4.6 Update Your Personal Summary For The 3 Key Questions


After you have a chance to contemplate what I’ve shared so far, take a sheet of paper and write out a summary of who you are as you can best define right now.

Condense it as much as you can into words, numbers and symbols that include the bare essence of your findings. By attempting to summarize this information in your own way, you will gradually assimilate it in such a way that you will create a condensed portrait of yourself – yet one that is filled with much personal meaning.

You already have read my discussion about how you have become conditioned and have accepted your current belief system and based on that your current values. Chasing your current values creates stress and I have also provided you with a stress quiz that will help you see how much stress you are experiencing based on the choices your currently make. Now take a good look at who you are right now and begin to document that beginning you. This is only a beginning and I’ll continue to help you expand so you can become more of what you really should be. For now, you need a good starting point that you can look back upon after you’ve gained more knowledge about you, your life, and the world that surrounds you.

Over time, you should continue to come back to your Personal Summary and rework it with any new information that you might find important. Gradually, as you continue forward through life and learn more about your true self, you should be able to add additional summarizing words, numbers, symbols and expressions which further illustrate who you are and that help you refine what it is that you came here to become.

Even though there may be an underlying life path for each and every one of us, we each have free will to decide when and if we are going to listen to the promptings of our soul and whether we will follow them.  Because of this freedom, our options are constantly changing. As these options change, we need to be fluid enough to be able to satisfy our heart’s desire and fulfill our destiny through the multitude of new ways that will present themselves. Find your particular destiny and your life will become much more enjoyable as you head toward it.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. As long as you learn to detach from the dictatorship of your conscious rational logical mind and it’s powerful focus on sensory gratification and instead allow Divine Will to interact with your own, you will be capable of taking a delightful trip down the river of life. The moment you release yourself from societies prescribed conditioning that it imposes on you, you will be on your way.