2.29 You Need To Guide Your Life Using Your Right Brain Intuition Instead Of Left Brain Logic & Reason

“Indeed, it is not intellect but intuition which advances humanity. Intuition tells man his purpose in this life.”

Albert Einstein


You begin to become greater than your self (your ego) and you begin to discover that you are now a tool or a channel for desires which are more universal and are contained within a framework that extends well beyond your own personal life. Life becomes a process of “correctly responding” to the prompts and urges of your internal intuitive voice.

If you do your work well and become able to create Divine Meaning within your life and those who surround you, you will become little more than a puppet whose strings now become orchestrated by someone or something other than your self.  It is within this state of surrender that you will find all of the riches of the Universe.  You will simultaneously enjoy the states of pleasure, happiness and incredible meaning and a door will open unto you wherein these states will become more and more a permanent condition within your life.

It is here that all of your desires will be fulfilled because your desire nature has now come into total alignment with the underlying nature that created everything – what I call The Purposiveness.  It is here that you enjoy perfect health, because nothing less than perfection will quickly fill your physical vehicle, the body which contains you, your individualized point of consciousness.  It is here where you will enjoy perfect relationships because now this power, this force, takes over your personal relationship activities and attempts to reach out and communicate with the hidden perfection that lies within all others – incessantly and gently prodding and motivating these subtle energies to rise into your conscious awareness.


Nature in all of its wisdom, will work through you in the most efficient manner and use you as its tool to accomplish your most ideal purpose.

Instead of spending many years or more with a qualified master (if you could even find one) learning how to open your heart center to surrender to the intuitive voice of this Divine Desire, there is an elegantly simple method available to you, one that not only realigns personal desires and allows abundance of all kinds to flow into your life, but which also can realign physical ailments and disease.

All that you need to do is to learn to listen and Surrender to the Desire of this greater force.  Does this mean that you no longer have any desires? No not at all, for now, you have a tremendous capacity for desiring. 

The only difference between your original state of consciousness and your new awakened state is that this Desire now comes from a source beyond that of your normal everyday self.  It is as if another more powerful person or entity exists within your heart and your mind and attempts to intercede over your life. You will find that this new voice never requires and never asks you to do anything. The motivation that you receive comes from a wise and loving force and its requests always exist first as a possibility always presented as such and looking for you to create your own intention to take action, always concerned for your welfare, never wanting to lead you into anything that you cannot handle or which isn’t always in your best interest.

This Force, this Purposiveness that wells up within you is the source of true happiness and is the only source that leads to finding real meaning in life.

This is the Essence of Life Itself and the state of being that you are meant to share with those who are intelligent, wise and capable of self discipline to become true masters of their own destiny. There is no other way to become truly fulfilled – you ultimately must Surrender to this Force. 

This is the one and only accomplishment that lies ready and remains available for your use. It is up to you to raise yourself from where you are to work toward bringing the voice of this Force into your life.

Your first step is to desire to bring this voice into your conscious awareness. It will continue to remain dormant until you create an interest in activating its messages so that you can hear them. Until you do this, pleasure and happiness will be temporary states which come and go throughout your lifetime. When you die, meaning will be but a poorly executed series of actions and your life will go down in history as one of those many who are never heard of again who become completely lost in the passage of time.

Meaning rests with those whose voice lingers on well beyond their physical existence.  The permanent growth capable of being contained within your soul comes about only through creating meaning within your life. It never comes through just the attainment of pleasure or happiness.

Meaning is the quest we each have come here to pursue. It is the ultimate goal with which each of our lives can be measured.

Meaning does not exist in the outer world – the world of action is only it’s playground, one of its means for expression. Meaning must first be sought out within the depths of your inner world, the domain of your consciousness and the seat of your sixth sense – your intuition.  When you finally make a solid connection, your sixth sense can be fully developed and activated so that it is always available to you within your inner world.

If you make a connection in a balanced and harmonious way, this voice of your sixth sense will begin to naturally want to express itself in your outer world of action. If it doesn’t, you have blocked it in some way through your conscious thoughts or subconscious fears.

This Force always manifests itself in both worlds, the inner as well as the outer. You are but it’s intermediary, it’s shell, it’s container.  It needs you since you are an agent through which it can express itself in the outer world. However, it never intercedes on its own in the outer world – it always works through an intermediary.

It works through clearly definable levels, follows perfectly determinable rules and never takes exception to the Laws of Nature. If it did, reality as we know it would be susceptible to sudden and irreversible change such that it would not be a dependable background upon which to carry out our experiments of life. Life as we know it would have long vanished through the indeterminability and lack of a system of dependability for maintaining a linear progression of action and reaction throughout time.

The ancient law of Karma is nothing more than these determinable rules operating through the linear progression of time – past, present and future.

The Purposiveness’ determinable nature has created a system for you wherein the creation of meaning is a major goal, a primary purpose. By being able to depend on these determinable laws, you have a vehicle of expression for the growth of your own consciousness. And through investigation of determinable laws as projected against a background Purposiveness, you can examine how existence came into being and how it evolved to its current level at this point in time.

The communication faculty of the human mind allows you to interpret the purposiveness of the universe in your own language, in words that you understand, in pictures that you can relate to and in pure knowings – lightning flashes of pure intuition without any verbal or visual form of communication. You have an incredible capacity to interpret energy – to turn pure force into perceptual experiences and perceive into the mysteries of the universe.

All that it takes is to develop your innate intuitive nature and allow the rational logical mind (that you so dearly have developed) to take a back seat. Lead your life from your correct intuitive knowings and not your faulty belief ridden rational logical mind. Learning to respond to the correct promptings of your intuitive mind is your real goal and what you should be working on doing.