if you develop an adequate level of financial independence that allows you to create a structure that removes the majority of financial burdens from your path.  Any other way of getting there is difficult since you will need money to survive in our current world. However, financial independence doesn’t have to mean that you need to have a lot of money. Rather, learn how to be in the world without costing too much. Your needs should be simple and your possessions limited to what you really need to accomplish your goals and not what your insatiable sense’s desire.

Very few of us are able to walk a pure spiritual path without some material power. We have commitments that require that we participate in daily life with other people and help to take care of them. We could walk away from these responsibilities and try to find a quiet place, maybe far out in the wilderness or some similar place, and spend the rest of our lives contemplating our Creator, but if that was our calling, why were we given these physical bodies and born into this particular country in the first place? Wouldn’t we be avoiding the opportunity that we have sitting right before us to participate within the physical plane and to gain maximum growth through correct responding? Unless your Life Path requires that you become a sage or a saint, a reasonable amount of money is one of the major needs that has to be dealt with to fulfill the remainder of your requirements for the rest of your life.

How much money is enough? That of course varies according to the Life Path of each individual. That is a requirement when developing a sound Life Plan – to concentrate on your need for money and to get it firmly in control before you venture much further.  For some people, a small amount of money will be adequate to pursue their true Life Path.  For others, a large amount may be required. But for all, removing debt entirely should be a common goal.

Please remember that money is a medium of exchange. It only represents the external energy that you need to have to add to your own internal energy to accomplish your goals. It doesn’t have to be used for selfish purposes and if it comes to you in large amounts, it will definitely put you to the test to see if you can utilize it for what it truly represents – the opportunity to maximize the development of your soul through serving others.

Create Your Own Personal Summary​

Read and re-read the information that I’m sharing with you. After you have a chance to contemplate it for awhile, take a sheet of paper and write out a summary of who you are as you can best define right now.  Maybe you’ve already done this and can use that summary to get started. If you haven’t, condense your attempt as much as you can and put it into words, numbers and symbols that include the bare essence of your findings. By attempting to summarize this information in your own way, you will gradually assimilate it in such a way that you will create a condensed portrait of yourself – yet one that is filled with much personal meaning. This summary should reflect who you are right now. Who you should be to fulfill your destiny for being here on Earth, however, is more than likely a completely different you. At the end of this course you should review and rewrite this summary. I’m sure you will have changed yet much more is to come and you’ll enjoy the positive increase when you practice the daily visualization exercise that I provide in lesson 3.10. The purpose of this course is to help you find that “future” you and to establish a plan for you to get there.

Over time, you should continue to come back to your Personal Summary and rework it with any new information that you might find important.

Gradually, as you continue forward through life and learn more about your true self, you should be able to add additional summarizing words, numbers, symbols and expressions which further illustrate who you are and help you refine what it is that you came here to become.

Even though there may be an underlying life path for each and every one of us, we each have free will to decide if and when we are going to listen to the promptings of our soul and whether we will follow them.  Because of this freedom, our options are constantly changing. As these options change, we need to be fluid enough to be able to satisfy our heart’s desire and fulfill our destiny through the multitude of new ways that will present themselves.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. As long as you learn to detach from the dictatorship of your conscious rational logical mind and it’s powerful focus on sensory gratification and instead allow Divine Will to interact with your own, you will be capable of taking a delightful trip down the river of life. The moment you release yourself from societies prescribed belief system, you will already be on your way.

Remember, happiness, satisfaction, and true fulfillment comes from the trip itself, not in getting there. So take your time and try to do things well.

In one of the following lessons in this course, I’m going to ask you to complete a quiz help to determine how well your intuition currently works in your life. The goal for doing this is to determine your ability to become a visionary. That is what you absolutely need to do to make it through the extremely challenging transitional period of time that we will be going through during the remainder of this century. Increasing and improving your intuitive capabilities is a critical accomplishment that each and every one of us must make and what I would like you to focus on doing once you’ve gone through the next couple of sections.

Even if you do not test high on the visionary quiz, you can improve your score over time if you adopt the insights that you’ll learn about in this course. This is just a beginning inventory to find out where you’re at right now before any change. There are no right or wrong answers, just a scale to use to improve your own ability. Have fun taking this quiz. You can come back later on as you work on yourself to take it again and determine what your new score might be.

Your Next Step

Before getting into further expanding your understanding of your self, the question you need to answer next is How Does The Universe Work & Why? Without a good answer to that question, you’ll never be able to figure out What You Came Here To Do With Your Life? And without that answer you’ll be caught in a vicious loop trying to understand Who You Currently Are but not being able to change to Become Who You Need To Be.

So this is the proper order in which your 3 questions need to answered:

1. How Does The Universe Work & Why?

2. What Did I Come Here To Do With My Life?

3. Who Am I Currently and more important, Who Do I Need To Be To Fulfill What I Came Here To Do With My Life? That’s a key question that depends on the above two answers and is one of the reasons I’m sharing how to do this with your life.

This course is structured in such a way to help you answer the above 3 key questions in their necessary order. The next section and the series of lessons contained within it cover How To Understand The Universe so you can adequately answer these key questions.

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