3.8 How To Properly Answer The 3 Questions To Realize Your Personal Destiny

“If you life the questions, life will move into the answers”

Deepak Chopra
Author & Alternative Medicine Advocate

3 Key Questions

1. Who Am I?

2. What Did I Come Here to Do With My Life?

These are two of the most difficult questions that anyone could ask of themselves. To uncover the answers, an even more difficult question needs to be asked and once you have that answer, you can figure out what you came here to do with your life:

3. How Does the Universe Work and Why?

Because of the difficulty of this 3rd question, very few people obtain answers to the first two. As a result, even fewer ever receive fulfillment and joy while leading their lives.

For the last 30 years, I’ve been exploring and working on finding answer for all three of these questions. I’ve been successful in answering them in spite of the fact that my own life is far from normal.

The reason for this website is to provide a vehicle so I can share the answer to the 3rd question and to help you discover your own answers for the first two.

When the 3rd question is answered, you will begin to understand humanities purpose for being on the Earth. With access to what I call, the wireframe of the universe, a 3 dimensional model showing the movement of consciousness through time, you will be able to see where we’ve been, where we are today, and to where we ideally should go in the future.

Without having possession of an understanding of our ideal future vision, there is absolutely no change of ever getting there. How can we create a ideal vision of our future is we have no idea how to uncover it and how to select the best one amongst an infinite possible choices?

I have created a free online course to help you begin your journey of discovery. This course will help you to bring to the forefront, the underlying archetypal knowledge and understanding that will help you to answer all 3 of the above questions.

Humanity is at a critical singular bifurcation point, a crossroads in the development of our consciousness. This is the only time when we have acquired adequate personal power to make an important shift from the way we lead our lives. When we do, our future will open up to us in the most magnificent way.

However, most people will not be able to make this necessary shift and in all honesty, are not really supposed to. The world has way too many people currently and over the next few years, we will be reaching an unsustainable level where close to 10 billion people will be competing for limited resources. We cannot sustain all of them and over time, a natural purging process will unfold that will be focused upon bringing the human race back into balance.

I call this bifurcation point in time, The Turn.

The Turn is when we will be asked to shift our focus on life away from using mostly our left brain rational logical thinking and to open up to our right brain intuition. The Purposiveness that has created all of life, communicates with us through our intuition. Of rational logical thinking is there to help us to learn from our mistakes.

When we learn to listen to our intuition and to bring it into our lives on a daily basis, we will be able to move forward and to comply with what the Purposiveness has been asking us since the beginning of our existence. If we do not learn to listen, we will perish since evolution is a hard taskmaster and will not let up upon its Original Goal.

When we learn to trust our intuition after building a clear connection with it, we will be leading life in a very different manner. Gradually, we will form a value system that no longer values money and financial success above all else. Instead, we will be valuing how well individual people make a solid connection with their intuition and the center of their creativity.

It is the creative force working through us that is to be our creator. Our role is to co-create with it and not to overpower it.

Currently, we have reached the Age of the Use of the Rational Logical Mind or what many have called, The Information Age. This is a sterile and clinical time in our development where we have become very full of logic and can gain the answers to most self centered questions in life. Everything has become determined by a vast body of information that we’ve gradually accumulated. We govern life today by these so called laws. Yet, these laws are no longer heading in a moral direction. Instead, they serve to protect the few who have money and power to be able to use profit seeking to pillage and plunder other people.

The “nice guy” finishes last in this type of society. Only the self-centered greedy person finishes first. You can see this type of activity when you listen to the news or read about how so and so has risen to the top of most any profession. Now it’s time for the “nice guy” to finish first.

By making a Turn (a transition) from using our logical rational mind to guide our lives, it is now time to learn how to use instead, our intuition and the promptings from our heart. This is where The Purposiveness resides and it is actually the voice of The Purposiveness that you are learning to let through in lieu of that of your own.