2.30 Learning To Listen To Your Right Brain Voice of Intuition

“Trust the divine power, and she will free the godlike elements in you and shape all into an expression of divine nature.”

Sri Aurobindo
Spiritual Guru

Discover The Witness Within

The Descending Force that we begin to recognize through daily practice, is gradually allowed to come into the conscious layer of your levels of consciousness at your own invitation – a process of attaching yourself to it’s presence or rather, an unhooking of your rational logical mind from everything that interferes with this attachment.

As you continue with your newly found awakening, there will come a time when instead of having to interrupt the activities of your conscious mind to make contact with this Force, you will begin to feel a presence which appears to live within your inner depths, in the background of your being, initially only a small muffled vibration.

Once you make this discovery, you will find that you only need to withdraw into your consciousness and you will be able to make this connection, completely and effortlessly.  You now discover that this Force is always there, like a bluish depth behind, and that you can at will refresh yourself there, and relax in the very midst of any tumult or trouble, and that you carry within yourself an inviolable and peaceful retreat.

Soon this vibration behind becomes more and more perceptible and continuous and you start to feel a separation taking place within your being: you realize two domains, one a silent depth which vibrates in the background and the other domain which maintains itself on a fairly thin surface where your activities, thoughts, gestures and words are unrolled.

You now have found the Witness Within your self. Through contact with its presence you will be able to be captured less and less by the exterior play of the Outer World which ceaselessly tries to swallow you alive. At this stage of development, it becomes easier for you to intentionally substitute your superficial habits of mental reflection, of memory, planning and anticipation with a reference and connection to this silent and vibrating depth.

In the past, through traditional spiritual methods, reaching this stage where you have full possession of control over your old conditioned habits can be a lengthy period of transition loaded with both setbacks and yet filled with progress. As you work with this connection, your old mechanisms will tend to constantly interfere and try to recapture their old rights, wanting to convince you that it is not possible to do without them.

But this process of unhooking will be powerfully helped by and vastly accelerated by your regular contact through your daily practice. This Force will automatically and untiringly work to set your house in order help to exercise a quiet pressure on the rebellious mechanisms as through each wave of thought was gripped and frozen.  Over time you will encounter thousands of small experiences which will convince you that you can do very well indeed without your conscious mind and that you are better off without it.


Gradually, you will find that it is not necessary to think, that something behind you or something above does this work, with a precision and an infallibility growing ever greater as you get into the habit of referring to it. You will find that it is no longer necessary to remember but at the required moment the exact indication comes up so that it is not necessary to plan your actions.  A secret spring instead sets it going without your willing it or thinking about it and makes you do exactly what is needed with a wisdom and a foresight of which your mind, always shortsighted, is quite incapable.

The more you obey these swift intimations, these lightning suggestions, the more they become frequent, clear, imperious, habitual, somewhat like an intuitive process but with this important difference that your intuitions are almost always blurred, deformed by your mind which excels in imitating them and in making you accept its whims for revelations. Here the transmission is clear and exact since your mind has been made inactive through your initial work with this process.

There will be errors before this new mode of action is totally dependable and you must be ready to make mistakes to learn; in fact, you will find that the mistakes always come from an intrusion of your mind; each time your mind intervenes, it blurs everything, splits everything up and impedes your progress.  Through these very mistakes and repeated experiences you will find through your own experience that the mind is not an instrument of knowledge, but only an organizer of knowledge, and that real knowledge comes from somewhere else.

In truth, there is nothing that your mind can do that cannot be done better through your mind’s immobility and thought-free stillness through continuous daily practice.  It is the establishment of the position of the Witness Within that allows you to operate from a new center, the actual center of your very own soul.


One of the first discoveries which enables you to take control of your life from the position of the Witness Within is that not only do the thoughts of others come to you from outside, but that your own thoughts also come in the same way, from the outside.  When you have achieved a sufficiently transparent state, you can feel, in the silent immobility of your mind, little swirling eddies which strike your atmosphere or certain light vibrations which draw your attention.

If you lean over a little to ‘see what it is’, if you let one of these swirls enter into you, you will find yourself suddenly thinking of something.  What you just discovered lying within the periphery of your being was a thought form in its pure state, a mental vibration existing just before it had the time to enter your mind unperceived ready to rise to the surface with a personal form – a form which you would previously have considered to be your own thought.

A good thought reader can read your thoughts in exactly this same way since it is not the thoughts which are caught but rather the vibrations to which he or she applies an appropriate mental form. This discovery leads to an interesting truth – if we were capable of creating a single thing ourselves, even if it was just a small thought form, we would be able to be creators of the world itself.

This mechanism and its implications are imperceptible to the common person since he/she lives in a constant turmoil and because the mechanism for the appropriation of the vibrations works almost instantaneously and automatically.

Due to education and multitudinal levels of conditioning received over a lifetime, mankind is accustomed to select from the universal Mind a certain type of vibration or vibrations, fairly narrow in range, with which there has developed an affinity, and at the end of life he/she switches on the same wavelength, reproduces the same vibratory mode and turns round and round in a mental cage.

Through the scope of our vocabulary we create the image that we are progressing through our changing ideas.  But to change your ideas is not to progress, it is not to rise to a higher or more rapid vibratory mode, but rather it is only to spin round one more pirouette in the midst of the same environment.

Once you have seen that your thoughts come to you from outside and you have repeated this experience many times, you hold the key to the true mastery of your mind.  Until then it is difficult to get rid of a thought since you will believe that it is yours once it has entered inside and when it is yours, and when you still consider it yours you are too invested in its well being.  When you finally see it as coming from outside, it becomes significantly easier to reject it.

Once you are master of your own silence, you are a master of the mental world – instead of being eternally clamped to the same wavelength, you can now run through the whole gamut of wavelengths and choose or reject what you please.


All developed mental people, those who get beyond the average, have in one way or another been able to separate the two parts of their mind, the active part, which is a factory of thoughts and the quiet part which is at once a Witness and a Will, observing them, judging, rejecting, eliminating, accepting, ordering corrections and changes, the Master in the House Of Mind, capable of self-empire.

The true Master goes still further – she/he is only a master there but even while in her mind she gets out of it and stands above and back from it and free. For her the image of the factory of thoughts is no longer quite valid for she sees that thoughts come from outside, from the universal Mind, sometimes formed and distinct and sometimes unformed needing to be given shape somewhere in us.

The principle business of our mind is to give either a response of acceptance or a refusal to these thought waves, vital waves or physical waves. 


Sit in meditation as has been recommended but this time do not mentally ‘voice’ a mantra and do not think.  Look only at your mind!  As you do, you will see thoughts coming into it. Before they can enter, throw them away from your mind until your mind is capable of entire silence.

Just do this and your mind will become silent as a windless air on a high mountain summit and you will be able to see one thought and then another coming in a concrete way from the outside. If you can do this successfully, from that moment on, the mental being in you will become a free Intelligence, a universal Mind, not limited to the narrow circle of personal thoughts which are ‘manufactured’ in your thought factory, but a receiver of knowledge from all the realms of being, free to choose what is willed in the vast sight and thought empire of the physical world.

Having started from the small mental construction of your Outer Personality wherein you believed yourself to be quite intelligent and in control of your destiny, you now are forced to ask yourself how you could have lived within that small and suffocating prison of your conscious mind. You are struck by the absurdity of having lived for so many years amidst these impossibilities and barriers of the Outer World.  In the end, you realize that anything becomes possible, and after living for twenty or thirty years or more in your limited mental shell, you now begin to breath freely in the open air.

All of a sudden the contradiction of the inner and the outer becomes resolved.  This distinction was only a symptom created by your mental calcifications. In truth the without is everywhere within!  Your actions in life become more clear-sighted, more effective and more powerful.  The substance of your mental being now becomes still, so still that nothing disturbs it.

If thoughts or activities come, they cross your mind as a flight of birds crosses the sky in a windless air. It passes, disturbs nothing and leaves no trace.  Even if a thousand images or the most violent events pass across it, the calm stillness remains as if the very texture of the mind were a substance of eternal and indestructible peace. 

A mind that has achieved this calmness can begin to act, even intensely and powerfully, but it will keep its fundamental stillness – originate nothing from itself but receiving from Above and giving it a mental form without adding anything of its own, calmly, dispassionately, with the joy of the Truth and the happy power and light of its passage.