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The Arc Of Creation Course

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Arc Of Creation Course
Over 60 Lessons To Become Who You Are!

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It:

Answer All 3 Key Questions To Become Who You Came Here To Be

 Your Goals For This Course:

1. To know who you are right now & why?

2. To learn how to change who you are to become who you should be. By doing this, you’ll be more able to do what you came here to do and lead a satisfying life.

With access to this knowledge, you can see where humanity has come from, where it’s at, and where it ideally should head. This course’s Mother’s Temple section will provide a method for you to see this. This knowledge is priceless and will help you become fulfilled if you decide to make the following changes you’ll learn about in this course. If you do, you can place yourself on the ideal path of that movement and become who you came here to be.

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Course Content

Background Information
Section 1 - How & Why Does The Universe Work As It Does?
Section 2 - Who Am I ?
Section 3 - What Did I Come Here To Do With My Life?
The Mother's Temple