Lesson 0.4 – Reflecting On Who You Really Are Right Now


Every now and then there comes a time when you need to remove yourself from the intensity of daily life and reflect upon who you are and what you have become.  Amidst the dusty journey across the desert of life you come upon an island of hope.  What initially seems to be a mirage turns out to be a single palm tree growing next to a refreshing spring.

Oasis & Palm Tree

You decide to take a closer look and discover that this is no ordinary tree.  It is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil which holds the knowledge of the creation of the universe and gives to the pilgrim who comes upon it, guidance and direction. 

All of a sudden an inner voice from deep within tells you “it is time to take a rest.”  You become surprised at how real this voice sounds.  Not only does it capture your undivided attention, but it seems so familiar, like the voice of an ancient and wise relative that has come to help.


As you start to get over the shock of the abrupt appearance of this voice, it asks some direct questions which leave you speechless without any answers.  “Does your life have meaning?”  booms the voice.  “Are you doing what it is that you came here to do or have you lost sight of your true life purpose?”  And then it asks such an honest and pointed question that you find yourself hopelessly in its clutches,  “Do you have a joyess and fulfilling life full of love and happiness and satisfying relationships or do you experience lack, pain and sorrow?”

After such a powerful and yet brief moment of self analysis you find that you are extremely weary from your journey through life and all you would like to do now is take some time to reflect upon these questions and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.  At first it appeared that you were too busy to avail yourself of the benefits of the oasis, and now you realize that without the answers it could provide, you risk getting hopelessly lost in the daily dredges of life.

As you sit beneath the tree of knowledge and drink of the waters of it’s refreshing spring, your entire life flashes before you.  You become reaquainted with who you really are and start to see the life path you were supposed to follow since your birth.  You realize that you are far off course, but you see that there is hope just around the corner.  As you partake of this refreshing process you start to become more certain of your yourself and gain insight into what you need to do to complete the remainder of your journey.  You become excited about the possibilities that lie before you and can’t wait to get back on your feet to complete your journey.

Life now becomes a quest.  Empowered by an inner voice that guides you, even in momemts of darkeness, you find that there is a way to find true joy and happiness.  All that you have to do is build and then maintain a daily connection with this voice, and with faith and confidence in your self, you will be able to fulfill your quest and create a joyess and fulfilling life.


You now see before you a magical symbol standing next to the oasis.  It is the image of a pilgrim dressed head to toe in a hooded robe.

The Pilgrim

The pilgrim holds a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other.  As you look closer you attempt to get a view of it’s face and to your amazement you find that it is your own – it is you.  As the pilgrim begins to speak, peace surrounds you – you know that you have found the voice and met the body of your higher self.

“Do not be afraid” says the voice.  “Look carefully at me.”  You are so attracted to the gentle command of this new figure in your life that you you focus your attention on it while you listen intently to every word that it says.

“You are a spirit wandering through the desert of life.  You have been given a chance to rest at an oasis to gain an understanding of the relative nature of things.  As a result, you will feel the need to master characteristics and skills which are timeless.

You feel uprooted, lost and without a home because you now are aware of the realm of light and life.  You long to be where you are not bound to your body, no longer tempted by lust, or limited by time and space.  Ruled by your spirit, you are just passing through, merely a pilgrim.”

And then the voice continues.  “You now wear a hooded robe which symbolizes the fact that you cannot look to the left or to the right, only straight ahead.  This robe signifies that you have become aware of your vocation.  You wish to become what you have come here to become.  You no longer desire pleasures which would inhibit your development.  Rather, you look ahead and up.  You are irresistibly attracted by the radiant heights in the distance.”

As the figure describes these new characteristics, it raises it’s right hand and continues.  “Your staff symbolizes the contents of the Sacred Books.  You gain support from what you learn from these.  The miraculous wisdom which you find there, the irrefutable logic of their structure constantly keeps your feet firmly on the ground.  You need this support, for although you are a pilgrim, you are still a creature composed of contradictions.

Not only the voice of the spirit can be heard, but there is also the voice of the passions and needs of the body which compete for attention and could shake your steadfast purpose.  You truly need the staff to remain firm and steady.  The story of the great evolution of all things helps you to evaluate thoughts and temptations and contrast them to the wisdom of the light of all ages.

In this way, you will find that your staff will change into a royal scepter at the end of your pilgrimage.  This vision alone gives you such strength that you remain upright in your journey.”

And now the figure raises its left hand as it continues to speak.  “Your lantern symbolizes a shielded light which gives you insight from beings of higher spheres.  This light shines upon your path, showing you the stones, holes, and pitfalls so you can avoid them.  It does not light up the entire path, only a part of it.  If you were able to see the whole path, your courage might fail you as you see many difficult tests.  This is why your path is revealed one step at a time.

Now go in peace, my friend and let what you have heard resonate within you.”


The mastery of self is indeed a difficult process.

It is, however, the only accomplishment that generates anything of lasting value during your lifetime.  Everything in life is temporary except for the growth in consciousness of your individual soul.  That growth occurs within you in many faceted ways uniquely different from any other life.  You are different from everyone else around you, and yet you share one common goal with all others.  The need to develop as much soul growth as possible before you die.

You indeed are a pilgrim passing through the desert of life.  Armed with your hood, your staff and your lantern, you will be able to walk the path that you came here to follow – the one that leads to the full development of your soul.  The purpose behind the assembly of this website is to help you accomplish that goal.

In the pursuit of your own unique path, you will touch other lives in a way that only you can. In the process, you will leave behind a gift – the gift of your life and it’s accomplishments.

“Those who know others are intelligent;

Those who know themselves have insight.

Those who master others have force;

Those who master themselves have strength.

Those who know what is enough are wealthy.

Those who persevere have direction.

Those who maintain their position endure.

And those who die and yet do not perish, live on.”

(Lao Tsu, The Tao of Power)

Lao Tsu

The ultimate object of life is to leave the affairs of the world in a more evolved state than prior to the existence of that life.  And in so doing, through works of art, humanity, science and various other disciplines, the evolved individual lives beyond one lifetime through his or her life’s work, yet takes away the most value portion – soul growth of immeasurable value.