2.42 Identifying Your Specific Life’s Purpose

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

Jim Rohn
Mentor To Tony Robbins


There is one territory which remains unexplored and which you as an intelligent human being has yet to enter into.  Yet since this territory is so close at hand and so very obvious, you should at once be disqualified as being considered intelligent if you aren’t mastering it.

This vast uncharted space is that of your very own self, and it continues to be one of your greatest mysteries since you most likely have little or no conception as to how to explore it.

What do you really know yourself and the world that surrounds you?

1. Do you know who you are? (Probably not)

2. Do you know what it is that you came here to do with your life? (Probably not)

3. Have you formed an adequate model within your own mind as to how and why the universe was created so that you can relate it to what you came here to do? (I doubt it)

A “ship without a rudder cannot reach its destination!” You need an answer to this 3rd question to be able to come up with good answers to questions 1 and 2 above! Without this answer you’ll simply be “spinning your wheels”.

This voice of change is alive beneath the surface of your self and waits until you are able to focus on it to provide its guidance. If you do, it will guide you fully toward your ideal goals. It is there and is waiting for you to ask for its help.

Until you answer the questions I listed above, you will be but an empty shell waiting to be filled with something. Without being able to recognize that something even if it fell right into your lap, you will never become fulfilled. (guaranteed)

4. How will you ever be satisfied leading life as you have been conditioned to do? (You probably won’t)

5. How will you ever know if you achieved becoming who you came here to become if you don’t have adequate answers to these 3 questions (and particularly finding a real answer to question #3) or a at least a burning desire to find out?

You may know all about business or law or medicine or specialized knowledge from other fields of endeavor.

6. But what do you really know about your self? (Probably very little)

The ultimate mystery in life is that of your very own self and is what I will help you to discover within this website! Are you interested? 

Deep within your human nature is a need to know that you are “special” and that you have a “purpose” that must be fulfilled for you to become satisfied with your life.

This deep seated need and your ability to have it is one of the key attributes that make you “human” and sets you apart from all the other “kingdoms” of life. Unfortunately, your current society does not support the concept that you have a life’s purpose that needs to be fulfilled. You are pretty much on your own to find this need and to satisfy it.

Instead of setting this up correctly, our social free enterprise money oriented system wants you to be a consumer that can fuel and continue to expand this way of life. It makes your decisions about the direction you are to go and forms your specific reality. It does this based upon how well you perform at making and accumulating material possessions. You don’t have much to say about this since you are brainwashed into thinking that this direction is one you formed for yourself. But it isn’t! That is why you still have an unfilled “hole” deep within yourself with no knowledge as to how to fill it.

Nothing could be more damaging to your need for spiritual fulfillment. The free enterprise approach to life is not fulfilling (that is not its purpose). If you are one of the few that begins to question your life, you might be able to change it. However, this would be highly unlikely since reality all around you provides little to no support and would either challenge you to fall back in line or it will consider that you’re a drop out and will no longer support your efforts. Essentially, it will take your “power and position” that you’ve accomplished to date and remove it from you so you essentially have not way to compete against it.

If there actually was no purpose for your life, you might eventually find that life is uneventful and meaningless and want to terminate it well before your normal life expectancy has naturally played itself out. The way your social path has been laid out doesn’t allow for much time to even think about how shallow and unfulfilling your life really is. Instead, you are kept busy chasing society’s goals that do not lead to finding your own true fulfillment. Stress, uncertainty, dissatisfaction occur, but not fulfillment.

Somehow and through some deep need that has been implanted in your innate nature, there is the glimmer of hope that your individual life has some kind of reason for existing and that there is a unique goal to be achieved. Even if you don’t consciously think about it, this need is there and is what subconsciously influences your entire lifetime of choices and the resulting specific paths you take. The choices you make aren’t ideal as they are affected by that longing and innate nature that sits within your own unfulfilled gut felt hole.

The more aware you are of your true purpose, the better are the choices that you can make to accomplish it. Of the multitude (thousands if not millions) of possible paths, there is only one that is the most authentic for you.

When you learn how to be in touch with your authentic self, you become capable of identifying with that authentic path more than not. After a lifetime of choice making (mostly guided by what society wants you to do), the end result of learning how to correctly act upon your authentic path opens up the possibility of living an entirely different life with substantially better results. This is the only place that greater fulfillment and peace is found.

If you could get in touch with that deep ingrained need to know (that sits deep within your self) and if you could actually define what your ultimate purpose and true life goal is, would that be of interest to you? I’m sure it would, and the sooner you figure this out, the better.

Our society doesn’t discuss things like this and the fact that you are reading these words now presents you with a unique and rare opportunity to discover who you really are and to define what exactly it is that you should be doing with your life. Don’t shy away from trying to learn more and don’t go back to your old ways. Instead, keep reading as I share with you a foundation of knowledge that yo more than likely did not know existed.

Most people rarely get the chance to discover that they have a unique life purpose. And fewer learn how to find the answer.

Interested? If so, read the material that I’m sharing with you now. If you do, you will gain access to a unique way to view the world and an approach to discover your own authentic path. Through gaining access to what I’m going to share with you now, you will start be be able to build a body of knowledge that will not only help you lead a more authentic life but will also allow you to place yourself directly in the positive path of evolution as it purges the Earth of millions of others who have become “dead wood”.

Unfortunately, most people on Earth have been brainwashed and have formed rigid belief system’s that have covered over this need to know. For them, fulfillment in life becomes an accident rather than a lifelong quest. If fact, most of the belief system’s that have become ingrained in us actually negate the existence of the presence of an ultimate purpose for a person’s life. Instead, the goal becomes “Do good, don’t do bad, and you’ll go to heaven after you die. If you don’t, you’ll go to hell instead.”

Instead of achieving true fulfillment while you are alive, you are promised a reward for becoming a sheep within the pack but you only receive it after you die. How can anyone who examines this faulty belief system for what it is accept this kind of control and ridiculous philosophy? The majority of people in the past have accepted it and without question. But now, our younger generations are realizing that this has been a totally wrong approach to life and they are looking for something more authentic. Money is difficult for them to acquire so its natural that they are now looking beyond our current social system for answers.

In the past, religion has been the greatest contributor toward preventing our answering life’s most natural and important authentic questions. Those initial key questions are: 

Who Am I?

What Did I Come Here to do With My Life?

Spirituality is not the culprit since that has been a positive concept. When we cloak religion as spirituality it becomes a method to control a group of people through rigid dogma. That is the evil doer – not the underlying connection to our Source. We still need to uncover, nurture, and realize our innate spirituality but not at the expense of harboring a rigid belief system created by man.

The free enterprise system has been a powerful force that has diverted human attention away from taking care of each other properly with love and consideration. Instead, it promotes self-centeredness and separateness at the expense of and on the backs of others. Yes, many benefit in the long-term from our economic progress, but in the pursuit of this kind of progress, society becomes uncaring and our resulting value system choses the acquisition of money and power as the marks of success rather than the development of our true human nature and it’s ultimate shift to intuitive and creative expression. We are not taught that there is a unique path for our life and we are not encouraged to become that. It’s now well time for a change and this is the reason I’m sharing this knowledge with you now.

I find it amazing that so many people have accepted the blind tenants of religion as fact without ever doing the necessary research to question and determine wether those tenants and beliefs are actually true or even close to the truth.

If they had done even a reasonable amount of research, they would have found that these tenants and beliefs make no real sense and are stories and myths from very old generations that needed to control ignorant people due to their inability to adequately control themselves.

Instead of seeing this coverup, however, we become baptized, we go through our childhood and accept our catechism, and then we get confirmed into our church’s belief system and from that time forward “fall asleep to who we really are.” We never learn that discovering and knowing who we really are is a necessary requirement to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life. Without these very basic tenants, there is no true fulfillment available to us since “a boat without a rudder and a clear path can never arrive at it’s destination.” We are lost before we even embark upon living our authentic lives.

Today, our younger generations are starting to discover that many of the long-term concepts that our parents taught us just aren’t true. It used to be that a person would have mostly one job during their lifetime and then retire. If they moved from job to job, they were considered misfits and that something was wrong with them. Times have dramatically changed. Today, anyone is lucky to have a job and no-one expects anymore that their job is permanent and could employ them for decades of time and into their old age and provide a comfortable retirement.

We all expect that we will have numerous jobs and if fortunate, will do well in the process. Yet, even the hope of being fortunate and doing well is no longer guaranteed no matter how hard we work and apply ourselves. Instead, continuous and massive change is becoming the norm and our lives are becoming much like the leaves on a tree – fragile and good for only a short season before moving on to make way for change.

Our society is in even tougher shape. The world is falling apart as people become more and more self-centered and selfish and unwilling to help each other and to see and make room for the numerous conflicting and damaging belief systems. Instead, these rigid belief systems are now becoming more and more empowered and large groups of people are finding themselves in conflict with each other as well as with outside groups.

Individuals are no longer respecting authority as our traditional social system is no longer able to hold us together as a compromising group. Instead, many of us are rebelling and attempting to strike out yet we have no clear path beyond the initial destructive act as to what is the proper path forward. We don’t have a clue as to who we really are and even less of an inkling as to where we individually and collectively should be headed.

It is now time for the most massive degree of change in consciousness ever experienced by the human race. Change is required to tear apart the old that is no longer providing the kind of satisfaction that we desire deep within us. Change is required to tear apart social structure that no longer support the massive number of people that have been born for the sake of becoming economic consumers.

A terrible period of tearing apart must now unfold to bring balance into the world. It will not be easy because our Earth can no longer support the massive number of people who currently exist. We find ourselves in the early stages of a singular bifurcation point in the evolution of the human race and during this unsettling time, massive pain and suffering will be experienced by those who do not acquire the knowledge I’m sharing to help others learn how to fall into harmony with the underlying “Purposiveness” that is seeking an ultimate goal.

The Purposiveness brought us to this point in time and is now going to allow only those most fit to continue to make it through this trying period. This is a natural and definable process that we as a group have been creating. The question now is who will make adequate change and be allowed to survive.

The Turn

In spite of this “unraveling” and massive undoing (during the period in time I’m calling The Turn) it is here where the potential becomes available within those who desire to learn to make it through the change and who learn that they are needed to plant seeds for future generations. These are the soul level qualities that the Purposiveness is looking for now and for some of us to make it through this transitional time.

What The Purposiveness Is Asking For

You possess the infinite potential that has been seeded within all of us by the Purposiveness that has created all life around us. You possess this potential because you are the only life form on Earth that is a full representation of creative consciousness and as a result, you are able to know and consciously connect with the promptings of the Purposiveness. You also have control of your free will and can exert it properly when in alignment with the Purposiveness. When you do, you become its vehicle for expression. When you don’t, you lie deep within a time of darkness not knowing who you really are and why you are here.

What Truth Are Scientists Now Finding?

Your personal essence extends beyond space and time. Quantum physics is showing us that we exist in the present moment but also extend throughout time and space simultaneously. This is how we are connected to the Purposiveness that allows this infinite expansion and connection. Yes, we are connected to that Source and yes, it is able to work through us as it continues to manifest the ever expanding Universe and worlds beyond. We either become clear channels for its expression or we don’t. No matter what, eventually, It will prevail. Eventually we are going to follow its promptings or we’ll perish. Our life experience unfolds dependent upon how well we are able to walk our proper path that the Purposiveness has set out for us to follow.

If you look deeper you’ll find that you are everything and nothing all at the same time. You are not your actions. Instead, you are either a positive creator or a negative reducer. In other words, it is your actions that either support or slow down the natural expansion of the plan that the Purposiveness has put into place for us to follow.

Follow it or not, the path will continue to remain the foundation for all of life as it quietly calls upon us to do what is desired. We can either quickly make your necessary transition to join It or you can ignore and fight against It. What It is asking of you, however, will not go away and eventually, Its GOAL will become manifest.

Is Your Soul Permanent?

Your consciousness was never born and will never die. Consciousness is the only component of life that is permanent. Your consciousness does not die, just your current physical life. The conscious element that is really the authentic you, lives on beyond one life.

You contain a spark of the Spirit that is shared with every other living life form on this planet. There are 8 levels of creation (7 in the physically manifested world and 1 more in the plane of The Purposiveness) and each of them contains the original spark and motivation that was first injected into our carbon based world by the Purposiveness that created it. Each level is cumulative and the experiences gained from existing within each one carries forward. As one level grows into the next, the lessons learned from each preceding level continue to remain available.

As an example, the 7th level, the human kingdom, contains all the lessons learned during existence within the prior 6 levels. The 1st level, the kingdom of light, only contains the experience gained from that level. The 9th level is unknowable and for our purpose right now is unimportant.

You (having experienced all of the prior kingdoms and are now residing in the 7th) have access to anything and everything you wish to have. In reality, however, attempting to possess everything is a wasted goal. That’s not what you’re here to do.

Instead, you have a specific purpose for being here and if you are true to that purpose and lead your life so you can fulfill as much of that purpose as is possible, you will find happiness, joy, and fulfillment. What you will gain while making that journey will be no more and no less than you will need. No other direction you take will provide you with those important assets. The experiences from your journey are the only things that you keep when you die and move on to another life. It’s not so much a literal memory of these experiences that results, but rather more a karmic blueprint full of unresolved re-actions from past actions that carries over into the next life.

Consciousness does not just reside within one life and thats the end of it. Rather, consciousness is connected and grows amongst many lifetimes, each serving and allowing for unwinding past problems and for planting seeds for new positive fulfillments.

I know that what I just shared is not easy to accept. If you spend a huge amount of time thinking about this and doing solid research to find needed answers, you’ll end up concluding the same thing as I’ve just shared. Whether you accept this as true or not now is not important. I’ll keep laying the framework to help you build this foundation over time and you can go through your own questioning meanwhile.

Here’s What I’d Like You To Consider:

There is an underlying Purposiveness that has created a Process that has set forth an ideal future path and this Purposiveness is seeking the satisfaction of a specific goal – the full and complete evolution of consciousness with the the human container being a perfected form that allows for descended mastership. In other words, the human kingdoms goal is to perfect the individual soul value one person at a time.

You, have a role to play in this Process. Are you currently fulfilling your destined role or are you sitting on the sidelines brainwashed and simply an economic tool for human self-centerdness and temporary short-lived moments of material enjoyment?

Do something important with your life. Become who you were destined to be. Learn how to do this well and life will become truly fulfilling no matter what your life path.

Start by understanding how you became conditioned to be who you are now.

Do You Know Your Life’s Purpose?

I’d like you to think about this question and try to answer it the best you can by using the downloadable form in the Lesson Content area below. Go ahead and try to put your Life’s Purpose into words right now (using the format of this form) without my suggesting how to do this or your additional work involved in finding a really good answer. That will come. For now, click on the link below to get started. Describe Your Life’s Purpose the best you can right now: