Take out the sheet of paper that you last worked with and try to re-write the descriptions you entered for the following two key questions. You now have several ways to work with these descriptions and are learning a bit more about yourself.



You have completed several lessons that add some insights into who you might be and how to improve on that. I’m listing the items that you can now use to further refine your answers.

  1. I’ve just shared a meditation technique for you to use to quiet your rational logical mind. Your mind covers over the real you and is full of conditioned responses that you’ve acquired from others throughout your life. This is not who you really are and getting your mind out of the way allows you to bring who you really are to the forefront.
  2. I’ve shared your various energetic centers of consciousness. These centers each have a purpose and are your means to integrate your physical self with various levels of consciousness that come to you from outside your body. These centers are available to you during your current lifetime since you are residing currently in the 3 dimensional physically manifested universe.
  3. These are the various portals you can use to make various changes should you desire to use them. The meditation technique that I’ve shared can be used to explore these centers. I highly suggest that you do and that you go through the discovery of each center in your own way while taking your time.
  4. I’ve shared how your conditioning has evolved. This conditioning has formed your belief system and your key values. Your values will change if you change your beliefs. What’s important here is to realize that your beliefs were created by others and not necessarily by yourself. To find your way within the balance of your lifetime, you need to change your limiting beliefs and as you do, your values will change along with them.
  5. Most people that take this course have ingrained beliefs and values that will not change much during the remainder of their lifetime unless they do the hard work and begin using the various exercises that I’m offering. Realize the power behind these items – its real! Go through your changes in such a way that they represent who your really are rather than who society wants you to be.
  6. I’ve shared a process that will help you to change your beliefs. Review this lesson and work with the written suggestions that I’ve provided. This is a very important section to go through and I highly recommend that you take your time and that you explore your belief system at your pace and over a long period of time. Making necessary changes will not be fast nor easy. It will take some time and dedicated attention.
  7. I’m providing a belief worksheet that you can download in the next lesson. Use this to help brainstorm some of the areas that you might want to change.

In the next lessons, I’ll keep on expanding on this knowledge so you can make a full and effective change and move from who you are right now toward who you came to this Earth to be.

The remainder of this course will help you to focus on getting in touch with your intuitive capabilities and to move away from your currently established ego traits. This will help you to further refine the these two key questions.

My goal is for you to become TRULY WHO YOU ARE and not what “they” want you to be.