Free Mini Course Introduction – How This Course Works

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Here’s How This Course Works

1. You’ll see and hear a SHORT VISUAL & AUDIO CELEBRATION when you click on each Mark Complete button at the bottom of each lesson page.

2. You’ll find a VIDEO at the top of each lesson page. Watch that video and then read the text that follows. Don’t just watch the video’s or you’ll miss a good part of this course!

3. The LAST LESSON in this mini course includes a celebration video. Watch that video and click your last Mark Complete button.

4. You will earn a $100 discount if you complete this free mini course. (Your current discount amount is listed on your account page. Use the menu at the top of the course page and select the Account link to view that page.)

5. You’ll also find a COURSE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE that you can access on this website (in digital form) or print it if you like (hard copy). This certificate will appear on your account page once you’ve completed this course.

All of my courses work the same way. I hope you enjoy your journey. Click on the Mark Complete button below and view your first congratulations popup window.