2.47 Become Rich Beyond Your Wildest Imagination To Improve Your Soul Value

“Getting rich, or becoming outstanding at anything is all a matter of attitude. You must make up your mind once and for all – you commit yourself – and then just stay with it until you finally have what you set out to get.”

Earl Nightingale
Motivational Speaker


We’re now in the period of time that I call The Turn. It is a period when we are challenged to move from guiding our lives from our left brain logic and reason to leading our new life through using intuition to guide it.

During the time frame of The Turn, we will be purging a large number of people from the face of the Earth for the remaining souls to be able to survive. By the end of this century, our population could be about 1/10 of what it is now and our major concerns will be the lack of food and fresh water.

To be able to make this huge transition that is required for our survival, we need to be able to understand how we have become conditioned to become who we are right now. When we clearly understand this, we can see what motivates us to do what we need to do and make necessary changes.

Our lives have been conditioned to form a rigid belief system that typically doesn’t change once its been formed. This belief system then develops a value system that we hold as the truth for our lives but in reality, it really doesn’t control who we really are. Rather, it pursues what we have become and that becoming has not been from within our authentic self. It comes instead rather from outside our self – according to what society wants us to be.

Chasing these beliefs and values, we remain unfulfilled and instead, have a huge amount of stress built up within our lives. We are not being true to our self and this tension causes a huge amount of subconscious stress. If we could become who we really came here to be, this stress would subside. Let’s analyze your stress level and then come up with a way to release its hold on you.

Letting go initially through meditation and ultimately through the Manfestation Process that I’ll share with you in the next course is your way out and how you should proceed while consciously re-creating your future life.

Learning how to listen to the intuitive voice that can guide you is critical for you to survive and to become an Architect of Future Generations.

Learn how to do this and become not only supported by the path of future evolution but also become rich beyond your wildest dreams!

I’ve shared life’s key questions and your need to answer them to make it through The Turn. I’ve also provided some help to determine who you really are and how to begin a positive change.


In the next course, The Arc Of Creation, you will learn how to accurately understand and predict the future and then place yourself in its most productive path. I”ll continue to share needed tools and techniques you’ll need to become a Visionary for building y(our) most Ideal Future. If you do this, you will end up helping others who are less aware through this unsettling period that will be filled with massive pain and suffering.

In the past, people paid dearly for material possession and sensual gratification. In the future, they will pay even more to avoid massive pain and suffering. Your reward for being in a leadership position will be that of great riches beyond anything anyone has experienced before. You also will be better able to sidestep becoming one of the many casualties of this extreme weeding out process. We have built our global systems upon a foundation that no longer is valid and Nature will do as it always has in the past – it will collapse what does not work and encourage change to bring in what does!

Rome rose and fell and so did other past great civilizations. Our current economic approach to life and our legal system to support it will also will give way to something else. That something else can be productive or it can be just another experiment that rises and falls as have all of the others. If we can define (out of a multitude of possible choices) our most ideal future path, we will be able to avoid considerable future pain and suffering. If we can do this, we can more efficiently get on with what being human is all about.

We are here to evolve! We were not placed upon this Earth just to become extreme enjoyers. We are here instead to fulfill what the underlying evolutionary process is asking for. It has a goal in mind. There is a unique purpose for your own life and you need to uncover it.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue what it is or even that it exists. It’s high time that you figure this out and do your best to become a productive supporter of this evolutionary process. If you do, your life will expand in a positive way since the support is already there for you to do this. If you fight against it, you will only make the pain and suffering much worse, particularly for your own personal life.

“A ship without a rudder will never get to its destination. But more important, a ship without a destination can never begin the journey. It’s the journey that provides the greatest fulfillment.”

The destination is only a means to direct the journey. It really isn’t the ultimate goal and getting there that counts. How you make the journey and how accurately you become who you truly are in the process will determine the extent of the riches that you enjoy and the pain and suffering that you avoid.

A true visionary who learns how to see the future, how to choose its most ideal path, and then places him or herself in its evolutionary path cannot but help to become extremely rich and sincerely fulfilled.

These are times of extreme change filled with tremendous pain and suffering for many and at the same time an extreme opportunity for those few who can become visionaries and help bring in the necessary future change!

The world is a mess and its coming apart fast. All of our traditional systems are being challenged and our most sacred belief systems are no longer holding sway for the masses of our population. What has been promised to us is not materializing. In fact, the material riches are going to the few and those who were promised them are failing and becoming poorer by the year. The middle class in America is disappearing and its its place looms the great possibility of extreme poverty for a large number of people and a total breakdown in our top heavy government controlled social systems. When these collapse, all hell will break loose.

In spite of these extreme challenges, however, this is one of the greatest times where we can learn where we should head as a group and how to re-orchestrate daily living so we enjoy much more productive and fulfilling lives than our prior generations. This is an extremely creative role to play and those who do well in this position will be rewarded beyond belief. To survive in our future world, you DO need to become a true visionary – a person who not only can forsee the future but also understand how and why it will unfold. Then you also need to accept that this whole break down and massive world change is perfectly natural and a part of the evolution of human consciousness. This unravelling has not been very visible now for several decades and but it is now becoming prominent in the daily news of our masses.

In reality, there is no God created pain in this world. Rather, it is the failing of our human consciousness to evolve and to do so without hanging on to belief systems that have held us back. It is our own human consciousness that has created all of these problems. This is what is hurting us most. Also, our global society has been allowed to expand way beyond the Earth’s ability to sustain it. There is no sane reason why we should have 10 billion people walking the Earth. This population explosion was encouraged and allowed to happen because of our valuing people as economic units and allowing them to become satiated by sexual and material desires. The more economic units that existed, the bigger our global economies could grow and the richer the few became who controlled this expansion.

Greed is the single most powerful force on the planet today and the entire free enterprise system allows for massive profit seeking without consideration for the chain of causation leading to the creation of every good and service. Yes, this economic approach to life has provided tremendous wealth for a small number of people. But . . . it also created a major problem for our continued survival as a world population. We cannot keep growing, we cannot keep adding to our multi billion person population, and we cannot keep throwing the waste from our consumption back into our environment. As we do this, every natural support system will be challenged and eventually be forced to fail.

Please realize that Great change comes from extreme pain and suffering, not from comfort and sensual gratification. We need to become uncomfortable to effect necessary change and that is what this twenty first Century is all about. It is a period of time where everything will be torn apart and eventually replaced with a whole new way of approaching life.

We cannot rebuild today and save our past. All that we can do is understand the future, create a vision of our most ideal path, and then develop a game plan for its eventual manifestation. Those who become instruments and leaders in this process will become incredibly rich – richer than the richest people from all of our past monetary expansions. These riches will also not be measured just in the amount of money being accumulated.


Start with the enjoyable process of understanding Who You Truly Are. Take my Archetype and Visionary tests (available in the next course) and use the other techniques that you’ll need that you’ll find in my next course, The Arc of Creation. Read and try on the material I’ve included in this free course. If you gain a good feeling for the knowledge that I am sharing, consider joining me and other people as a potential future visionary. Once you know what is going on I can’t imagine you would go back to your old ways.

As you build your own solid knowledge foundation and understand how to truly see the future ahead of its arrival, you’ll also learn how to acquire the necessary tools to understand who you truly are, how to uncover what your most ideal destiny and role should be, and how to most productively place yourself in evolution’s future path.

As we gather together enough people who learn how to see themselves clearly and then begin to expand and blossom, we will be able to uncover and embrace the most ideal future vision that exists for the evolution of our global society. Our goal today is primarily to learn, to see, and then to plant seeds for future generations using that new ability. We cannot save our old consciousness. It is too powerful. We also cannot manifest our ideal future yet but we can prototype and research and develop for the benefit of future generations. If we do this well, we personally will be able to sidestep the massive pain and suffering and thrive while this negative energy goes through its lengthy unwinding process.

Our reward will be to enjoy life fully, to fulfill our personal destiny, and to become incredibly nurtured in the process. Every successful visionary will become rich by the end of their lifetime. Not riches of money alone but riches that create true and lasting value that extend well beyond death (through the evolution of that person’s consciousness).