Free Mini Course Introduction – How This Course Works

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Here’s How This Course Works

You’ll see and hear an AUDIO VISUAL CONGRATULATIONS POPUP CELEBRATION when you click each Mark Complete button at the bottom of each lesson page. It’s a popup window that will appear on your computer screen after clicking that button.

2. You’ll find an AUDIO FILE at the top of each lesson page. Listen to that audio and then read the text on the remainder of each page. Don’t just listen to the audio file; you’ll miss most of this course!

3. The LAST LESSON in this mini-course includes a celebration video. Watch that video and click your last Mark Complete button.

4. After doing that, you’ll find a COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE [by clicking on your My Account page (in the navigation menu) and then clicking on a small icon in the Your Courses area to the left of COMPLETE] that you can access on your monitor or print if you like. Once you’ve completed this course, this certificate will appear on your My Account page. A course completion certificate will also be provided in the same way when you complete the Arc Of Creation Course.

You’ll find that this certificate is also located at the top of the course page (it will appear there only when you complete the last lesson in this course).

All of my courses work the same way, and this is how material will be presented in the Arc Of Creation Course that follows. I hope you enjoy your journey. Click the Mark Complete button below to view your first Congratulations popup window.

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