2.25 Shifting Your Center Of “Seeing” & Learn How To Use Intuition To Guide Your Life

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Philosopher, Speaker, Writer

Your Center Of “Seeing”


Today, just about everything we know about life has become mentalized and compartmentalized within a powerful knowledge base created mostly from the use of logic and reason. This mental approach to life is very sterile and lacks the ability to nurture us using the real but invisible forces of qualities like love, compassion, and concern for all of life that surrounds us.

It is time to move away from leading life primarily from the level of our mind. Mind can order and it can forecast our future based upon observable activity, but through it’s ignorance of the interconnectedness and source of phenomena and the oneness of the multiple dimensions of life and their method of inter relationship, mind can only render a fragmented view of life. A true understanding can only come to a person who lives in the consciousness of unity and who has reached this level through specific methods designed for this purpose.

If there are an infinite number of possible future directions that humanity could traverse in the future, wouldn’t it be best to pick the one that is the most authentic and best aligned with the underlying Purposiveness that propels evolution itself? Is there a way for us to locate and uncover this best and most authentic path for our future given the limited state of our almost wholly mentally oriented consciousness?

When we realize that all matter and all form is a condensation of the energy of Time, knowledge of the operation of the essence of time within the manifested world becomes a prime component for the success of such an undertaking. Our ancient civilizations had access to this authentic knowledge, have understood the importance of the hidden key of time, and have incorporated it into their monuments that remain a mystery to modern man because the deeper meaning that is hidden can be revealed only when the structure is properly placed within the movement of time. Modern man no longer posses a language or a methodology to “see” and appreciate the deeper movement of time and has lost his ability to uncover necessary knowledge through the underlying universal laws which initially might seem esoteric in nature but ultimately reveal that which we need to know to move forward. These architectural monuments of olden days are much like cosmic clocks that can be read if their geometry was related to the movement of the whole. The study of sacred geometry (when placed within the light of the understanding of it’s inherent time element) can reveal the truth of that form and anything related to it using the law of correspondence which tells us that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. When we see this

clearly, we will also find that time IS the force within which God makes his appearance in the world. By understanding the movement of life through time, we become capable of literally seeing the footprints of God in our physically manifested reality.

This type of hidden and revealing knowledge has been well represented within our old cosmologies of the universe that have been incorporated in the pyramids, temples, and other structures which contain representation of universal principles relative to our life on Earth through the law of correspondence. Such structures are able to reveal all that they contain through the design and knowledge endowed by their creators and can possess actual power – the power to influence, shape, and mould consciousness in the realm of existence each structure embodies. For a person who has reached the proper level of consciousness of unity, a structure can “speak” to him through the law of correspondence and pass on knowledge that was possessed by generations who no longer live upon Earth.

When communication becomes possible, it occurs through the inherent energy of Time because all form is the condensation of Time’s energy which when analyzed, reveals the history of that of which it is a product. Time is the power behind the movement of consciousness. It allows for the creation of the stuff of our manifested world, and is it’s motor. Time is consciousness in motion or what may more accurately be described as sequence. Consciousness cannot exist without Time. Time is only knowable in the realm of Consciousness.

Religious leaders have erroneously tried to convince us that spiritual experience transports us to a level of existence beyond Time and Space both through the concept of meditation and through telling us that heaven only exists only after the death of our physical body. They have taught us that if we quiet our mind, we can, with practice, reach a position of Bliss or a position that reflects a more ideal approach to life than our normal daily living. If we should reach that place, however, it is not because we have arrived somewhere significant, but rather because we have successfully negated the voice of our mind as an instrument, and as a result, we move into a position of negation – there is no time and there is no space – not this nor that. For awhile, this position may be helpful in catching our balance and allowing our brain waves to become balanced through their disengagement, but the real outcome is that consciousness is forced into a negation of positive and dynamic existence as we become temporarily trapped in a void until a release occurs that allows movement once again and our consciousness recovers cognition of itself. Such a state of being is much like a plunge into a black hole. Our entire purpose and reason for existence is to use our embodied carbon based organic containers to “see” and to become conscious. We have been working on the development of our consciousness for a very long time and are getting to a point where we are acquiring a greater capacity to hold a fuller vibratory experience without the risk of falling into this opposite position of non-being – emptiness – the void. In reality, we are moving closer to actually being able to create heaven upon Earth while still conscious and physically alive, not having to negate our very bodies and souls to escape somewhere else.

We are just beginning to be able to do this and move beyond mind. Mind is a tool of the lower hemisphere of our being and can only be used within that range of activity (survival, pleasure, sex, and physical well-being). When attempts are made to bring mind into the higher realms of existence, the result can easily be the negation of our lower being. On the other hand, when the physical begins to participate consciously, the whole body and all levels of its existence are able to find a direct connection to the Source of all existence and mind is not needed as the bridge. When the physical is awakened, a power emerges which allows us to remain conscious as greater heights and corresponding depths emerge and become available through our own activity.

It actually is our task to bring these higher levels of existence down into the physical world and to ground them as real and complementary energies along with the energies of our lower desires and our lower needs. This is our next stage of human development. Our real task, however, is to eventually hold a fuller vibratory force so that literally, we can divinize our material world and the entire Earth around us. Heaven does not exist in a state beyond the death of our body only accessible upon the ending of our individual life. It is meant to exist here upon Earth while we’re living. That is our destiny and one of our most important new discoveries and adventures that will accompany the transition we are making from living life at the level of mind (it’s no wonder we call this the Information Age, a truly mental existence) to living life at the level of the heart, our very soul existence.

The Mental Emotional Balancing Program that I share (without charge) in Section 3 of this course is one of the few disciplines that I know of that efficiently helps to quiet the mind but not by emptying it. Rather, we fill it with archetypal symbols and shapes (that contain important primal foundational relationships) that all on their own, hold the essence of true power and are able to awaken latent positive energies within our own lives. This is how we begin to easily create a true bridge to take us where mind cannot go. This is how we make a transition from mind to heart and allow our inner voice to emerge within our daily surface lives and to help us gain the emotional strength needed to listen to and have total faith in the guidance of this inner voice. More about the Mental Emotional Balancing Program will be shared later in this material. For now, I would like you to consider the limitations involved with leading your life mostly from the level of mind and be willing to consider opening first your heart and then your voice of intuition and inner knowledge.

It is the physical vessel and the state of organic matter that is the object of our future evolution. The physical is the container of consciousness, the chalice that must hold both the descent of force from above and the ascent of the power from the three dimensional physically manifested world that we stand within on a daily basis. As Arthur Young shares in his cosmology, the Reflexive Universe, the universe is a Process put in motion by Purpose. This Process involves the descent of Spirit into the depth of matter, one kingdom at a time until it reaches the singular bifurcation point of the Turn and then begins a climb (after a revelation-ary awakening), an ascent out of matter and back toward Spirit carrying with it the history, the memories, and the experience of it’s full exploration within Time.

Because matter is a crystallization within the time of Consciousness, and if Consciousness were to express itself at its’ highest and most authentic potential level, our material creations would truly become those of heaven upon Earth instead of the cheap, caustic, dead, throw away forms of today’s consumer oriented economy. This is the ultimate destiny of humanity and at the present time we are located at the crossroads of the first two important components of this transitional Process:

  1. We currently are at the very depth of the descent of Spirit into matter. If this was described graphically, the following arc shape would describe this experience:

We see all around us the evidence of the peak and height of the use of the rational logical mind which “sees life” filled with separate objects and activities  whose current purpose is to satisfy the temporary delights of the lower nature of man. At the same time, we begin to observe the destruction of life that is selfishly occurring because we’ve lost our position of Oneness with all things that surround us and only see our individual self as the center of our own universe (motivated mostly by greed and sexual and sensual gratification – all lower levels of consciousness). This is the actual social condition of modern man as we begin the 21st century. It is also the position in time of a turning point, a literal awakening, where a new way of seeing is required to stop any further descending and to shift direction to begin our ascent.

We are at the position of the singular bifurcation point in Time, The Turn, where we individually are being challenged to surrender the hold of our ego and it’s use of the mind as it’s primary instrument for “seeing life.” We are being encouraged to make a grand surrender, one person at a time, and to move our perceptual center away from the mind and instead into the heart. We have experienced first hand what our self-centered greed and sensual gratification oriented approach to life creates for us and the results are not good nor are they sustainable. The shift that is required is one of a movement away from approaching life from the left side of the brain (that of rational logical thought) and into the realm of the right side of the brain (intuitive knowing and connectedness with all of creation).

It is our center that must shift and for the moment, before anything else. When I further elaborate, using Arthur Young’s cosmology as a foundation for our work, I will introduce the concept of moving out of the Age of Reason (the Information Age) and into the Age of Creative Genius (the Age of Intuition and Creativity), our next exciting phase of human development.

The fourth kingdom or level of evolution is where we are at today and it is the laboratory of the third kingdom where the law of cause and effect affords the opportunity for the recognition of truth, for the enlightenment that is the goal of evolution – the new way of “seeing.

Our old way of “seeing life” which currently supports capitalism as it’s primary ideology is a viewpoint that exists from the position of the individual personality, the ego. The ego sees everything as separate from all other and it’s own influence occurring at the center of the entire world. Right next to this old center lies a witness, another point of seeing that in most people is fully asleep and inactive. This is what is referred to as our soul, a center within space/time that forms our actual direct connection with the Spirit that is capable of permeating all of Creation. We have arrived at a place in the evolution of human consciousness where the ego must take a back seat to the inner promptings of our intuition, the realm of our inner voice that is waiting to guide us and help us form a new and better approach to life.

The universe is an expression of the soul of the Supreme Creator, our Source, and the Manifest in its infinitude of dimensions as well as the Unmanifest (what I call the Zero Plane Accretion Disk, or the ZPAD) is to the Supreme what the soul center is to man. The soul is a spark of the Spirit in its plunge into the deepest depth of total being, the three-dimensional physically manifested universe (what I call the 3DPMU).

In the evolutionary Process, we as humans, inhabit one of seven kingdoms of existence whose ultimate goal is the evolution of the individual soul, the evolution of the ultimate beingness, and ultimately a return back to the position of the Supreme.

We must be careful, however, not to overemphasize the soul. Not only is it subordinate to Spirit (soul is the second and sixth level while spirit is the first and seventh level – more about that when we get into the Arc of Creation), but in a sense, it does not yet exist consciously within most people. Man is not very far along in his evolution and is only now crossing the half way mark of his development and is moving into the transition period of The Turn (more about this later in this material). At the present time in his evolution, his soul connection is unconscious and involuntary. It is not only not visible in the creation of his outer world but he is awaiting what is called in Christianity, the Virgin Birth – an actual awakening and a new way of seeing and a movement from his old ego mind governed center to his intuitively guided heart center. This new position, this new center, must be sought out and discovered by each individual person before humanity collectively can move into a Golden Age.

There is a coming Golden Age, but its full manifestation is far off in our future even though the moment of it’s birth and unfolding in the world is now occurring during our present time. We first must make it through The Turn (an extremely challenging transitional period) one person at a time. It is here that our greatest surrender is made and the prior descent of Spirit then can become an ascent. It is here at The Turn where our evolution quits being unconscious and subject to the play and randomness of nature, and where we are able to truly “see” and gain a glimpse of our ultimate destination and individual and collective future paths. It is here where we move toward what might be described as the Divine Light.

It is through this new consciousness and the corresponding understanding it requires to be made known that the Light of Recognition is able to guide us through the Turn. When we make it through the Turn, our shift becomes instantaneous and can occur only in the present moment. The present is not a part of time, because it is always the present. Time is the shadow of the present and derives from it. Consequently, the particular potency of The Turn primarily is recognition – recognition of a principle, realization of a truth, reconciliation of duality – satori! It is here where the connection is made and an approach to life based upon duality can give way to a conception of Oneness. This is the goal, the privilege, and the next step of the evolution of man at our present time and is the formative principle that enables us to evolve so that our evolution ultimately leads to our potential divinity.

A new Gnostic race is emerging and its successful birth during our present time is fully dependent upon man (not God) to make it through The Turn. How many times in past history have we reached a similar bifurcation point in space/time and failed and evolution has had to start all over? We will never know as the challenging aspects of such a Grand Surrender face us now at the beginning of the 21st century and our ability to make the necessary surrender will ultimately decide the success or failure of our collectivity. The very survival of the human race depends on our making it through this transitional period. The only question remaining (whose answer is dependent upon how quickly and easily we surrender and go through the requirements of the Turn) is how many of us will survive? Odds are that when we reach the end of the 21st century, our 6.5 to 10 billion population will have dwindled away due to a multitude of adverse forces and we will be left with only a billion or fewer people walking the face of the earth.

Through our old tools of destruction and dissolution, we have unleashed a multitude of global problems that will soon force us to shift or perish. The only problem with making such a shift will be to figure out what we need to do and how we should go about doing it. As a society, we do not possess an authentic cosmology that has been reduced to a sustainable approach to life that can become a roadmap for our future. Without that, how will we be able to begin the journey and get there if we don’t know where our ideal destination is?

It is time for the seeds of a new realization, a new way of “seeing.” This must manifest now if the larger collective experiences are to come forth in our far future. It is the time for the birth of the first cell of this new consciousness and when it emerges, it will be the seed for a new creation. The new way of “seeing” will first be accomplished within consciousness, and through time, it will spread and encompass the entire planet, making it the home for a new divine life.

The unfortunate end result of this process is that a much smaller group of people located in a very specific geographic location on earth will be the ones to survive and thrive. All others will perish or suffer the most grueling conditions of life.