2.16 The Human Scale Of Consciousness & Your Position On The Scale – This Position Affects Everything That You Do!

” Our levels of consciousness and awareness define our wants and needs. When we achieve higher levels of consciousness, our wants cease to exist”

Debasish Mridha
Neurologist & Philosopher

The Brunler Brain Scale

Through my research I have come across an effective technique that you should use on a daily basis to increase your position on The Scale Of Consciousness and to bring your corresponding Emotional Strength value in alignment with your consciousness measurement. I share this daily visualization technique in lesson 3.10 of this course and recommend that you perform this technique every day for the next 3 years to gain the maximum benefits this technique provides. Yes. 3 years!

I don’t make this recommendation lightly and have spent many years of my own time examining the merits of this form of visual meditation and have examined the various people that were involved with uncovering this technique. Yes, this meditation technique works and it works extremely well. It’s the best way to increase your position on the Scale Of Consciousness and that is our primary goal as a human being while on the face of the Earth. That goal is why I’m not only sharing this technique but I’m also providing a link so you can use this website to perform this daily visual mediation technique.

Here’s the link:

Daily Visual Meditation Technique

Maybe you doubt my suggestion to do this and I really don’t care if you do. I’ve spent the time and doubt that you will to examine this conclusion in great detail. If your belief system doesn’t allow accepting what I’m sharing, so be it. What I’m offering here, however, is an honest look at this technique, where it came from, and how it meshes with the Arc Of Creation process. It is without a doubt, the best  way to optimize your position on the Scale Of Consciousness and see the movement of the “footprints of God (The Purposiveness)”.


It has taken me over 7 years to investigate and use this technique and come to my conclusion about the people involved in working with it. I have spent a huge amount of time locating information that I could find regarding Brunler, Bovis, Petit, Burleigh and others who have used their psychic abilities to create this scale and to document their work. Their main contribution is that they examined 1,000s of people and while they did this, they continued to refine the scale and to build it. I do not believe these people had the ability to correctly measure and determine your position on the Scale Of Consciousness and I do not recommend that you allow anyone to do this for you in the future. However, the Scale itself makes tremendous logical sense and it is the creation that interests me and is most accurate.

Their readings were done with a hanging pendulum on a string and I don’t even want to go there. Its too much “snake oil” for me and I’m first a very critical doubter but then do as much investigating as is possible to determine the correct answer. Sometimes I’m correct and sometimes I’m not but I always try to come to a solid conclusion and its typically true. I look for common denominators in related items and use a scientific method to examine everything that I do. Through the work I did to examine this technique and its roots, I find that the Brunler Scale superimposes right on top of my Scale Of Consciousness and that the description used by Brunler and his crew for the various levels is good. Brunler used his access to ancient knowledge and the people who followed him tested his descriptions and also found them to be true. I did too. However, this information pre-existed all of us and forms the underlying truth of the evolution of mankind. The actual shape and description of the various levels in this scale also existed before these people identified them. They, however, put them into words and organized them in such a way that they now make sense.

The visual meditation technique that I share in lesson 3.10 is solid and works but might be too slow for many people. Even though it only takes maybe 10 minutes a day to do the visual meditation, you really need to do it for at least 3 years to gain full benefit of its use and to “lock in” the potential that it creates. So in reality, its a solid method and the one that I recommend you use. However, many people just will not do things over time no matter how accurate or how good the outcome.

If you use it, you will end up many lifetimes ahead of where you would normally be without it. Your consciousness position on the Scale Of Consciousness is able to rise in excess of 100 points using this technique and that accomplishment is remarkable. It typically takes many lifetimes of experience to progress this far and with by performing this technique you can do it in probably less than 3 years.This is one of the most valuable techniques that I can share with you other than providing the three dimensional diagram of the “footprints of God” that I’ll share in the next Mother’s Temple course. You are the best person to determine where you are on the Scale Of Consciousness. Oscar Brunler confirmed the existence of this ancient knowledge through his work. People that followed him also confirmed it. And now, I’m confirming that this is a correctly formed scale. Allowing someone outside of you is not the way to position yourself on this scale. Do not allow it!

Brunler found that a person’s position on the Scale Of Consciousness could be categorized and the resulting scale parallels the descriptions I provide for The Arc Of Creation. Because it does, the scale itself is extremely valuable and useful. The numerical values that emerged involved the interpretation of the intensity of brain waves which emanated from an individual’s electromagnetic energy field. I do believe that this is possible and that the 7 chakras (energy centers) that reside within each and every one of us is evidence of this phenomena. There definitely is an electromagnetic field that each chakra represents and it is real so do not dismiss this as snake oil. Its not!

Here’s some background about the creation of The Brunler Scale:

The ability to measure the radiating waves was originally discovered by a Frenchman by the name of Bovis in the early 1900’s. He developed an instrument called a Biometer (basically a hand held pendulum with a weight on a string) for the measurement of this radiation which was measured in “degrees biometric”. Brunler later joined Bovis in examining how this applied to humans and then created an explanatory mental scale. I consider this scale the same as a person’s ability to be conscious and this ability varies according to where that person is placed on the scale. However, I don’t believe in another person being able to effectively make this determination for another human. It is this scale that I find valuable and not the dowsing technique.

The Brunler Scale evolved based on Brunler’s thinking about how to classify all of the many people he investigated. He read many ancient bodies of knowledge and these influenced him immensely. It is the work done by the ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Hawaiians that helped him create this scale. Similar investigations into ancient findings have been examined by all visionaries including Jung and others. They examined ancient texts that they could find and  viewed techniques to find what was real and worth refining further. I have done the same and am sharing my own work on this website taking into account what I’ve learned about ancient cosmology as well as today’s science. However, I stay away from anything that smells like “snake oil” and is too far out there in left field to be accepted by normal people. Even though I’m far from normal, that is where I make my final determination to find what is useful for people to use today.

Viola Petit added the emotional strength number concept to the scale position work that Brunler did. It was found that the many people who had a specific position on the scale were not living up to their descriptions.  A reason had to be found for the scale number not to appear working and the concept of the emotional coefficient came into being. The reasoning was that a person’s emotional strength was too low and did not accompany their mental ability on the scale. If it were raised, it would and when it did and when it aligned properly, then that particular consciousness level could be displayed properly. This makes a whole lot of sense and I believet it to be correct. The 3 symbol visualization technique that is shared in my lesson 3.10 provides the means to elevate both the scale position and the emotional strength needed to operate at that level.

Viola Pettit-Neal discovered the 3 symbol mediation process during her PhD thesis research. Brunler developed the classification system but Viola Petit-Neal was the one who combined the 3 symbol visualization process with Brunler’s concept. She was teaching at the American University in Lebanon and, while visiting the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Mt. Sinai area, the monks showed her three symbols and told her that Pythagoras used them in his Mystery Schools. The three symbols you find in lesson 3.10 are those same symbols.

Pythagoras Used The Symbols That Are In The Daily Meditation Technique And They Are Now Very Basic But Align Our Consciousness In A Most Fundamental Way

Pythagoras had required his students to meditate using these three simple geometric forms, in a particular order, for a period of seven years. Viola used these three forms and their proper sequence and introduced them as part of her work. However, they are not her invention but rather her discovery. We have learned from anthropologists that these symbols have been a part of many cultural traditions dating back to ancient times. 

I’ve worked extensively with this visualization mediation technique and found it to be true for me. However, it is not immediately apparent at the value of this technique. So very few people would appreciate it. Through my work, I believe that both the mental and emotional numbers need to be at proper levels in relation to each other and I’ve experimented with this relationship over many years. Instead of my trying to come up with a way to measure the emotional number, I feel that it is best to use the visualization technique that I outline in lesson 3.10 and to allow the emotional level to “heal itself” without your mental involvement. It will gradually be raised appropriately (if you use the visualization technique) and automatically come into alignment with the Scale of Consciousness, and then move upward with the Scale of Consciousness level that increases over a 3 year time period that you perform the daily visualization technique. Eventually, by performing this technique over time, the mental and emotional measurements will come into balance and into proper alignment with each other.

Brunler’s concept of the sequential development of the human soul over many lifetimes, first of the physical organism (sensation), then of feeling and intuition, followed by logic with the suppression of feeling, followed in turn by will, makes complete sense but is in conflict with Jung’s theory that required that all of these functions were developed in one lifetime. No matter how life progresses and how these factors unfold, only one lifetime or many, the scale documentation and visual meditation process both are extremely useful and is what I’m recommending you use to further and properly expand your exploration of self.

Also impressive was Brunler’s finding that before the self can manifest the creative genius of the great painters, composers, and spiritual leaders, it has to go through lifetimes of heightened sensitivity, exemplified in clairvoyance or other functioning as a passive or sensitive “medium” such were the great performers, especially in music, where the creative role is contributed by the composer and its rendition by the performer. Again, whether this is true or not is not important. The Scale is solid.

Once you’ve figured out where you are on the Scale, you will have located your starting place for further development and this is an excellent way to begin understanding where you currently are at. If you allocate about 10 minutes every day to go through the visualization exercise that I share, you will be able to increase your position on The Scale Of Consciousness (both mental and emotional). Your increase can be as much as 100 points instead of the typical 1 to 3 points that you would incur just going through life as you currently are conditioned. Plus, your emotional measurement will be raised appropriately.

Your Emotional Strength Value will gradually come into alignment with your numerical consciousness value if you perform the daily technique. Most everyone’s Emotional Strength value is much lower than their Scale Of Consciousness Value. To operate at the full potential of your numerical consciousness value, you will need to simultaneously raise the value of your Emotional Strength and eventually align both together. The most powerful way to do this is through the use of the daily 10 minute visualization program.

Using this technique, you will be visually looking at three symbols daily (3 minutes for each one) with an affirmation tunnel into your practice (affirmation statements and meridian tapping) and an affirmation tunnel out of your practice. This is the most powerful way to use this visualization technique. The course lesson at 3.10 can be used to perform your daily visualization exercise each and every day. I’ve included a link to that technique at the top of the lesson 3.10 course page. Please use it.

If you’re willing to spend 10 minutes a day performing this technique, you will benefit substantially from its use. If you quit early, you probably will revert back to your original position. To make your change permanent, you need to perform this technique daily for at least 3 years. If you do, you’ll eventually “lock” in your gradually gained benefits and can continue to use the technique or you can let it go – your choice.



Do not let someone else tell you that this is possible. It isn’t and I’ve worked with this process for a very long time to come to this conclusion.

The best way to use the Scale Of Consciousness is for you to read the descriptions of the various numerical ranges and to honestly chose a range that you currently fall into. You’ll know if you spend a little time understanding the evolution of the scale. Use the information that you find in lesson 2.6. If you spend some time evaluating this scale it will become obvious as to which range you are currently operating within. That is where you should begin.