4. How Do Your Get Started?



The majority of people on this planet today do not have happy, joyous or fulfilling personal or professional lives. For many reasons, they either have a difficult time in developing the skills or motivation necessary to achieve society’s prescribed “generally acceptable levels of success”, or if they reach one these levels, they still do not find happiness, joy and fulfillment no matter how much money they make. There still is an empty hole, a lack, a longing for something more – something that is missing in the formula for leading a successful life.

Subconsciously, many of us feel that there is some unspoken mystery that has been lost over time and if we could just find it again, our lives would take on new meaning and we would be able to easily uncover and pursue our own personal life mission.

It is the lack of true purpose, the lack of finding and pursuing our own personal life mission, that holds most of us back from leading life in a way that is happy, joyous and fulfilling. That is what is missing in life. That is the mystery that society has somehow overlooked and no longer supports or cherishes.

It would be an entirely different world today if our society added this one missing ingredient to modern life – if it just stated that a true purpose in life exists for each and every one of us and required that each of us uncover it before embarking on the journey of daily life.

Unfortunately, our society does not support this line of thinking. Consequently, our conditioning and resulting belief systems have made it difficult for us to challenge society and embark upon a true process of uncovering our personal life mission. Pursuing the process of uncovering our purpose might remove us from the financial base and the ultimate control of the system, and threaten its solid hold on it’s members. All of the major benefactors of society have a vested interest in maintaining their approach to life. These benefactors have vast sums of assets invested in their viewpoints and wield tremendous power. If we attempted to challenge them on their terms we would suffer a quick defeat.

The currently promoted standard of living keeps us totally involved and busy with it’s requirements, and unless we release ourselves from it’s clutches, we will not have the freedom or the time required to find our true life purpose. If you examine closely what it is that society wants us to do to be loyal and dependable subjects, you start to see what this promoted ideal and shallow level of success really is all about.

Society measures success in terms of gaining an education, then developing a job or career that generates enough money to sustain the “generally acceptable level of success”, which involves maintaining a lifestyle based on consumption not just of current income but on borrowed money utilizing future earnings to purchase current consumed goods and services. Once we are fully “invested” in the system, we then need to spend the majority of our time working to pay for the cost of purchasing it’s promoted desires.

There is only minimal personal development time left over to focus on the quest of finding our true selves. And this time, whatever is left, gets absorbed by the tremendous variety of leisure time activities sponsored by society. We really have very little initiative to find the time to work on our selves as we buy into society’s currently promoted standard of living.

The peer pressure to maintain this promoted lifestyle is immense. We have working against us the combined resources of television, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and numerous other methods of communication which entice us to buy into this system. In fact, it is almost impossible to go anywhere or do anything where we do not bump into alluring advertising. There is no written law that requires us to buy into the system. But the emotional pressure exerted upon us is so strong, that without a clear focus on our true life purpose, we easily give in to a complex process focused on sense gratification designed to keep us bound within an endless chain of unceasing desires. It really is these desires that hold us back from finding our true self.

We are subtly prodded to purchase a home, drive the latest car, dress in the most fashionable clothes, participate in a huge array of leisure time activities, raise a family and indoctrinate them into the system through our own example, educate them and then retire to finally live happily ever after. But in doing so, what have we really accomplished? We have created an endless chain of desires that were expertly suggested and empowered by sources outside of our true self. And we spend the majority of our productive time working to pay for them.

One by one, we attempt to fulfill these desires in the manner prescribed by society. Society’s capacity to stimulate our senses is currently so great, that our senses can literally be satiated on an almost twenty-four hour basis. All sorts of businesses stay open later and later as our desires are fueled by an unlimited appetite. All that is required is money. And if we don’t currently have the money, the system allows us to borrow it so that these desires can be met now not later.

This is life. This is the vision of success that we have had drummed into us since we became first aware of our outer environment. This is what society has lured us into and this method of living is totally based upon a staggering and continual level of consumption that is taking a major toll on our planet’s natural resources. This is the process and result of the free enterprise system operating at its core essence. In fact, because society does not value the worth of the individual soul, it has allowed the creation of business practices that use methods to create maximum profitability at the expense and without concern for the long term effect they may be having on the environment and other ecological systems that depend upon the resources or the setting from within which they are working.

It is not just the fact that society has not supported the discovery of our true life purpose that is starting to bother us. Rather it is our awareness that the current system is wrong and may be creating irreparable harm to life in general on our planet. We are starting to wake up to the fact that society’s values need to change and that the currently promoted standard of living needs to be vastly overhauled. At the same time, we realize that no single person has the power to directly intervene with this system and make direct changes.

The only change that we are able to make is to quietly remove ourselves from the system and to embark upon an intense process that allows us to uncover who we really are, as individuals and collectively as a group.

We need to develop a correct understanding of our relationship with the outer world that surrounds us. We need to uncover and understand the true nature of the foundation that supports it. We then need to develop a correct understanding of the inner world that makes us who we really are. As we understand the true nature of the foundation that supports this inner world, we will be able to gain a glimpse of what our real purpose in life is. With that understanding, we will then be able to work on our true purpose in life with the ultimate goal of achieving success – true success in living a life well lived.

Society is not going to tell us that a true purpose in life exists for each and every one of us. It is up to each of us to make that discovery on our own without its support. However, that does not mean that there aren’t others who have the same concerns. There are. There are many people who would like to take the first step toward personal discovery. And there are many others who already have taken steps to find their true self and would be glad to share their experiences with you.

I left society in 1989 to embark upon finding out who I really am and to become who I came here to become. This has been a quest that has totally changed my life from what it once was. I had reached the levels of success that were promoted by our society, and I had found that happiness, joy and fulfillment didn’t follow. And I too felt that hole inside of me. What I did that was different was to listen to a voice which I found deep within myself.

Somehow, a series of circumstances forced me to let this voice guide me and I went through an intense seven year process of discovery that has allowed me to compose this message so that I could share it with you now. I’ve been waiting almost 30 years for this time to arrive and the time is finally here.

No. I am not done with my voyage. I am just getting started. I spend many hours every day quiet, alone and involved in a process of thinking and intuitively gathering information which eventually results in ideas and concepts related to my own work, my own life’s purpose. It isn’t always easy. I struggle with what motivates me to walk this path. I want to question it, but I know so well that I am doing what I am supposed to do. Consequently, I continue to go on not knowing where it will lead me.

But I do know one thing that gives me great joy and peace. I do know that I will never be able to say one day, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had just followed the promptings of my heart – if I just had the faith to listen and follow what it was telling me. I did follow those promptings and I hope that I can do even minimal justice to the knowledge I’m trying to share here.

I know that I will not end up with society’s currently promoted standard of living. I know that I will not have a pension plan, substantial social security benefits and a life of leisure on the beaches of some beautiful ocean. I have consciously given all of that up long ago.

What I will have will be what I truly need. Nothing more and nothing less. I will walk my own unique path and all of what I need to do so will be provided for me. If that path puts me on a beautiful beach in my old age, so be it. If it doesn’t, that is perfectly all right with me. All that I desire in life is to become who I came here to become. The only regret that I have is that I wish that I could have become the real me in a more efficient and easier way and have done so even earlier in my life.

Walking the path of your true self is the most monumental and yet most difficult task that you will ever find yourself trying to do. Yet once you take the first step, you are doomed to continue. Just the slightest taste, just the slightest glimpse of what your life could truly be makes it impossible for you to return to from where you came. What you thought was your home is never again the same. The vision of your new potential home becomes the sole object of your desire.


The first thing to realize is that this monstrous society that holds us back from discovering our true selves is nothing more than you and me and millions of other souls. It holds and supports the collective reaction to our personal motives and desires. It is the machine that builds our individual and group belief systems. But really it is just us, just you, just me.

The threatening factor is that the majority of individual souls see their lives as separate from all others. They don’t realize that every individual action not only affects the life of each individual, but ultimately also affects the lives of every other person in the whole group.

Because of the illusion of separateness an individual can momentarily hide and focus on the pursuit of personal sense gratification and not feel that he or she is accountable for the ultimate reactions that subtly occur. That individual doesn’t see that every action results in an equal and opposite reaction somewhere within the manifested universe.

Consequently, our system is filled with people focused on sensory enjoyment while holding a corresponding value system that is based upon solely sensory factors – if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist – if you can’t see the immediate physical links between the action and the reaction, you are not accountable.

You get started by observing others and seeing the shallowness of their approach to life. You realize that by removing yourself from the endless chain of sense gratification can you really find your true self and only the  go on to find real joy and happiness by pursuing that life path – your unique life path.

There will never be another you. When you came into the world, something unique happened. No one has ever had your thoughts before. No person has ever felt your feelings, dreamed your dreams, or responded to life as you have responded. Nothing that you have ever done, or will do, can ever be duplicated by another.

Do you know how special you are?

From the larger scope of the universe you came into expression, for a purpose. Your way and your future life is secret, known only to you and to your creator. If you have awakened to your destiny, do not depart from it. Your way is made clear to you by the grace of the clearness of your mind to the promptings of your soul. It is good to have the acknowledgment of others; but it is better to have inner awareness of your own soul purpose and to know your right place in the unfolding drama of creation.

If you had not been born into this world, the world would not be as it is, because you already have made a difference. You will continue to make a difference as you continue to unfold in the direction of knowledge and truth.

What kind of future difference would you like to make in the world? Who are you? What did you come here to become? Ask these questions of yourself, and wait patiently for the answers.

What you have done, is done. However, what you will be, in relationship to your awakening world, will be determined by your current and future states of consciousness and your responsiveness to the Purposiveness of the Source which nourishes us all.

Are you ready to gain this insight to collect the information that is required to yield to you the knowledge of your self?


Because infinite potential resides within consciousness, the natural urge of this innate infinite potential to express itself always emerges when given the opportunity.

If you truly are interested in acquiring knowledge of your self, this infinite potential within consciousness will support you in your search and help you find the real answers to who you are and what it is that you should be doing with your life to achieve true happiness and real and lasting success.

Among all of the forms of nature, man alone is able to experience full enlightenment – the capacity to know the complete truth about life and the workings of creation. However, our limited abilities to perceive do not ordinarily allow us to discern the true order of things.

Until the inner eye of discernment is opened we are inclined to see but fragments of the whole, the outer but not the inner, the objective universe but not the subjective realm of cause.

This is the purpose for my sharing this information –  to help you open your inner eye of discernment. And it is your own conscious or unconscious search for enlightenment and the techniques and tools that I’ll share with you that allows your inner eye of discernment to begin to open.

The key to your success while going through life is found in learning how to examine the nature of consciousness. It is only through the study and understanding of consciousness that all of your answers will appear. By understanding that you can know, because you are the Knower, you can then discover how to know, and the formerly unknown then becomes understood. In this way, enlightenment occurs.

Honest self-assessment is the beginning step, the beginning of your growth. Once you know that you do not know, but can, you are in a position to learn what you must do to prepare yourself to know.

What is the best way to go about honestly assessing your self?

It is not enough to have someone else tell you about your self. You must look at the information that you uncover after close examination and apply yourself through constant diligence to test what you learn from the fire of your own daily experiences until you prove out this information and these principles for yourself. Only then can you truly know, and only then can you thereafter live and speak with full authority about who you really are and what it is that you came here to become.

This is a unique point in time in the history of the world, the time I call The Turn.

It is a time of great opportunity as well as one full of much pain and suffering, wherein a call to personal responsibility has been made to recruit the few among the many who are willing to focus their energies for the purpose of experiencing the unfoldment of inborn capacities – capacities that can contribute to the total good of all beings.

There are two bodies of knowledge within which to see ourselves.

1. The outer is for those who are yet for the most part involved in surface matters, thinking in terms of improving the human condition and living a more comfortable life in the years yet remaining to them in the present life cycle.

2. The inner is for the few who live more from soul awareness, for those not content to merely survive the challenges of a fast-changing world, but who are more courageous, more determined, more willing to be self-responsible for final outcomes.

For the later inner directed group, every day will be an occasion of discovery. Every moment will be an instant of increased awareness and expanded knowledge. For them, the Old Order will pass away and an ideal world will unfold in proportion to their ability to perceive and acknowledge it. In the infinite, unbounded ocean of consciousness, billions of souls pursue their destinies, most of them oblivious of higher possibilities or of the fact that true knowledge and soul freedom is available to them.

Only a few among the many even contemplate the meaning of life, and only a small percentage of these few do anything to improve their circumstances.

What about you? Are you interested in becoming a part of this elite group?

If you are, this very moment is the time to make decisions which will have far reaching consequences. To fulfill your soul’s destiny you will have to decide to be willing to learn and be willing to commit yourself completely to the inclination of the universe and the knowledge that I’ll help you to acquire.


Consciousness is the only reality. It is the only life, being and substance. It can be known and experienced and, when it is, the purpose for our involvement with nature is served.

Pure consciousness is self-existent and requires nothing external to itself for support. On the contrary, it is the substance and support of everything in manifestation. One aspect of it is endowed with intelligence and directs all activities in nature, nature being consciousness formed, existing as the three dimensional physically manifested universe.

Pure consciousness is often referred to as spirit. When initially manifesting, expanding in the direction of manifestation, it is commonly  known as the Godhead.

A soul is an individualized manifestation, a unit of the Godhead. As such, the soul is endowed with all of the attributes and characteristics of the Godhead. Consequently, limitless potential is inborn, it is native to our individual existence.

There is no other power in the universe, no other intelligence in contest with the will of it’s Creator. The universe shows itself as a play of cosmic forces, and they alone are responsible for the dance of creation.

Pure consciousness is devoid of characteristics, but does influence manifestation and evolution – the sending forth and withdrawal of itself, causing the outbreathing of creation, manifestation and dissolution.

The universes are manifested, say seers, because of purposeless necessity. Purposeless, because consciousness is not in need of improving upon itself by producing the worlds. Necessity, because it is the nature of consciousness to expand and contract the outer realms of itself. This process may never be understood through reasoning, because reasoning is dependent upon memory due to prior experience, but it can be known through intuitive insight, through direct revelation which satisfies the heart, the soul nature.

Only the courageous, or the surrendered, may approach the realm of pure knowledge, because it requires the renunciation of concepts, opinions, beliefs and attachments which can no longer remain during the moment of discovery.

I’m asking that you begin by focusing upon making a profound connection with this Universal Power and surrendering to the all knowing and wise choosing of It’s desire faculty and allowing It’s Will to mix with your will who will then participate in guided action in the outer world.


If you decide to progress further in this process, you will be encouraged to walk the path of discovery and you will be provided with tools and techniques which will allow you to do your best to live in harmony with the rhythms of the universe. As you do this, your beliefs will be challenged from time to time, new beginnings will be experienced, and the time may come when all traditional foundations are no longer firm. As this happens to you, do not shrink from the quest because of any uncertainty or challenge, for this has been the way of all enlightened beings who have preceded you on the journey.

You will experience, as you progress, that the way is straight, narrow and very personal. You may meet, during your lifetime, a few persons who also know the way, and fewer still who have experienced full revelation. Do not let this cause you to falter. Do not look back, or stray from the path because of fear or weakness. You were born into the world to learn, to grow, to mature, and to rise in full glory and power as an awakened being.

This will be your experience sooner or later. If so, why not sooner? Why not put an end to all the confusion and all the circumstances that trouble your heart and upset your mind? If you have caught even a glimpse of what is in store for you, you have what it takes to enter into the process of transformation and soul unfoldment leading to freedom.


Once you’ve decided to embark on your journey, do not discuss the possibility of your pursuits on this path with anyone else. If others do not share your vision, they will not understand your dream or your focus and will say or do things that will greatly unsettle you. There is nothing really that they can offer you. They will not lend their support, since this path is foreign to their way of thinking so it is better to maintain your silence.

Those who do share your vision will be intent upon their own path, but will also share their silent support in many ways. Honor all authentic enlightenment paths while following your own. Reject nothing which is useful to higher purposes, and accept nothing which does not serve your purpose.

Outwardly, relate to people in all walks of life with loving understanding; inwardly, commune with the saints and the seers of the ages. Wear the world as a loose garment, so that it is comfortable but does not restrict you. Live in society but be not of it – that is, do not be attached to circumstances or allow them to interfere with your inner work.


You are a spiritual being, using your mind and body for the purpose of relating to the manifest world. The beingness of you is immortal, birthless and deathless, because you are a container for pure consciousness.

The mind you use is a portion of the Cosmic Mind, the omnipresent Mind of God – The Purposiveness. It is to be used as a creative tool, in harmony with the Cosmic Mind, and for satisfying the Desire and Purposiveness of the Divine, not just solely your own lower nature.

This is the Power which has been accessible by many descended masters and which is the accomlishment that you will hold as a personal goal as a participant in this curriculum.

We often become restricted by our rational logical mind because of overly identifying with its contents.

By our assertions we reveal our understanding, or lack of it. From a position of understanding we would say, “I am a spiritual being, using mind and body with purpose aligned with the Purposiveness of the universe.”

From misunderstanding that position we would say, “I am a human being, I have a soul and I am here mainly to satisfy my own desires.”

There are many components that make up your field of consciousness. Through the sections of this free course and the following paid course, you will gain an insight into some of their workings.