2.48 – Your Unique Destiny?

“I came to the conclusion that we should aspire to increase the scope and scale of human consciousness in order to better understand what questions to ask. Really, the only thing that makes sense is to strive for greater collective enlightenment.”

Elon Musk
Business Magnate & Investor

The Scale Of Human Consciousness

From 0 to 1,000

(0 When Beginning The Journey As A New Human Soul
1,000 When Completing Your Journey As A Descended Master)

In the prior three lessons, I described the Scale Of Consciousness as well as the Emotional Strength level that should accompany it. In this lesson, I discuss how you should use the Scale Of Human Consciousness for your positive improvement.

We need to discover where we are at on these scales and where we need to go during our current life. To do that requires increasing the scale while your bring your emotional strength up to the level it needs to be. This is what can change the future in a positive way. We are only 1/2 way through our consciousness development (as a group) and will not graduate from the physical realm until both our group consciousness and our individual consciousness align with each other at the 800 level. We have much to do and many lifetimes of work ahead of us.

Your current task thus is to merge the work you’ve done to find your position on the Scale If Consciousness and to use that position to place yourself on the 0 to 1,000 scale. The Brunler Scale describes the same positions and the scales only differ slightly in the way they locate where you are at. Use the Scale Of Consciousness to figure out where you reside currently. Do this mentally at first. If you use the daily visualization technique that I’m sharing, this position will shift and change dramatically over time and you’ll gradually find your abilities to change – again dramatically.

Now that you have viewed the history of the evolution of the human race up until the present time and have gained an understanding of the various substages of our human evolution, it is important that you understand that this 0-1,000 mapping is how our human race evolves over time. It also represents where you are at with your own evolution as a human within the human race.

Once you’ve located your current position you can move toward making changes that will help you to head in your ideal direction. Only you know where you currently are at and only you have the willpower to make necessary changes will you make progress in the future.

If you decided to ignore your potential improvements, you will head in the direction normal people go.

If you instead decide to change your life and align yourself with the intuitive voice of The Purposivessness and you also decide to further develop yourself, you could go far. I’m sharing the information you need to actually do that.

The journey for you is the same as outlined in the Scale of Consciousness. To make this knowledge meaningful (for you) you need to first find your current place within that entire adventure and understand what your present capabilities are so that you can then improve them. When you do, gradually, you’ll be able to evolve your own consciousness much further than if you didn’t know this possibility exists. It does exist and you do have a predestined optimum path to follow. That is why I’ve created these 3 courses.

Where on the Scale Of Consciousness do you think that you reside? Read the descriptions in the scale descriptions I’ve provided to initially figure that out. Learn about all of the various classifications and chose one of the numerical classifications that suits you the best. Summarize your position then place YOU on the Scale Of Consciousness. That is your starting point and represents your current level. Then consider that you can move another 100 points up that scale if you adopt and use the visualization exercise in lesson 3.10 and perform it daily. That and a shift and change in your belief system will go a long way toward helping you to fulfill your personal destiny.

If you didn’t know that this scale exists and if you don’t have the knowledge needed to properly place yourself within the evolutionary process, you won’t be able to grow and expand your consciousness beyond where you are at. That is where most of our population exists right now and why our society will eventually crash. This group is basically clueless and stands the chance of perishing during the current transitional phase of The Turn.

More than likely, the position on the Scale for those not enrolled in this course will not increase more than a point or two during an entire lifetime. These people might be chasing money or fame or a multitude of other distractions but they will not accomplish what they came here to do nor fulfill their true potential. YOU CAN NOW FULFILL YOUR DESTINY since you are currently reading this material and have enrolled in this course. Use the visualization exercise contained in lesson 3.10 to help you to achieve your full growth potential.

Society promotes that we are supposed to excel at whatever we do and that the measuring of our success is in the number of dollars we possess, the material possessions we are able to accumulate, and the power we exert over other people. Money and material possessions plus our rarified positions in society are the things it wants us to achieve. That is what fuels the free enterprise system and what it asks us to do. But it is wrong!

That isn’t how consciousness grows, however, nor is it a way to assure that every individual life is fulfilled. In fact, very few if any become fulfilled chasing money, material possessions, or power over others. None of those things go with us beyond each human life and consequently do not have real and lasting value. They also create a myriad of problems. What is valuable and what cannot be taken away from any of us, is the actual soul growth that we are able to achieve during our lifetime. That is the only thing you take with you when you die and is the only thing that truly has lasting value while living a productive and fulfilling life.

Finding your position on the Scale of Consciousness becomes incredibly important when you understand this. Even if the position you chose is not exactly correct, you won’t be far off. What is more important than establishing your initial position is the progress that you make from that point forward. With a reasonable starting point, you will be able to see where you are at and with the information I’m sharing in these 3 courses, you’ll be able to visualize what you need to do to further increase your consciousness and head in your optimum direction.

The Turn is a singular bifurcation point in time that only occurs once during our entire evolutionary journey and you need to understand that this exists and how it unfolds and where it is headed. This is both a time of great opportunity as well as a time of tremendous pain and suffering. We are sitting within the period of The Turn and are now facing a very important change in the way we need to direct our future life. Making that shift correctly is the best thing you can do.

Placing YOU on the Scale of Consciousness is you need to do next to understand where you individually are and to determine where you need additional work and how you are supposed to act to further increase your Consciousness.

The next lesson will outline all of the key positions on the Scale Of Consciousness and describe how it moves from is lowest measurement of 0 to its highest measurement of 1,000. Once you understand all of these different levels, you then can project as best you can where you are at on the scale to determine where your particular life resides currently and then begin to see where it is headed from there. If you decide to make positive change, you will see what that will bring.

Lesson 2.6 will outline the emotional strength level differences and describe how the emotional level moves within a scale of 0 to 80. Trying to figure out where you reside on the emotional strength scale is a very difficult task if not impossible. I do not recommend that you even try.

Instead, the best way to work with this measurement is to do the daily visualization exercise and to allow your emotional strength value to increase and eventually align with your improved position on the Scale Of Consciousness. It will. In this way, you do not need to measure your current emotional strength. Instead, it will improve properly over time due to your daily visualization practice.

Both your mental and your emotional levels need to be increased to move your consciousness forward within this lifetime. Your emotional strength level is currently much lower than you should have and even if you understood your mental challenges well, you would be limited by your low emotional level. So both your Scale Of Consciousness and your accompanying emotional strength need to be increased together and eventually come into alignment.

We now all sit at the gateway of The Turn and anyone who wants to survive must make a transition from guiding their life from using left brain logic and reason to allowing intuition (that comes from The Purposiveness) to guide each and every life. This transition only occurs one person at a time and cannot be done by the group nor promoted by any outside source. It must be done by the willpower of each individual.

This process involves the human soul coming into alignment with The Purposiveness and then takes many additional years of development to bring each soul up to a level where it eventually becomes that of a Descended Master rather than a person just emulating spiritual principles.

For the remainder of this century, we (individually and the group that survives) will be going through the turn and making our transition from using our left brain logic and reason to guide our lives to instead using intuition to guide it. When we complete that transition, societies next position on the scale is the expiration and development of early intuition where we travel through the range around 500 on the Scale Of Consciousness. The range of 500 to 595 gets expressed on the physical plane and is where we literally create “heaven upon earth” as we use sacred geometry and other expressions to create objects surrounding our lives. As our intuitive capabilities progress, our lives get expressed more and more by our internal and individual soul and when this happens, we becomes egoless and are totally guided by the voice of intuition. This is a natural progression that we will go through. You might not be young enough to experience even the beginning of this next movement but believe me, it is real and it will occur.

Please be advised that there is no way that anyone is able to measure your position on the Scale of Consciousness so don’t become convinced that this is possible. You are the only person that has intimate knowledge of your self and this course is designed to help you discover Who You Are, What You Came Here To Become, and to understand How The Universe Works and Why.

All of the lessons you find in this course are dedicated to that ultimate goal.