2.37 How The 4 Thinking Styles Were Used In Corporate America & Expanded Upon

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Your Best & Worst Subjects:

Think back to your best/worst elementary and/or secondary school subjects identified below. Rank all of these subjects differently, even if the choice is difficult, by entering a 1.2 or 3 on the basis of how well you did: 1 = best; 2 = second best; 3=third best

Math: _____

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Rate each of the work elements below according to your strength in that activity, using the following scale:

5 = work I do best; 4 = work I di well; 3 = natural; 2 = work I do less well; 1 = work I do less well. Enter the appropriate number next to each element. Do not use any number more than 4 times.

_____ analytical

_____ administrative

_____ conceptualizing

_____ expressing ideas

_____ integration

_____ writing


Uncovering Your Thinking Style

The world as it exists today is made up of many different careers that taken together support our current society. Because you can’t easily modify these careers the best way to realize your highest degree of satisfaction is to adopt one that suits your own thinking style. Defining the best career requires uncovering your thinking style and that is the goal for this lesson.

Carl Jung is the first person to share his concept of thinking style with the world. He called it the 4 functions and it represents how your cerebral and limbic brains see the world. If you could uncover your own thinking style, you could choose a career that contains the greatest amount of satisfaction based on how well it touches those styles.

Your position on the scale of consciousness occurs as a result of your genetics and your social conditioning.

Your thinking style is made up of a combination of your own subtle ways of dealing with your outer world – ways that are most ideal for you.

With your position on the Scale of Consciousness defined, you can see more clearly Who You Are at the present time.

Then with these results, you can find a career that would be the most satisfying for you.

Knowing your Thinking Style helps to define Who You Are and What You Came Here to Do. 

This is not the end, however, since with effort, you can change both. As you make positive change, you will move up on the Scale of Consciousness and will enjoy the process as long as you stay true to your own thinking style. In other words, work on improving your self to increase your comprehension and its ability to guide your life using the voice of intuition to guide you. Stay true to your thinking style while you are doing this.

Becoming fulfilled is what we’ve all come here to do and learning how to do this well is the key to following the best evolutionary journey for your life. Anything else is a waste of time and will lead to your creating negative karma.

Carl Jung was the first person to write about how we each have a particular thinking style when observing and working within the outer world. He called these the 4 functions and they are an accurate description of the way people prefer to think.

Ned Hermann borrowed Jung’s concept and expanded it into corporate America to help understand what careers made the most sense for individuals within a group and how to utilize all of those different styles to integrate into one whole brain group effort.

His work was used to classify individuals (well over 1,000,000 test results) and we can use that same process to see how we individually relate to the world. Creating whole brain teams allowed corporations to compete with others and furthered the wide divide between those who have and those who don’t. That was not the authentic way to use this information but was what our group consciousness wanted at the time – better ways to compete and win financial wars. Individually, you can use this same information to guide your life so that you become more fulfilled from your efforts.

I was given the questionnaire to measure and create my own thinking style. This happened well over 30 years ago and it was my relationship with this person that allowed me to gain access to Herman’s information. He had become certified to do HBDI testing and shared the process with me. I discovered that the questions used were developed from brain science research and that the end result was to create a 4 number qualification system to determine where you resided within Carl Jung’s 4 functions. What’s interesting is that Hermann tested well over 1,000,000 people and his system was adopted by left brain people who ran large corporations.. This was not a  flaky type of measurement but one that was considered accurate and had a solid scientific underpinning.

I’m sharing with you the questionnaire that I worked with over 30 years ago. I researched every question and created my own program to be able to test and score individuals. I have no idea how this questionnaire evolved over time since then and don’t really care. Ned Hermann has died and his organization still continues to today. The questionnaire that I would like you to use within this lesson will provide an accurate enough measurement and provide a view into your dominance of the 4 functions. The resulting information will allow you to make sure you are going in the correct direction to enjoy the greatest fulfillment you could receive in this world. 

As you work on changing your core values and beliefs and use the other techniques I’m sharing to positively shift and improve your consciousness, your test result will also change. However, if you stay true to your score right now, you’ll have a much better starting point to work with. If you happen to be far away from your current thinking style currently, you won’t be having much fun and enjoyment with your life.

We all need to pay for our keep and our careers are a way to exist within this world. We do not really want to have these careers where money becomes a key issues but that is what our society asks for from us and is how things work at the present moment.

Take the following quiz and once you’ve answered all of the various questions, your score will be calculated and your 4 digit number will be shared with you.

Brain Dominance Questionnaire