2.31 Create Positive Change Within Yourself First & Then Change Your Outer World

“Change your thinking. Change your life! Your thoughts create your reality. Practice positive thinking. Act the way you want to be, and soon you will be the way you act.”

Les Brown
Motivational Speaker

Your Life’s Purpose

In the sections that I’ve already shared within this Your Life’s Purpose course, a good amount of insight has been provided. Yet, these insights have been but regurgitations of my own thought forms – not yours and without divulging the knowledge that I will share in the next course, I’m not able to do much except talk and show how difficult making change really is.

I haven’t shared with you yet the proprietary knowledge that is contained in the next course, The Arc of Creation. Rather, I’ve tried to motivate you to want to gain true fulfillment for your life by getting started in the correct way. If you try to do this on your own, it will be very difficult since mastery of any subject requires many thousands of hours and I’ve invested that time. Have you?

I’ve just outlined what it takes to traverse the initial areas using the “normal” “traditional”  way of looking at things. I forced the Purposiveness to “show Itself” and when it did, this process became very enticing and relatively easy to work with. It was much easier than using the “traditional” methods to try to make change.

The “traditional” methods do work to an extent and do help to create change but the correct end goal isn’t there. Everything is a mental construct and that leaves little room for intuition and bringing in the voice of The Purposiveness to guide you. 

Without knowledge of your Ideal Future Path you won’t be able to head toward it. Change only creates a stronger more resilient you but you won’t have adequate answers to the 3 Archetypal questions.

Go back to my original 3 Archetypal questions. Those are the ones that need to be answered. Once you’ve answered them well you then need to bring their conclusions into your life. You don’t need to become a descended master and an absolutely perfect human being to do this. You only need to uncover your own Life’s Purpose and then head toward bringing it into your life.

The key to finding and Empowering your Life Purpose is to “travel through” your own process of discovery and to utilize the timeless tools and techniques that are shared within my courses to make the necessary transitions.

What I have shared with you in words so far may be overwhelming. And for this I apologize. However, I do have access to a process and a means that leads to an excellent method to accomplish your most important goals. I will continue to share these techniques and much more with you in my next course, The Arc Of Creation.

If you are motivated to continue forward and do enroll in my paid course, The Arc of Creation, I can promise that you will learn a lot. If you aren’t satisfied, you are welcome to request a 100% refund of the money you paid me and I’ll gladly send it back to you. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen but that guarantee is there for your protection and to eliminate any risk involved in enrolling in my Arc of Creation Course.

There is no schedule to keep and you can go through The Arc of Creation course at your own pace.

I am not new to online coarse work. In the past, I had over 500 students located all over the world who enrolled in one of my prior online courses. Unfortunately, I started out by charging a very small fee ($99) and ended up with most everyone leaning on me as their teacher and confidant. I didn’t charge a high enough fee and also found that I’m not a management style person. There are those who do best by themselves (pioneers like me) and there are those who love to manage people. These traits are vastly different and I’m sharing what I have because I’m a pioneer. My work is definitely original and unique and wouldn’t be available if I was interested in managing people.

I cannot go through the way I did in my last online adventure again and refuse to. It wore me out and there was no way I could properly respond with that mass of students even though I wanted to. Instead, I quit offering the course. I had to.I am not a guru. I am a very sensitive intuitive who has the ability to go way beyond what normal people would ever call reasonable and and am able to force answers to critical questions.

I’m not here to enjoy myself but rather to connect to my intuitive nature and allow it to course through me in various forms and ways. It’s because of that ability that I have received knowledge that is critical to the survival of the human race. It is also because of the value of that knowledge that I know I need to share it but really, I don’t want to. Sharing is more work than receiving the knowledge – FOR ME.

So please, do not ask questions. Do not expect that I will respond a lot or quickly. I’m not going to respond. I hope this is reaonsable for you and definitely, in my opinion, is not an unreasonable request for what I have to offer. Answers to your questions are inside this material so please read what I provide and take your time digesting it. This will save me having to refer you to one of my lessons for the answer. Rather than have you ask questions that are already answered within the material I’m sharing I’m asking that you spend some serious time with what I’m sharing and that you take your time to do this. Its all there. Do the work to find the answers that I’ve already shared and you’ll benefit more since you will have gone through the necessary process to receive them.

Take what I have and expand upon it. That’s what you’re supposed to do with this information. My goal is to plant seeds for future generations. Your success is a big part of why I’m sharing this knowledge and it is not focused on saving the world as it is. I’m recommending that you become an architect for future generations and by doing this, you will help me to move this knowledge base further into the lives of more people so it continues and expands. It’s needed by people who have not yet been born yet and won’t be here for many years to come. I won’t be here when they arrive and its up to you and your expansion of what I’m offering that will allow this to happen.

There is no way to save the world and our old economic way of promoting life. It will fold on its own since it was built on a very poor foundation and was not supposed to last forever – nothing does.

In it’s place people will learn to lead life from their intuitive center and not their rational logical mind. Self centerdness will give way to valuing human life amongst many other unique traits. I’ll provide more information about that in the Arc of Creation Course.

For now, I’m sharing a little bit about me and my motivation for sending you this free course. Hopefully what I’ve shared helps you to appreciate the importance of enrolling in my Arc of Creation paid course.

I have no idea what I will end up accomplishing as a result of sharing this knowledge. I do have some visions of possibilities but for now, that’s up to a collective acceptance of what I’m sharing.

The next course, the Arc of Creation, will provide you with a knowledge base and a process unlike anything that anyone has access to currently. You’ll be able to use this information to understand where human consciousness came from and why we (as humans) are the containers to express it in this particular 3 dimensional reality that we live in. Are there additional realities beyond ours? I’m sure of it, however, that’s not the subject nor the goal of what I need to share.

With access to my knowledge base you’ll be able to determine the movement of human consciousness in the past, why we’re at where we are in the present, and ideally where we should individually and collectively head in the future. Providing you with the means to gain those answers is my goal for your enrollment in the Arc of Creation Course.

After a number of participants have completed the Arc of Creation Course, I’ll offer a third (by invitation only) course that I call The Mother’s Temple. It is here where I’ll share the actual 3 dimensional model of the movement of consciousness through time.

This is very much an energetic Diety and one that could be incorporated into a new religion. However, that is not my goal or my interest. Instead I plan on sharing this proprietary knowledge with the few people that are capable of receiving it and hopefully they will run with it. My job is to receive it and to find a good way to share it. That’s it.

For now, I thank you for allowing me to share these words with you and I hope you are motivated to continue forward and do enroll in my paid course, The Arc of Creation.