2.21 Who Do I Need To Become At This Stage Of My Journey?



The world is a mess right now and it is perfectly on track. It was supposed to be like this. The only thing that we had control over was it’s timing and not the emergence of this mess.

Your goal should be to pull yourself away from the fray and the pain and suffering that is and will be going on for quite some time. The remainder of the 21st Century will be a period of time where we as the human race must TURN away from where we’ve come from and make a positive TURN toward who we came here to become. That will require learning to use your intuition as the #1 driving force that guides you while at the same time, you place your rational logical minds promptings in the “back seat”.

Here are the 3 key things you must do now to prepare yourself for this change and to open up to the information I’ll be sharing further on in this course.

1. Your belief system must change!

Your conditioned responses have been created by societies brainwashing and have not been formed by your own experiences. What’s real and what isn’t isn’t important to form beliefs. Instead, what you end up believing to be trued is based upon what other’s want you to believe. It’s really important to understand your current responses clearly and to list them on a piece of paper so you can review them on a regular basis. Gradually, each belief that you hold needs to be tested and replaced where necessary for you to be able to accomplish your personal goals that are laid out by your unique life path. You do need to determine what these goals are to head toward them and this course will help you discover what your ideal goals really are. For now, let’s begin by uncovering and reviewing the beliefs that you currently hold. Gradually, these will be changed.

2. How and why you respond in a certain way to the world around you must also change. This involves learning about and utilizing your 12 archetypal energies that you were born with to make positive change plus a whole host of additional things you’ll learn in this course.

Your current way of responding has been created by your own innate archetypal energies that you were born with. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know what they are or how to use them positively and they have randomly affected you without allowing you to control them for your positive development. You can take the archetype quiz I’m sharing to help classify these energies into 12 unique areas so you can view these 12 archetypes that are involved in forming your responses. Once you identify the archetypal energies that are most powerful in your life, you can work with them and learn to harness them and change how you work with them in such a way that you can further become who you came here to be. Each has a power than can be utilized for your advantage. Each has a negative direction that you also need to learn how to dissipate.

3. You Must Become A Visionary!

THIS IS ABSOLUTELY KEY & ONE OF YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TASKS since the 2nd half of human development (once we’ve made it through THE TURN collectively) will only occur once enough people learn how to guide their lives using intuition rather than through the rational logical mind as is being utilized today. Intuition comes from knowings and promptings directly from the Purposiveness that created and guides evolution. The rational logical mind has been formed by your belief system that comes from brainwashing and the conditioning created by the society that you were born into. That is man’s doing and not that of The Purposiveness.

The power of the rational logical mind isn’t supposed to be abandoned, however. You were allowed to develop it for a reason. Instead, it needs to sit in the “back seat” behind your intuition and learn to take on an evaluating role instead of a guiding one.

Your intuition needs to become your driving force and should be used to create your ideal future. Without this intuitive guidance (that comes from outside your self) you once again will end up like a ship without a rudder. With its help and inclusion in your life, you will be able to place yourself in the path that the Purposiveness is taking with our without you. If you desire to thrive in the future, you need to allow the Purposiveness to take over your driving responses and learn to use it to create your ideal future.

At the end of the next course, The Arc of Creation, I will have shared enough knowledge so you can continue working on defining who you really are and what you came here to do with your life. For now, review the points listed below and complete what I’m sharing in this course as best you can. I hope to see you in the next course. The work you do here is needed for your success in the 2nd course.

Here are the items that you can use now to further refine your first answer – Who Am I? The work that you do in this course will be needed for you to benefit fully in the next one.

  • I’ve shared a meditation technique for you to use to quiet your rational logical mind.
  • I’ve shared your various energetic centers of consciousness.
  • I’ve shared how your conditioning has evolved.
  • I’ve shared a process that will help you to change your beliefs.
  • I’m providing a belief worksheet that you can download and use it to begin your work. Use this worksheet to help brainstorm some of the areas that you might want to change. The ones I’m providing are the most common for the majority of people and a good starting point.
  • I’ve shared a process that you can use to list your values. These change as your beliefs change.
  • I shared a stress quiz to help measure the amount of stress that you’re incurring as a result of your choices that you make based on your belief system and the resulting values you hold. You can only take this quiz one time in this free course. It is offered again in my paid course, The Arc of Creation and you can take it as many times as you like within that course. Thing this quiz is an excellent way to determine if you’re making progress and this can be measured by a decrease in stress.
  • I’ve shared your need to further develop and refine your intuitive capabilities.
  • I’ve shared your need to reduce the effect your ego has on your life.
  • I’ve shared how the amount of money you desire is either positive or negative depending upon your personal goals. Take your time to allow this information to sink in and make sense – FOR YOU.
  • If you learn how to make the above transitions well and if you continue on to access the knowledge that I’m sharing in the next two courses, you’ll learn a lot. If you then use this knowledge to further develop yourself in a positive manner, you’ll end up as a “leader” rather than a follower. The leaders that come out of this process will become rich beyond their wildest imagination. Riches not just in money but in living a balanced life that is ultimately fulfilling. That is a rare accomplishment and one that I would like to encourage for all course members.

Being able to know what you came here to do with your life and how and why the universe works will be covered in the next course, The Arc of Creation. Here, you’re working on defining Who You Are right now.