2.41 What To Consider When Determining Your Ideal Life Path Direction

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’re imagined.

Henry David Thoreau

Your Ideal Future Vision

Amongst the infinite paths that we could take in the future, there is just one that is ideal and most authentic. If we could identify our ideal future path and create a vision for its materialization, we would be able to manifest that future. In this course, I will share with you a mapping of the evolution of consciousness through time. Using your understanding of the process involved, you will be able to identify your Ideal Future Vision (the one that is most authentic amongst all of the possible choices).



What the world is lacking is a vision of the ideal future path that humanity needs to pursue to survive and thrive in the future years. What is missing in most people’s lives is a vision of who they truly are and the ability to define what they came here to do with their lives. Without answers to these questions, we will be tossed around like rudderless ships in a violent storm unable to reach our desired destinations.



What is missing is access to critical, authentic, and true knowledge that is required to answer these questions, society will never be able to fulfill its destiny. Instead, we will continue chasing profits through promoting aggressive consumerism and will ultimately suffer economic collapse and the destruction of our most precious support systems.

This course will help you identify primal and true answers to life’s most important questions and will also aid you through creating a road map that you will be able to follow to determine where the human race has been, where it is today, and where it needs to go in the future to satisfy it’s purpose for existence.



Yes, there is a purpose for life and there is a destiny for mankind as well as a unique reason for our very existence. I will attempt to share my insights in such a way that by the end of this course, you will know for certain what mankind’s ideal future vision truly is. I also will begin the process for all awakened people to begin planting seeds for future generations to ultimately change the direction of daily life so we can fulfill our reason for being here. To do that, we need to form and adopt a new approach to life before it is too late and our eminent destruction eliminates our ability to make adequate changes.



Today, we have arrived at a singular bifurcation point in the evolution of the human race when we will begin to see the errors of our past actions and begin to know that it is time for a radical, swift, and complete change to our approach to life. Unfortunately, this awakening will be short lived since our individual and social belief systems are so powerful and so deeply ingrained in our lives and we lack access to the Absolute Truth of life that can provide answers to how and why the universe operates as it does.

As we exist right now, cogs in a greed driven economic environment, adequate change and quick response needed to lessen the effects of the many emerging global problems will simply not come about. Instead, we are now facing an emerging period of massive and painful undoing of our way of life and a substantial reduction of our world population. Until our resources fully run out, the United States and all other current and emerging global powers will attempt to sustain profitability at all cost fueled by massive consumerism until that erroneous approach to life becomes impossible to sustain. Right now, “the system” is still much too powerful to affect proper change.

As global warming continues its expected expansion, there will be climate refugees all over the world that will be de-stabilizing already stressed out established economies and there will follow a quickening of our economic collapse and a corresponding increase in strife and aggression amongst all people. Life will become a mess and turning things around to save it as it is now much too difficult due to the extreme number of people all vying for limited and vanishing resources. 

Many global problems will appear such as pandemics, resource depletion, pollution, climate change, possible nuclear war and many other forces.

Over time, this transitional period filled with pain and suffering will even itself out and eventually (100 to 150 years from now) we’ll have the opportunity to rebuild and to form a whole new approach to life. Until then, we need to get out of the way of the strife and aggression and begin planting seeds for future generations. It is not possible to rebuild today. Our old consciousness and old systems must go away so their memory no longer is carried by the future generations that will rebuild our world.



I call this unique period of change and collapse “The TURN.” It is a time when we have descended into the furthest depths of matter and have become a fully self-centered people all desiring to achieve high levels of sense gratification without concern for the actions and activities that provide our short-term satisfaction. It also is a period when sense gratification holds the masses in check while greed and wealth provides the incentive for our leaders to focus on profitability without the concern for the chain of causation that leads to the production of every good and service.



We have become an immoral group of people while allowing our leaders to erect laws to continue making the poor and immoral decisions that we consider legal. What is amazing is that our legal system protects greed driven profitability but does not impose penalties for environmental destruction, resource depletion, and fueling climate change and other massive problems.

As a result, our lives are fully out of balance as the planet Earth heads toward almost certain collapse from the staggering number of people that are trying to exist on its surface. Our global population is already unsustainable at around 7 billion people. As we head toward 10 billion people in a few decades, and as those who are already here begin to increase their standard of living, our unravelling becomes a real certainty.



We now lie at the “Gateway” of The Turn that is poised to unravel life as we know it due to the emerging problems that we have created during the last several centuries of immoral capitalism.

Our governments and our economically rich people are not going to surrender their positions or let go of their power and wealth. Instead, power and wealth will need to be literally ripped from their grasp as our entire current approach to life begins to fully collapse over time. A gentle and easy transition from old consciousness to what is required for the future simply is not possible.

As in all past established civilizations, there comes a time when these societies reached their pinnacle, became entrenched in unsolvable problems, and then a period of unravelling occurred while that particular social experiment was eliminated.

Our current system will be eliminated – it is just a matter of time. The United States will fall as other centers around the world take their turn at the feeding trough of economic prosperity while continuing to promote profitability without concern for the chain of causation leading to every good or service.



Eventually, all countries will experience collapse as they become incapable of sustaining their large populations and increasing standards of living. The economic decline of our current prosperous nations, the lack of adequate low cost energy sources for all people, military attempts at becoming “the” ultimate world power, and a true risk of a third world war all become possible scenarios that might emerge and shake up any attempt at continuing our current approach to life before the end of the 21st century.

For sure, before this century ends, we all will end up without adequate resources to continue our current ways. Before this century is over, our many emerging global problems will already have begun reducing our world population it will become obvious that there is only a small area on Earth capable of supporting our remaining population. It is here where society needs to re-build and I will share where that is at later on in this course.



During this massive period of “undoing” there will arise a small group of people who see the errors of our ways and are able to remove themselves from our old consciousness and belief systems and begin to prototype and get involved in the research and development of new ideas, systems, and approaches to life that will be needed 100 to 150 years in the future when the timing is right for re-building our new society. Today is not the time to rebuilt. Rather, it is the time of our “undoing.”

To assure our ultimate survival, a reasonable number of people need to pull away from “normal reality” and begin to populate (in the right way) the most ideal geographic area on this planet that is capable of minimizing the fallout effects that the transition period of the Turn will create. There is no saving or redeeming our old ways. We must ignore them and let fail on their own while the majority attempt to save them until their last dying breath.



Instead, we must become architects of a new creation and function as a preliminary race of people that adopt and put in motion the manifestation of the Ideal Future Vision for humanity and prototype and research and develop until the actual true race of beings will be born upon this planet a century or more from now. We are at least 100 to 150 years from the time when we can properly re-build what is left of our planet as it unravels during the remainder of this century. However, there is no reason that we can’t put in motion the vision of this new movement and begin to plant seeds for future generations now. That is humanities true task at these crossroads and if we don’t, our future will end during the “undoing” brought on by the Turn.

To be able to plant seeds for future generations we all need to know what humanities true and ideal future path actually is. Then, we need to create a vision for that path and begin to support it so it can gradually manifest, one person at a time.