2.17 Your Specific Mental Coefficient On The Scale Of Consciousness

“It helps if you remember that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness.”

Deepak Chopra

How To Identify Your PositionOn The Scale Of Consciousness

This scale is a method of measuring and identifying the level of comprehension of an individual.  It identifies the level of consciousness the individual has received upon birth and doesn’t vary much throughout his or her lifetime. It might go up a few points but that generally is it. The higher the number, the more expanded is the consciousness or awareness and the greater the comprehension. The higher the number the greater is the understanding of complex relationships.These relate to corporate, government, and international relationships and expand toward a capacity for an in depth perception of the world. 

Using the visual meditation technique that I’m sharing in lesson 3.10 you can raise your position close to 100 points in a lifetime. That’s an incredible increase over normal soul growth that is typically 1 to 3 points on this scale if you were to lead a normal life. This increase is substantial and will benefit you tremendously.

The individual with the higher number stands higher on the mountain and is able to perceive and understand on an every enlarging scale – with wider vision, expanding horizons, and with greater depth. They will have greater understanding of the impact of cause and effect in their life. As an individual stands higher on the scale, that understanding of cause and effect will expand to encompass organizations, nations and civilizations.

There is also an ever expanding awareness of the impact and effect of time on one’s life, including the past, present and future. The following descriptions in this lesson are there to allow you to understand the various levels on this scale and the capacities of individuals in each range as to their comprehension, grasp of concepts, potential abilities to perform in the world,  psychic abilities, relationship to others, attitudes toward various belief  systems, understanding of time and space relationships and intelligence. 

Throughout the range of this scale, I’ll describe careers or professions that are within the capacity or potential of people at these respective levels. The references are intended to provide insight and perception about the understanding and potential ability of people these various levels.

In many cases the description of the capacity as related to an activity is rather specific. An example is that of “driver”. The position of limousine driver is best suited  for a person at about 255 to 260 on the scale. That task will take their entire attention. They make excellent drivers. Those below that  number who drive professionally lack the quick reflex capacity to respond  almost instantly to unaccustomed situations. Those above that number have  the capability to drive quite well, but their full attention is not on the task, their mind may wander, and they may tend to get bored. Similar instances are city bus drivers, most proficient at about 265, and inter-city bus drivers, at  about 270 on the scale. There is a distinct difference in ability, understanding and capacity at each number.

With each increase on the scale, an individual at that level is opening to wider awareness and unfolding greater potential and new powers of expression. In  explaining the capacity of individuals at every number on the scale, it is helpful to think of Scale Of Consciousness numbers in Ranges of Awareness rather than one specific number.

Thus, between 100-200 is the Range of Instinctual Awareness. Between 200-300 is the Range of Environmental Awareness. Between 300- 400 is the Range of Conscious Awareness, and between 400-500 is the Range of  Personality Awareness. Each  of  these  ranges  have  subranges within them. Your place on the ladder of consciousness can be understood in the context of progress through that range of awareness and possibility into the next if you use the visualization technique to increase your awareness.

At the same number in each of the ranges, a correspondent degree of ability and growth in that stage can be observed. As an individual begins moving into each of the ranges, their consciousness starts the  development of the skills, abilities, comprehension and awareness that is to be developed in that range. As individuals move to the top of the range, they reach the acme  of  ability for  that sector, and then  move  into  the  next  stage  of  development. This can be compared to reaching the culmination of development in grade school,  then moving to high school,  reaching the peak of development there, and  then moving to the university or college level, repeating comparable stages in each range.

Here are the descriptions of these ranges and the numbers. As you red these descriptions, try to find a place on this scale that most represents your life. Be willing to be somewhat incorrect with your first estimate. Gradually, over time, and after you begin using the visualization technique on a daily basis, your actual level will become more apparent.

Range Of Instinctual Awareness

IN GENERAL:   A fraction of l% of humanity is in this  range.  Our  society  categorizes  those with measurements below 200 as mentally handicapped or severely retarded. They seem to operate by human instinct with their major objective being the development of the physical body. At zero is the first human from the Home Erectus species. This level really doesn’t interest us except for its historical importance.

The level between 100 to 170 is when we began our journey as a human and we needed time to further allow our body to hold an increased brain size and to further develop some of the areas we needed to have to increase consciousness beyond that early range. Today, anyone measuring from maybe 100 to 200 on the scale is severely retarded since we’ve come a long way from our early beginnings and those individuals were created due to some genetic or other abnormality and not because of their actual scale development.

170 – 200:

Mind has very little effect on consciousness at  this  point,  since learning is by  human instinct. Consequently, the cerebral brain within this group of people isn’t well developed.  People at this level can usually learn by repetition. For example if an idea is patiently repeated one word at a time, the individual will gradually understand. 170-200 range people, normally cannot  be  expected  to  grasp  more  than  limited concepts since they do not have the brain nor the other tools needed to go much beyond that point. We can use money as an example. Though some  can comprehend and act on the concept of “saving money for a toy”,  most cannot grasp the idea of delayed gratification.

People may be able to read and write at the lower rung of this subrange, even if their writing is limited to their own name and simple information. By the time a person is at 200 on the scale, this ability has expanded so that the person can read and write quite well; they should be able to write a four or five word sentence upon request at the 200 level.

There is simply no grasp of time relationships within this low range such as how what happens today will affect what happens next week. There is also no awareness of a sense of responsibility until about 190 on the Mental Potential scale. Most of those who are able to care for their own bodies (without the need for someone else to help them) are above 190 on the Scale Of Consciousness.

One’s awareness  is primarily a physical one at this level. The question, “feeling  better?” would normally be understood as only relating to their  physical body and not to their mind.

One’s instinctual awareness of other’s emotions is notable in this  subrange. A person in this range can “feel” their parents anger, for instance. If this ability is  identified, a person in this bracket could discuss their instinct that someone is angry with them, and perhaps make strides in communication.

The ability to carry out a task appears to be limited simple single actions rather than a whole sequence of steps. If asked to do some chore for first time, there may be a considerable time delay, since the person hasn’t yet performed it enough times for the chore to become part of their instinctual memory.  Some individuals whose measurement is near 200 on the scale can grasp the concept of taking  responsibility for a particular action each day at the same time without being reminded, while most are unable to consistently perform that task.

There is a loving quality expressed by those born into the170 to 200 range. Love seems to radiate from them, although their comprehension of the world around them is severely limited.

Range Of Environmental Awareness

IN GENERAL:  Approximately 8O% of humanity measures in this range. The overall objective of a “200” range person is to develop an understanding of, and the capability to cope with their physical Surroundings. At the same time, they are  building their emotional nature. Here is where one learns the ethics, mores and societal patterns of their civilization, such as respect for others and personal property rights. It is in this range that a way of life based upon material relationships is developed.

At every point up the scale, physical skill, ability and  coordination  increase  as does confidence in using one’s hands. They work with physical and emotional abilities rather than mental abilities. By the time the higher subranges of Environmental Awareness is reached, one has an amazing degree of “horse sense”  which is acknowledged by one’s peers. Thus, emotional qualities and their expression parallels the development of physical skills.

An individual here can be inventive in constructing and using tools with  tangible, practical results for them or their group. In the religious or philosophical sphere, 200 range people understand God as an authority, or as nature. They find a special reality in the Ten Commandments, to which they  turn for ethical guidelines when living in groups.

Their interest in life is in things to see and do. Therefore, we do not expect people in this range to be as susceptible to developing neuroses as those at higher  levels,  since their belief system and happiness are tied to concrete, stable, physical things.  Individuals in the 200 range evaluate their own success in terms of money and prestige based upon material possessions.


In the lower segment of this subrange, the individual will have rather limited comprehension and may appear to be unaware and carefree.  Gradually  they  develop an increased sense of responsibility, increased understanding of the use of money and a grasp and increasing acceptance of family responsibilities. There will be improved ability to work with simple machinery, in building trade activity, factory work and  in positions having some inter-related duties.

At  this  level,  you  can  expect  increased interest in the home, in sports, and in any kind of “see or do” entertainment. Individuals here are just starting to develop  the emotional Mind. They are still materialists in the basic sense of the word, and respond to the loudest appeals made to their physical nature. Orthodox or often heard ideas are the ones they will usually express. When communicating with people in this range, parables are well  employed in getting philosophical concepts across to them.

In considering this subrange, there is a tremendous pool of human energy that can be put to constructive use in any assembly line that depends upon a fairly simple task performed over and over again. Thus, people here can become a productive part of our industrialized society. Contrary to what others may think who are higher on the Mental Potential scale, and who would be bored and unhappy with such work, people at this level find happiness and fulfillment in performing such tasks.  However, a more complicated task may be beyond their ability or comprehension, and lead to emotional distress and eventually show as physical problems as well.


In this subrange, individuals are moving to the category of skilled.

Starting at 250 and continuing through the rest of the 200 range, one increasingly understands abstract ideas for which there exists proof or results. Imagination begins here but is very basic.

By 270 on the Mental Potential scale, one can be successful in all the trades, in office and factory work, and in more difficult repair and maintenance  activity. This group can do well selling tangibles, as a bookkeeper, machinist, cook, nurse, chauffeur, and as an operator of heavy duty equipment. People in this range are excellent at handling more complex physical tasks with great skill. In the arts, they are successful as commercial photographers and as dancers. In the natural  sciences, they make very good nurserymen or gardeners.

Although there is only a limited grasp of purpose here, (since purpose is a principle, and only the highest ranges can understand principle), imagination as  it relates to the physical world emerges in this subrange.

At about 270 on the scale, creature comforts begin to become very  important.  Hence, at this point, you could expect such individuals to make excellent cooks, as well as successful hotel workers, salespeople and personal service counselors.


Skills improve with each number above 270, so that people who measure in the upper segment of this bracket can be expected to move to the top level  of  performance  in  any  physical world activity. With a high degree of control over their own  physical  body, they would normally be successful in all sports activity. They could make their  mark as instructors,  coaches, and participants in the sport of their choice. A perfectly balanced person in this range was Jack Dempsey, the world champion boxer. He was found to have a Mental Potential number of 282 and an Emotional Coefficient of 28.2.

Individuals here can also do fine precision work in any field, and can succeed as scientific farmers, owners of small businesses, precisions machinists and toolmakers, office managers, office workers, teachers (grade and High School),  and hotel  operators. They can be outstanding chefs, realtors, and department supervisors in large businesses.

In the arts, they are excellent group performers, such as dancers in a troupe. They are also good at translating ideas into language easily grasped by individuals at lower levels.

Range Of Conscious Awareness

Approximately 17% of humanity has a Mental Potential measurement in the 300 range. The objective here is to become “mind oriented”, to develop the mind and to become skilled in the conscious use of the concrete mind.

The ability to grasp and live in the world of abstract concepts grows. People here learn to shape ideas, and to use their minds to see and handle relationships and to organize, categorize and analyze knowledge.  Here, too, individuals develop a conscience, (a sense of guilt), ethical principles, or a grasp of the moral “goodness” of their  own  conduct. Whereas before, the Ten Commandments were understood in a literal sense, now we move on to a more abstract comprehension of the intent.  In this range the leadership of a nation emerges.

As individuals move higher into the intellectual level, they become more and more aware of feeling inadequate as they perform below their true level of potential  ability. Normally, the higher their Mental Potential measurement, the greater is the frustration experienced by someone who is not balanced. Therefore,  people here seek counseling or other assistance to find a way to be more “well adjusted” both at home and at work.


The individual is transitioning from the material to the intellectual level and is beginning to apply creative mind to physical plane activities. This shift is also the first step in the process of becoming conscious of the “self” as an  inner person. In  other words, this is the point at which the mind takes its first step toward control over the physical nature.

A number of abilities develop now, including excellent memory and the ability to learn languages easily. By 318, people may have such remarkable memories as they become adults that they are considered “geniuses” and are expected to do quite well in the business or educational world. People in this subrange can “quote  the book” with ease, and love to argue. However, people here may not have developed the ability to apply their knowledge to new situations, so they may do less than they or others expect of them. This may cause a great sense of frustration. The dress and actions of people  in this bracket reflect an artistic flair. They usually display unusual control over their physical bodies. (i.e. a person in the 295-315 transition subrange could be technically proficient in ballet and find their life purpose here. However, to be a true great in this field would  require someone with a measurement above 450.)

Between 295 and 318 a strong sense of fearlessness emerges. Couple that with a strong inner sense of self confidence, and people here may feel invincible. Dangerous jobs excite them. A more highly evolved individual may consider them to have a limited moral sense. (Remember, in this range  a  conscience is being developed.) Many in this bracket possess an almost hypnotic ability that leads others to believe  them even when they are not telling the truth. An apparently unrelated flair often found with individuals in this range is the ability to identify real gems at a glance.

Activities in which they can be very successful include clothes design,  modeling, physical therapy, test pilot, stuntman, teacher, buyer, band musician,  wood carver, art dealer, floral designer, jeweler, ballet dancer,  broker, draftsman, supervisor, salesman, display designer, stationary engineer, physical fitness coordinator, commercial  photographer, farmer, nurseryman, and many related activities.


Between 318 and 330, the individual is in the preliminary subrange for developing increased reasoning power, and applying control over memory. Since many ministers, missionaries,  evangelists and teachers were found to have Mental Potential measurements between 318-321, it seems fair to conclude that a service oriented attitude often develops here.

From 320 to 330,  the first of the intuitive capabilities becomes available. Intuition is the ability to obtain knowledge without conscious recourse to reasoning. A talent surfaces for quick insight into people, things or situations. One knows without knowing how one knows. A  direct understanding  just  seems to pop into one’s consciousness.

From this stage on, one increasingly recognizes an ability to use this latent skill. Mind reading as the first form of intuition seems to peak at 327. Often people use this talent unknowingly, and go through life surprised at how well they can “guess” what others are  thinking. Once such  intuitive knowledge is called to their attention, they realize how much and how often they have been using this ability in everyday life.

A person here feels in control of themselves and their body. They often have “happy-go-lucky” attitudes, as if to say, “Oh, it won’t matter a hundred years from now. . .”

As the result of one’s increasing ability to apply creative ideas to the physical world, people in this Mental Potential subrange have great success in such areas as landscape architecture, interior decoration and occupational therapy. With the emerging mind reading ability, they adapt wonderfully to people, since they are so aware of how others feel. Those in this Pre-Intuition Subrange are usually noted for loyalty and strong support. Such a combination of qualities makes them highly successful in sales work, personnel management, as laboratory technicians, cabinet makers and artisans who work with materials. They also do very well in almost any office position.

An extra sensory perception ability frequently found in the 320-330 subrange is an aptitude for fortune-telling.


Intuition is being strengthened throughout this stage, as the conscious mind begins receiving knowledge of a higher awareness. One then seeks to develop the reasoning ability to decipher this new knowledge and how it should be used.  Correct interpretation of the knowledge being received grows as one develops the capacity to think with greater clarity.

Sensitivity to people is a marked characteristic in The Subrange of Intuition. At 330 one exhibits sensitivity about how others will react to them or how they will get  along with friends. At 340, this ability seems to shift to an awareness of how friends will react in new situations, and what the future of relationships with others may  hold. At 350, there is an awareness of relationships with others over a longer period of time. From 360 to 370, intuition expands to include the ability to judge people and investments, and finally to accurately choose the right timing for introducing new ideas to others. (Note  that  there  is extra sensory perception at every level on the Mental Potential scale. Some people are afraid of such abilities and deny them, but some form of ESP seems to be available at every Scale Of Consciousness measurement.)

One note of caution: there may be a tendency here to idealize people and expect too much them, which later leads to disappointment.

Usually, an artistic interest is found at this stage in either work or hobby. Good marriage partners are found here, as they adjust well to other people, either higher or lower on the Mental Potential scale.

At this point security is measured in personal relationships, rather than in things or Money. Through such relationships, people in The Subrange of Intuition grow and achieve their fulfillment. There is a step-up in imagination, as well as in the organizing of mental abilities. Concurrently there may develop a deeper level of intuition which may seem almost psychic, that is, to have an ability to sense future events. People at this stage can harness their intuition and become good explorers, detectives,  diagnosticians or decorators.

Actually, someone in proper balance between 360 and  370 can make their mark in all professions, by combining a broad comprehension of the world with deeper intuitive abilities. Many individuals with international recognition in their fields of medicine, research and science exist within this range.


Reason is the operation of the conscious mind done in an orderly fashion.  Normally intuition shuts off, here as one’s focus shifts to ever more reliance on reason. The individual in this range finds security in established concepts and places great credence in intellectual authority. Mind development reaches its peak at this point.

With their comprehension widened, individuals in this subrange are open to a  stream of new interests. They are often unsatisfied with existing knowledge  and seek additional facts to verify or add to established concepts. They like to have the most current data about everything; they need “proof”. Such people have a broad grasp of state, national, and international affairs and quickly comprehend complex  matters. Learning is rather easy for them, which is to their advantage, as they place great value on achieving excellent grades.

Their logical, sequential minds make it a breeze for people here to compile knowledge, then present it in an organized way that makes it easy for others to learn. Add to this their facility with words, and you can see why here are the teachers, professors and stabilizers of a society or a civilization. They constantly modify and re- organize knowledge. The capacity to present well thought out technical reports reaches its peak in this subrange. It is filled with people who will often make presentations to groups, either in their  profession, or as a hobby. Many people here are found successfully leading seminars on all subjects, including spiritual training.  With their abilities and inner tendencies,  it is easy to see how they gravitate to teaching positions in universities, businesses and schools.

Such individuals feel confident that they can know or can find out anything they want. They are usually opinionated in their ideas and beliefs. The nuts and bolts of knowledge in its accepted form is paramount to them, and security is found in accepted intellectual authority. Furthermore, people in this range have a low tolerance for any apparent haphazard thinking that may be common for those either higher or lower on the Mental Potential scale.

The ESP ability of these individuals is a pre-cognitive type which may cause them dismay since it doesn’t fit into their world of reason. In other words, they are often aware of things that will happen in the future. However, they get distressed when a future event – particularly a negative one that they perceived – comes to pass, partially because they can’t logically explain how they knew something was going to happen!  For that reason, many at this level turn off this ability after a few disturbing episodes.

As to the work world, here are potentially successful people in all professional, scientific, technical and administrative fields. As we have indicated, they make outstanding college professors. They can also excel in fields of research as historians, mathematicians, engineers and in other scientific pursuits. Here, too, are found ambassadors, judges, politicians, analysts, archaeologists, lecturers, as well as statisticians, financial  experts, physicians plant managers, and industrial relation consultants. They also make very fine organizers in industry, and are very good high level technical planners.

In the arts, this SUBRANGE gives us directors of orchestras, ballet and drama. Many concert musicians and good artists in the fine arts are here, as are drama and art critics. Surprisingly enough, people in The Subrange of Reason and Logic seem less aware of themselves than people in another  subrange. Yet, their keen awareness of others and the reactions of others  makes them successful as psychologists and counselors.

We  should note two sub-brackets here. One between 370-385 and the other between 385-395.

Between  370-355, one seems to be going through the process of shutting off intuition and increasingly stressing reason and logic. They are learning control of the mind and establishing it over emotional reaction tendencies. By the time a person measures between 385-395, they have reached the peak of the logic and reason ability. Now there is a broadening of horizons and an extension of awareness from the person to more national and international  consciousness.  One’s ability to organize mind, and to categorize and analyze information is refined here. The desire to dig for the facts and get at the heart of cause  may increase now, as does a certain rigidity of thinking.

Range Of Personality Awareness

GENERAL: Less than 2-1/2% of the people in the United States have a Mental  Potential measurement in the  “400  range”. This  is a very important plateau on the Mental Potential scale.  These are the people who have the  capacity  to contribute the great, original ideas to the world. Their inventions, books, and scientific discoveries can move humanity into whole new dimensions of growth. Here too, are those who are the most forward looking leaders in every field.

The primary objective in the 400 range is to become personality-oriented by  synthesizing the personality’s components into an integrated whole. Here, too, consciousness enters Higher Mind and encounters Higher Intuition, (“awareness of wisdom without conscious reasoning, analysis, or sequential thought”), and Higher Wisdom, which provides the discrimination necessary to control and selectively use knowledge and mind. 

Furthermore, once Higher Intuition is expressing, one has stepped over the threshold to true creativity. The dimensions of depth possible here is often quite illogical to the 300 range mind, for it lies outside of time, in the infinite. When Higher Mind is tapped, it opens the door to the increasing use of the Higher Intuition to manage, control and direct the Reason and Logic aspects of mind.  It provides the link which can potentially connect you with the source of all events, from which you select those you want to physically actualize.

Well-balanced people in this range can be found as top executives in church,  business, industry, and government. Here, too, are the most brilliant scientists,  writers whose works live, the great painters, sculptors,  leading design engineers, composers, movie stars, movie directors and creative leaders of our civilization.  Leading doctors, attorneys, newspapers editors, news commentators and famous educators are also found here.

But, with rare exceptions, where performance equals this high level of mental potential, the Emotional Coefficient is almost always found to measure above 30.0.

Since 99% of people in this promising group have Emotional Coefficients  below  30.0, the majority of the people in the 400 range walk around with various degrees of frustration, due to their innate knowledge that they are not living up to what they should  be. The rest of the world loses out, too. I  can only guess what great breakthroughs haven’t taken place, because low Emotional Coefficients managed to inhibit growth.

Often, it is this talented 2-l/2% that winds up wasting time in dull, meaningless  jobs and stifling, dead-end relationships. But as long as the  Emotional Coefficient remains low, they are unable to break out of their unhappy situations, come up with a brilliant game-plan to improve their lives, or in any way perform at the level indicated by their natural Mental Potential. This is regardless of their training, education or potential awareness. Actually this loss to society is at any point on the Mental Potential scale where one has a low Emotional Coefficient, but it is especially true for those with a Mental Potential above 350. Furthermore, there is no clear-cut place in society for those who are 395 or  above. They must be strong enough inside themselves  to develop their own niches in creative, worthwhile employment, as well as personal relationships. It is no wonder that many people in this range often feel “out of step” with  humanity. Many don’t have anyone who understands them, whether as children or adults.

From late childhood, most who are in the 400 range (more specifically those who are above 410 have fascinating, innovative perceptions about the “stuff” of the world. But when they express their concepts to their peers, they are often laughed at, put down, or told such discouraging phrases as, “It’ll never work.” Unfortunately, 400 people with Emotional Coefficient measurements below 29.0 tend to accept what others say, and decide that their own ideas must be erroneous. All to often they refuse to hear the small voice of their Higher Intuition because of this false belief. Hence they cease trusting their own good judgment in evaluating events in the world at large, and in their own lives.

These  individuals  keep hitting  their  head against  society’s proverbial wall, trying to be just like everyone else, and feeling frustrated because they are not like everone else. With an Emotional Coefficient above 26.0 or so, they may have adjusted to this situation without letting themselves feel belittled, or “out of step”.

One’s measure of success changes at the 400 level.  If you remember, in the 200 range, money, prestige, or material possessions are the critera for success. In most of the 300 range, the criteria for success is measured through personal  relationships. At 370, recognition of their knowledge is the criteria for success. Now, above 395, success is measured by  “what have I done to help humanity?”

People at this stage have an inner awareness – usually unconscious – that they must develop greater mind discipline and harness the mind. Although they may not speak about such esoteric subjects as the Higher Mind, something deep within tells them that they will have made available to them knowledge beyond that which is usually known. This often leads a person to feel they must “clean up their act.”

At first, the new, exciting thoughts streaming in from the Higher Mind seem to pass by just beyond  one’s reach. Like a bear unsuccessfully trying to catch a salmon rushing upstream, they lose their catch. However, as the use of and confidence in Higher Intuition develops, one finds undeveloped brain cells awakening as they begin to respond to new frequency ideas flowing into the mind.

People crossing this level share some interesting characteristics. Most find it necessary to be alone some time each day, even though those in lower Mental Potential subranges have trouble understanding this, since such a need is alien to them.

Another characteristic shared by people above 395 is the ability to effectively learn and organize the work designed for people in ranges below them in just a short period of time. Thereafter, they are usually bored.

People above 395 seem to innately believe that everyone is as  smart as they are and that with additional education and training all humanity could understand and accomplish as much as those over 395. This misperception has causes much confusion and anxiety in all ranges. For example, since people in this range are easily bored with jobs designed for people in low ranges, they assume that others in such jobs are also bored. As they repeat and tell others that they also are bored, the tendency is for less evolved individuals to accept these statements and begin to believe that they are or should be bored and begin to believe it is so whether it is true or not. This one action by “over 395″ people has caused a great deal of unhappiness and distress for those who are not as high on the scale.

It is constructive if people in the 400 range realize that the 98% of humanity below 395 does not have their comprehension and can only be communicated with by scaling ideas down to the level of understanding of the majority.


This subrange is also called “The Personality Integration” subrange. Here is where one contacts Higher Mind for the first time, and senses a new innate ability or current which we refer to as the power of Higher Mind. New and different energies tantalize the consciousness. Like Alice in Wonderland, one is suddenly confronted by a strange new world and often reacts at this threshold of widening perceptions by withdrawing into the logic and reason pattern.

Although Higher Intuition begins replacing the earlier dominant reason and logic ability, a person doesn’t have much confidence in the flow of higher energy to their mind. At the same time, Higher Intuition enables one to communicate most effectively with the 98% of humanity below them on the scale. This sensitivity increases through this bracket until 410. Articulate in speech and writing, people here are usually bursting with ideas, and their enthusiasm can excite others.

At this point, individuals here are potentially pioneers in their thinking. If they are employed in some regular activity, they are always thinking up creative ways  to improve the operation, or conditions at work. However, because of self-doubt, those below 406 are often reluctant to use this ability. This hesitance results in one’s decision-making pattern frequently being impaired, and one’s best ideas are often given to others to resent. In effect, since they may not have too much confidence in their new ability, they are unsure of their own  abilities, and unsure of themselves.

As for an activity or profession, individuals here can do very well in almost any area. They have all the abilities of the lower ranges, with the added benefit of  Higher Intuition. When in tune, they can bring expanded understanding, and increased insight into human relations, with the capacity to get new ideas through to all levels of humanity. It follows that they can be excellent publishers, writers, explorers of the mind, orchestra conductors, artists and inventors as well as foundation directors, members of Congress and political  leaders. They can do very well  in scientific pursuits, and can serve as managers in large organizations, and presidents of small and medium-sized corporations. Excellent directors of stage and film productions, research organizations, and leaders in every profession are found in this subrange.

An interesting phenomenon seems to happen to 1 out of about every 50 people who are at 400 on the Mental Potential scale. They may, once or twice in their lives, experience a moment when the curtain is drawn back and they can see out into the universe with great clarity. The curtain is immediately closed again, and they only have the memory of that greater vision.

This is a point at which many people go through internal conflict, as their logic and reason capacity challenges their emergent sense of Higher Intuition. They just don’t know which leg they are to stand on.


Although the bracket between 410 and 430  is called the Curiosity Subrange, it is also referred to as “The Awakening.” In this phase, there is a new, more conscious awareness of Higher Intuition providing one with easily available answers to complex problems, as well as making one aware of problems that may have been long overlooked by others. An increased awareness of long -range implications is incorporated into activities and interests.

In this bracket, one feels more secure in their ability to contact and use the higher energy or Higher Mind power now being received. Wisdom gradually begins overriding intellect here, as confidence grows in the fact that higher knowledge does  exist, even if it can’t be scientifically documented.

This is called the Curiosity Subrange because people in this bracket are  consumed  with curiosity. Between 410 and 417, their curiosity is about things. How do physical objects in the world work? What makes the computer run? Or the car break down? How can things be made to work better?

Then, between 418 and 430, an intense curiosity about people develops.  One almost craves to dissect others to find out what makes them tick?”. What are their motives? How do people interact? What are they really like at the core and why This bracket tackles these and similar questions. A person with a  Mental  Potential between 427 and 430 has developed a fantastic ability to sense other people in depth and to be able to explain what they are like after only a brief conversation.

Another sign of this curiosity is the desire to understand, and perhaps investigate, the broader aspects of the social structure, its arts and sciences, and the  impact and interaction of the social sciences.

As for ESP abilities, natural healers are most often found to have a Mental  Potential of 428. In some cases, this ability continues until the individual measures about 433.

In the entire bracket between 410 and 430, self confidence in one’s ability increases. Here are people who can potentially have a powerful influence over groups, with the knack for knowing just what the public needs from both a physical and  spiritual viewpoint. In this subrange, individuals are to some  degree removed from attachment to things and are aware of a lessening attachment to people as well. Here, too, one starts seeing relationships in patterns, and experiences a rapid expansion of the ability to manage ever larger and more complex organizations, be they of facts or people. Also, at around 420- 425, you will find a new ability on the horizon; that of empowering others. People at this level seem able to use their energy to support and encourage those with whom they come into contact; to help others feel more relaxed  and confident that it can get done, whatever the chore or problem at hand may be. They are the ones at work with offices that associates “escape” into to take a break, since just being around  them is  invigorating, people with a Mental Potential over 420 generally understand that  they’re “out  of  step  with the world” and must develop a niche for themselves.  Such people can be extremely valuable in assisting others to develop their own skills, as  in counseling and related fields.  Careers that “fit” this upper energy echelon also include foreign correspondents, artists novelists, executives, scientists of all types, organizers and consultants in business or industry, highly skilled or specialized professionals in every field, leaders and top level managers in church, business, government and the arts.

These individuals are expected to excel  and provide leadership in their  chosen careers. Furthermore, if they were born with an Emotional Coefficient above 30.0, then can be anticipated to being successful in more than one area of activity.


Also called the Subrange of Cooperation, this is the stage at which curiosity centers not on other individuals, but on whole organizations. Along with this  interest comes an ability to empower not only other people, but whole groups. In this bracket we find broad scale managers of the largest organizations who seem to possess the energy  to  support many people under their direction. If balanced, these qualities make for leaders of humanity, who can wisely translate Higher Mind concepts into “down to earth” plans that groups can effectively put into action.

The potential for accomplishments by those in this range is mind-boggling. Highly successful managers of corporations, directors of governmental  activities, leaders in political organizations and activities, coordinators of scientific and other research programs can all be found in this subrange. In artistic endeavors, we can expect such individuals to creatively blaze new trails. As writers, composers and directors in film and television, they would bring heightened creative expression into their daily performances. The magnetism of those above 430 can capture a moviegoer’s attention for 20 minutes or more with great ease. Put some one from this subrange in a supporting role, and they may unintentionally steal the show from a star with a lower Mental Potential. On the other hand, if conscious of their energy, they can focus it to strengthen the whole production.

A rather unique ESP feature that exists in the 430 to 434 bracket is the ability to see the future consequences of present actions, often without knowing why. For example; one may refuse to sign a contract unless a certain clause is inserted which, although trivial at the moment, will magnify in importance five years down the road.

In the 433 to 440 segment of this  range, one’s expertise in traversing the world of thought makes one prime material for becoming a philosopher, as well as an organizer or administrator of  ideas. People who measure around 438 to 440 are explorers of the mind, grasping relationships, systems, how people think and what they can handle, and methods of using higher energy. 

If these individuals have an Emotional Coefficient above 35.0, they are likely  to be world leaders, moving humanity on to its next step in a variety of areas. 

However from 430 on, those with Emotional Coefficients below 30.0 feel akin to the driver of  an impressive Cadillac with a small Volkswagon engine. Press on the gas peddle hard as they can, and they still can’t get that dashing luxury vehicle they’re driving to move out. They still can’t carry out their intent. With this awareness, it can be seen how inner stress can become more intense at this stage.


By 460 on the scale,  one is at the pinnacle of  personality  development*  Those  who are well balanced at this peak can direct the  largest organizations, whether  church,  business,  or government based. The ability to nourish groups, which developed in the 430 to 440 level now expands to much larger conglomerates. People here have  either  already, or will soon, develop the inner power of great leaders who instill vitality into group efforts and provide them with the strength and encouragement they need to achieve and prosper.

Above 440,  one is increasingly conscious of their own Higher Self,  inner awareness of peace, or whatever they label as this new energy reserve. Self doubt has vanished.  At this  level, a well balanced person knows they have the dynamic energy necessary to pull together complex organizations and make them tick with precision. 

From 440 and up, individuals have the ESP ability to know future events are coming,  as well as how to prepare to cope with them. They can outguess rivals about the end result of new business or government ventures, and sense national and international trends before they emerge. If near balance, one will move to head up a large organization successfully expanding its activity in innovative ways. Also, if near balance, one is now in sufficient tune with their Higher Intuition to use it as a  resource for solving complex problems. 

Here we find the die-hard individualists who refuse to cooperate with others on an equal basis. They may  consider  themselves  above  the  law  and justified in ignoring rules that apply to others. They seem to produce more effectively when working alone, and feel as though “If I’m not the great I AM, who is?”.  One’s Emotional Coefficient has a great deal to do with the shades of this individualistic tendency

The potential for balanced people in this range is unlimited. In business we might expect them to head large corporations. In government, a senator might be here, as well as the President of the United States. In banking, the president of a bank or investment firm could be in this range. In the arts, here are the composers, writers, producers, and movie stars, as well as the wonderful artist, although in most cases we cannot expect to find the true immortals with Mental Potentials below 500.


At 460, individuals  cross  into  another transition area; the personality expression which reached its peak at about 457 to 460 now shifts to moving beyond personality.

Here are people  who measured between 460 and 480 on the Mental Potential scale. This subrange has a great deal of power, which, if not used with wisdom, can cause many problems. If someone here has a low Emotional Coefficient, they may share the belief with those mentioned earlier of being “above the law’, which can make life extremely difficult for others and themselves.

Individuals from about 465 begin developing the ability to see into the future, have some insight into the past, and see the present in greater depth.  

Note that there is a difference between seeing  into  the future, as these individuals can do, and living in the “now” as is possible for a balanced person above 575.

Balanced individuals in this subrange, with Emotional Coefficients above 34.0, are bound to be effective, regardless of the particular organizational activity they’re  engaged in. They manage meetings with finesse, perceiving the unexpressed attitudes of the people in attendance. They have the ability to handle such matters efficiently and with real compassion. Since they are dynamic individuals, they tend to express their concepts with clarity and power.  Projects or activities of groups seem to move smoothly in accordance with the plans and purpose of individuals in this range.

The inner objective of individuals above 460 on the scale is to start shifting to an increase or intensification of their awareness of Higher Mind, while withdrawing energy from focus on personality expression. Progress in this shift is tempered  or dependent upon the level of  the Emotional  Coefficient.     

Franklin  Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, had a Mental Potential close to 465.  Although Roosevelt and Churchill continued in the public eye as inspiring personalities, Einstein chose the more inward path, and was  receptive to the broad understanding for which he was recognized.

We have come to expect individuals in this subrange to become aware of their  inner selves, and consciously work to strengthen that inner link. If a celebrity, they would be perceived as a vibrant personality at this stage. Part of their added power stems from their strong connection with their Higher Mind. However, they do not develop magnetic charisma until they cross above 500 on the Mental Potential scale.

We can generally expect these people to give closer attention to Right Motive or to choosing rightly at the moment so that something will  be better in the future. As their awareness of Higher Mind  improves, along with a higher  sense of discrimination, they learn to exercise care and compassion in the use of their new inner powers and avoid trying to control the efforts of others with any psychic games.

In the 460 to 480 range, we expect one’s impact to take the form of  inspiring others who are in the public eye. Celebrities in many fields turn to those in the subrange of Inspiration for their ready access to immediate wisdom, problem solving abilities, inner assurance and capacity for imparting confidence and insight to others.

Normally, we also expect people in this subrange to be extremely agreeable people who see into problem areas in a flash, understand others in depth, and keenly sense the flow of time, both forward and past. They would be able to put into words their “sense” of coming events.

Balanced individuals at this level can just about do anything they want, and be successful at two or three careers at the same time (i.e., one might be a  sculptor and a lawyer, or corporation president and an engineer).

However, the actual performance of people with this Mental Potential is limited by their Emotional Coefficient measurement. Other factors strongly  influencing one’s expression here are:

1) the progress made in integrating the personality, and

2)  the degree one chooses to become aware of and responsive to Higher Mind. 

A person in this range with a low  Emotional  Coefficient may have a strong attitude that “I know better” and seek to resolve all problems without listening to teachers studying the lives of sages, or consulting with more highly evolved contemporaries.  In each such case the person’s own development is blocked confirming the philosophical  statement that “ego blocks new growth”.


As one crosses 450, they enter a range of such deep insight that by the time one reaches 492 one is aware of the future in a way that enables them to see potentials for guiding human endeavors into creative, constructive channels.

The peak of this first ability to foresee the future seems to be reached between 482 and 492 on the Mental Potential scale. This is the high point for the “lesser” clairvoyant. There is a difference between “seeing out into the future”, and “living in the NOW”.

At this stage, the inner light shines brightly, revealing past, present and future. People in the subrange of Insight state that they can “see radiations of  minerals, water, and other substances. They can also see beyond the material world in a deeper way; that is, they are aware of world illusion in an entirely new sense. At the same time we can expect people here to increasingly turn inward to know more about themselves and the inner worlds.

Of course, these gifted individuals, if balanced, can be successful in any pursuits or activities described for earlier levels of the 440 range and above. Normal  activities would bore them, but they could accomplish any of the tasks, such as managing and directing corporations and other large organizations.

With their far-seeing ability, they should be effective in any management  role.   The people in this range who chose to use their own dynamic ability improperly suffer considerably, much to their detriment.

Range Of Higher Awareness

We estimate  that  only  a  tiny fraction of 1% of humanity measures above 492 of the Mental Potential scale.

Discussion of this range is a bit challenging,  because at this  level  even more  so than at any of the lower mental ranges, one’s perceptions depends so heavily upon the Emotional Coefficient measurement. If the Emotional Coefficient is below 30.0, the stress factor may be strong enough to interfere with one’s ability to move into, understand and use the power and ability that becomes available above 492  on the scale.

Those with an Emotional Coefficient between 30.0 and 39.0 are also under considerable stress because of the personality’s lack of balance. If unbalanced with a Scale Of Consciousness value above 500, we often find an arrogance which prevents the clear-seeing and in-depth understanding that is attainable at this stage. 

People in this Mental Potential bracket who have an  Emotional  Coefficient below 40.0 do not generally  grasp  their own  inner  genius, and therefore do not put it to use.  Only those with an Emotional Coefficient above 40.0 can truly use a reasonable portion of the potential with which they were born.


A new and tremendously electrifying energy is contacted by people in this  subrange. The explanation generally provided is that people gradually move into conscious awareness that they are developing the power and ability to use the hidden powers of the Universe. This  ability apparently peaks at about 540 on the scale.

The first segment of this bracket, between 492 and 520, is the transition zone. An individual here continues using the skills and perceptions developed at the top of the 450 to 492 subrange. To this is added a conscious awareness of a new level of inner power  radiating from their personality. Individuals at this level usually have a charismatic quality that attracts and holds the attention of  everyone they meet. As noted above, the potential ability may not manifest for those with Emotional Coefficients below about 35.0 on the Emotional Coefficient scale. Rather, the arrogance will increase and intensify, blocking the individual’s awareness and use of  their tremendous potential ability.

In this Power range the individual continues to develop an ever greater sensitivity, keenness of perception and improvement in long range awareness. They see  people, groups, and organizations with an amazing degree of detachment, yet with a depth of understanding of interaction, purpose, and a perception of cause and effect working in the lives of individuals as well as groups.

By the time an individual measures 575 on the scale, the potential for both worldly and spiritual understanding has been attained. There is a far deeper understanding and insight into the laws of nature as well as the relationship of people. They see the growth and development of humanity as an orderly, ongoing fulfillment of the purpose and objective of humanity.

Usually people in the upper brackets of this range work “behind  the Scenes”,   providing inspiration, insight, guidance and support for others.

Love in this band of energy is experienced as free from any emotional aspect which had been experienced in the lower energy levels. Such love can perceive what has caused an existing situation, which consequently leads to freedom from judgment or criticism.  Hence it brings the compassionate silence that carries healing with awareness.

Those at this level are in the process of achieving control over their own mind, so that it becomes a servant.

After they crossed above 540 they  have progressively learned more about energies on the planet and their role in respect to such energies – hence the reference to “The Power Range”.

By the time one reaches 575 on the Mental Potential scale, they have turned inward so that they are conscious all the time of the inner worlds, see cause and effect working in every aspect of  humanity’s activities, and  know their own place in the world. At some point, they will have seen a picture of all Humanity and absorbed an understanding of Humanity’s purpose, progress, and stage of growth.

In general, the great musicians and composers of our world were found to have  measurements between 492 and 575.


The last major shift occurs at 575 and extends through 799 as one moves into and grows through the Subrange of Spiritual  Awareness. At this point, the highest aspect of the Personality achieves mastery over other aspects, including feelings, mind, attitudes, and mental perceptions.

Since spiritual concepts, perceptions and understanding transcend the limits of language, it is not possible to put into words the awareness, understanding or breadth of vision of people in this subrange.


This is a range of consciousness experienced by those who leave the Earth plane and still exist outside of their body. We have no idea how this group acts or operates since we cannot see them and accept their presence as a requirement for the other levels on the Arc Of Creation to exist. Currently, we can ignore this range of consciousness since it doesn’t apply to our presence in the physically manifested universe.