Lesson 0.2 – Knowing Yourself

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Back when I uncovered this knowledge, most people were prosperous and were using their conditioned brainwashing that they grew up with to lead their lives. This worked for them during that time period and life’s normal level of pain and suffering wasn’t powerful enough to cause them to want to change. When people are enjoying life, its impossible to convince them to change their current lives. Material acquisitions and sensual gratification are just too powerful and that is the focus for life.

Today, things are very different! We’re finally at a place where the world seems like it is falling apart and nothing is certain anymore. I’m sure that as you read the daily news that you are wondering where everything is headed since there are so many negative things goin on. Problems are coming from numerous directions and confusion now reins supreme as most people in our society are beginning to feel the pain and suffering that is emerging. Life is changing and things are becoming difficult for them. It also appears that there is no way for these problems to subside but rather, they look like they will be increasing. Fewer people are becoming wealthy and many are beginning to lose what was once considered a promised lifestyle. That promise has been eliminated and the “American Dream” is beginning to vanish.

At the same time, life is good and human consciousness is at exactly where it needs to be. Nothing is wrong but . . . things will be vastly changing.

Holding onto your old ways of doing things will definitely place you in the path of tremendous pain and suffering. Remove yourself from that path and begin a new one. One that will allow you to receive joy and fulfillment during the remainder of your life. If you do this, you will be able to use your innate skills in a much better way than you currently are doing. Make this change and learn how to place yourself in the Path that the Purposiveness has created for you (the mystery that has created our entire creation). Become exactly who you came here to Be. Nothing more and nothing less.

The Turn

The remainder of this century is a period that I call “The Turn“. This is a time frame that represents a total tearing apart of our old consciousness and replaces it with a whole new way for leading our lives. Its presence is a result of the entire Path that the Purposiveness has created for the evolution of human consciousness. It is not a negative but rather a change or a turning point (a singular bifurcation point in time) where aware humans need to change their Storyteller’s orientation and learn to listen to intuition to guide their life (instead of logic and reason).

However, our society isn’t used to using primarily right brain thinking (intuition) to manifest reality. Letting go of our left brain orientation will be an extremely difficult thing to do and most will hang on to their old way of life and perish because of it. They will be dragged through the Turn kicking and screaming all the way. This will cause them to realize suffering and unnecessary pain due to their attachment to the way they were conditioned to lead their life. It is their attachment that causes the greatest problem for them. Learn to release these attachments and thrive.

Only a few will be capable of making it to the other side of The Turn and those that do will guide their life from their intuition (the promptings that come directly from The Purposiveness) and become used in the right way. Their lives will unfold in a magnificent way.

Those who have a natural right brain propensity will be able to realize that what I’m sharing here is true and is the next step in the movement of human consciousness even though what I’m now sharing might be a bit confusing and unsettling even for them. The key to making this transition is to align yourself with the voice of intuition that resides deep within you. There is no other way.

The Purposiveness

This voice is that of what I call The Purposiveness and it has created this entire reality. Some of you might call this force God but religion is not what I’m promoting here. That was created by men and not God and has created all kinds of problems. Instead, I’m sharing a scientific framework that can be witnessed through direct experience. This framework does not limit the force of Creation and has not been created by mans attempt to gain control and power over others.

A more appropriate name for this force is The Purposiveness and its “footprints” (the actual movement of consciousness through time) can be confirmed by scientific correlation and is not based solely upon belief and faith.

It is the voice of The Purposiveness that you need to align yourself with. If you are able to do this, you will be able to place yourself in the path of positive future human evolution and be swept away by the energy that propels it – that of The Purposiveness. As you begin to understand this force and as you learn to harness it for your own use, you stand the chance to become rich way beyond material possessions. 

Our current approach to life values those who have accumulated the most money and power over others.

Money & Power Over Others

Our new society will be very different. It will value instead creative work that is guided by The Purposiveness – essentially the value of each human soul as it’s guided by intuition and as it accumulates positive growth. It will be the human individual that is able to harness this intuitive power that truly is most valuable and those individuals that do this well will be tremendously valued by our future society. Everyone else will be there to support their efforts and no-one will be less than another. Everyone has a place in this new path.

The leaders will not be ego driven however, and will not be doing what they do solely for their own benefit or to take advantage of the group. Rather, they will be acting as really good conduits for The Purposiveness that will be working through them and at the same time they will be working on increasing their own individual soul growth. As that growth increases, they will naturally become less selfish and more driven by The Purposiveness and its promptings and this will encourage positive increases in human consciousness for everyone. This new consciousness will encourage others to grow and hence remove the importance of the individual self and its propensity to value material possessions and sense gratification. Instead improving true soul values will become the measuring tool.

When you die, you cannot take your possessions with you. All that is allowed to go with you is the experience you’ve gained within your hopefully increased human consciousness during this one lifetime – and that’s an intangible possession. This is the only possession you are allowed to keep and it resides within your human soul and not outside in the physical world. That is the only thing that is allowed to go with you beyond this lifetime.

If your consciousness grows by a large amount, you gain by a large amount. If your consciousness grows very little, you gain very little or maybe even go backward. Everything else doesn’t really matter and is thrown aside. The experience you gather while doing this well is what helps you to gain consciousness growth. If it’s negative you grow little or go backward. Its that simple.


Learning how to attach yourself to the voice of intuition (that of The Purposiveness) is the ideal way to guide your future life. Pursuing anything else will cause great pain and suffering to come into your life and will continue to support your old consciousness and not the new consciousness that you should be working to develop.

I highly recommend that you avoid “hanging on to the old” and that you move off to the side and allow the “old consciousness” to collapse. There is no saving it since it is way too powerful. Its vast power will be the very force that leads to the ultimate death of the old consciousness. It will cause many people to take as much as they can from others just to stay alive during this collapse. That approach won’t work however, and will be the further cause of their perishing. The re-actions to these low level actions will be seriously damaging to life in general and anyone who stays away from this collapsing process will be much better off.

Stay removed and definitely do not try to save the old consciousness. Learn to use intuition to guide your life and make a real shift away from using your logical and rational left brain.