Lesson 0.3 – More About This Course

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”



Learning how to attach yourself to the voice of intuition (that of The Purposiveness) is the ideal way to guide your future life. Pursuing anything else will cause great pain and suffering to come into your life and will continue to support your old consciousness and not the new consciousness that you should be working to develop.

I highly recommend that you avoid “hanging on to the old” and that you move off to the side and allow the “old consciousness” to collapse. There is no saving it since it is way too powerful. Its┬ávast power will be the very force that leads to the ultimate death of the old consciousness. It will cause many people to take as much as they can from others just to stay alive during this collapse. That approach won’t work however, and will be the further cause of their perishing. The re-actions to these low level actions will be seriously damaging to life in general and anyone who stays away from this collapsing process will be much better off.

Stay removed and definitely do not try to save the old consciousness. Learn to use intuition to guide your life and make a real shift away from using your logical and rational left brain.