2.14 Use This Stress Quiz To Measure Your Current Stress Level


Don Ardell developed a stress assessment that is unique in its holistic approach to stress. The Ardell Wellness Stress Test incorporates physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of health for a balanced assessment.

Examine the questions in the Ardell Wellness Stress Test. Identify which items relate more to your physical health, to your mental health, to your emotional health, to your spiritual health, and to your social health. Do you see any patterns developing?

For instance, are more areas of disappointment related to your physical health than to your social health? Remember, for positive holistic health we are seeking a balance in all dimensions. When you work on creating more authentic beliefs and your values become more aligned with these beliefs, your stress should become less and be more balanced with this quiz.

Click on the Stress Test Quiz button below to take the quiz. You are welcome to retake this quiz as often as you like. I highly recommend that you do this at least once a month as you begin working on becoming the real you.