2.20 YOU MUST USE THIS DAILY EXERCISE To Make Positive Change and To Increase Your Mental & Emotional Positions On The Scale Of Consciousness!

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak”

Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
Spiritual Teacher

With this technique, you will be able to increase both your mental and emotional energies that you need to manifest to move up on the scale of consciousness. This will help you dramatically to create positive change.

When you use this technique daily for several years, you’ll be able to increase your mental position on the scale of consciousness at least 100 points and substantially heal your emotional position that is currently holding you back. That is a remarkable increase since living through a normal life provides maybe a 3 point increase in your mental position with little increase in your emotional position.

Daily visualization of the 3 archetypal images that you will find in this technique will automatically increase your position on this Scale of Consciousness. I’ve included a set of affirmation statements and tapping techniques to properly prepare you for these visualizations and an exit tunnel to help you to leave the visual symbol exercises and to return back to this world. You can access this technique area using the button located at the bottom of this page.


The purpose of the visualization exercise that I share in this lesson is to bring your energies into a balanced relationship.  Doing this helps you reach a balance between your thoughts and your actions, so that you can effectively realize your innate potential. Frequencies and forces within you are brought into alignment, achieving inner unity and a new state of inner harmony. The result is a release of your own inner potential, enabling you to begin to operate at greater efficiency with all your faculties performing at an enhanced level.  Problems will become challenges that are solved in a spirit of cooperation.  Old “dilemmas” will suddenly have “new” solutions.

This technique opens the door to allow the real you within to begin to emerge and take control of the outer expression of the new you.  When your energies are balanced and your emotional strength increased and aligned, you will become dynamic and coordinated in a productive fashion.

The way you attain this alignment between your thoughts and your actions is by raising the frequency of your Emotional Strength number into harmonic alignment with the frequency of your numerical position on The Scale Of Consciousness.

Once these three energies are in alignment, you then will be able to constructively use your own inner power. When your whole being expresses internal harmony you can get on with the process of living your life effectively, with love and purpose.

To be more specific, by meditating upon 3 geometric forms, in the correct manner with appropriate entrance and exit tunnel affirmations, your Emotional Strength numerical value is brought up to 1/10th of your Scale Of Consciousness numerical value.  For example, if your Mental Potential is 350, your Emotional Coefficient should be 35.0.  The Mental Potential measurement is the controlling value.  The Emotional Coefficient, which measures your level of performance is subordinate to this controlling energy. but when aligned will allow you to utilize the full range that your position on The Scale Of Consciousness is endowed with. However, I do not recommend that you try to measure your Emotional Coefficient and instead use the daily visualization exercise and your measured position on the Scale Of Consciousness. Gradually, as you perform the daily visualization technique both will advance properly.

95% of all people that Brunler worked with had an Emotional Strength measurement between 18.0 and 22.0 on the Emotional Strength scale, indicating that their “level of performance” was very, very low. Their Mental readings were much higher and did not coordinate with their Emotional values.

Research has confirmed that at least 99% of humanity has a serious lack of balance in respect to the Scale Of Consciousness and Emotional Strength frequencies.  Basically, the disparity means that hardly anyone is living up to the potential they innately sense is available to them.  This lack of balance is the cause of untold discomfort for each individual, in their relationships and in other parts of their lives.

Sages have taught that we cannot improve the world until we make corrections at the source – in ourselves.  With an Emotional Coefficient far below what it should be, you will feel unhappy, frustrated, incomplete, aimless, restless, under some form of stress, unable to find your purpose in life, and out of step with your intentions. 

A high percentage of people are often desperately limited by emotional patterns which include anger, guilt, fears, self-doubt, panic, worries, impatience, resentment and a lack of self-esteem.  Far too many people see the world through the distorted emotional perceptions that prevent clear understanding. 

Naturally, the thinking, planning and overall effectiveness of an individual is seriously impaired by this distorted perception. Unbalanced individuals regularly experience a great deal of frustration as they find themselves unable to manifest their intentions and their actions as they desire. All their relationships, including social, business, career, and professional suffer from this lack of balance.

Once balancing is accomplished through your use of the visualization technique, the quality of your life will change in a very positive way. You will start to see your purpose in life from a clearer perspective.  You will become more assured each day of who you are and how to live in a happier, more compassionate, more mature and wiser way. This is how you Become Who You Came Here To Be.

When you are finally balanced, love and joy radiate through your personality and from every cell of your body. You are as you were intended to be, and nobody will know that better than you. 

You will have opened the door to:

  • Achieving a greater freedom;
  • Improving your ability to contact and express new creativity;
  • Realize that now you have many more choices;
  • Handling day to day situations with greater ease.

You will have finally discovered a way toward achieving your higher potential and have attained a new sense of self-worth, joy, peace and maturity. That is what I wish for you.

Our society generally accepts the concept that positive thoughts and attitudes have a constructive effect on our health.  New cheerful attitudes experienced by those who perform this daily visualization technique cannot help but have a beneficial effect on the health of each individual.

The shifts in potential you make are not the temporary mental “lifts” you generally get from numerous self-improvement paths, but very real, very basic changes focused at the center of your being, that start to help you move constructively toward becoming the person you knew all along you could and should become.

If you perform this daily visualization technique, you will find that this helps you find your own special niche in life and the way to achieve your full potential.

The visualization technique in lesson 3.10 is a key technique to use to Become Who You Came Here To Be. I highly recommend that you use this daily technique to grow into that person.

This visualization exercise is a powerful technique and if you perform it at least once per day, you’ll benefit immensely. It also involves the use of meridian tapping in the entrance tunnel that is used to take you to the 3 geometric symbols. Here is a discussion of what meridian tapping is all about: 


Meridian “Tapping”, is a powerful holistic healing technique that has been proven to effectively resolve a range of issues, including stress, anxiety, phobias, emotional disorders, chronic pain, addiction, weight control, and limiting beliefs, just to name a few.

This tapping technique is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. Tapping with the fingertips on specific meridian endpoints of the body, while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations, helps to calm the nervous system, rewire the brain to respond in healthier ways, and restore the body’s balance of energy It can be used to help change your value and beliefs one at a time.

This tapping procedure accompanies your entrance tunnel affirmations that lead into your use of the visualization technique. I’m recommending that you do this since it will help you to become who you truly are and help to leave behind the conditioned you that is holding you back. Yes, this might seem like a lot of work but in reality, it takes very little time. If you perform the visualization technique (available by clicking the Click Here To Begin button at the bottom of this page) eventually your life will shift and change. Anything positive that helps you to move forward will be an accomplishment and I recommend that you use this technique as part of your work.

Access to this technique is located at the top of this course page along with your roadmap and your profile pages. You don’t need to find this lesson to use it. Both this button and the above link go to the same page so it is easy to access this visualization technique daily.

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